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Friday, June 13, 2008
I came across this classified ad while looking for nanny related stories.
Nanny Manager
-Coach and develop nannies to their full potential. Conduct reviews and implement individual nanny development plans.
-Create and maintain Nanny team SOPs.
-Reaearch and Provide educational and developmental activities and events for the nanny team.
-Manage Nanny schedules with the priority of providing seamless and consistent care for the benefit of the children
-Research and implement rewarding and challenging child development activities (i.e. child/pre-teen/teen).
-Develop and maintain clothing selection/inventory aligned to employer wishes
-Maintain children's Room/Books/Toys/Games/Sporting Equipment inventory
(Continue reading full job description.)

Know one? Been one? Have one? How'd that work out for you?


Anonymous said...

all i can say is holy shit. for real? unfreakingbelievable!

ro said...

How on earth could multiple nannies work together? And under the charge of one larger nanny?

There is no way this could work. It's hard enough for coworkers to get along but the childcare setting requires feeling and emotion.

I don't mean this in a negative way, really I don't- but the only nannies I ever seen behaving civilly towards one another are those of the same background. The Jamaicans with the Jamaicans, the Portuguese with the Portuguese. Of course if you can hire a staff of nannies and a nanny manager, you probably aren't hiring anyone off the boat. You're probably hiring all Americans, paying on the books and requiring an education and some serious skills.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell would need a nanny manager? The same person who has a staff and makes her "girls" wear uniforms

Anonymous said...

This is confusing--who is the nanny manager managing?

Anonymous said...

This is confusing--who is the nanny manager managing?

cali mom said...

I've read that in celebrity households, it's standard to have a nanny for each child, but then again, it hardly seems like celebrities would place a classified ad instead of going through an agency for such a position. This is kind of odd.

Anonymous said...

I know several families with two nannies, and they get along just fine. Yes, they are college graduates, and paid on the books.
I've never heard of a nanny manager though. They must have a big family!
A Nanny

chick said...

Wow. I am...amused and disturbed, all at the same time.

I guess if one has multiple nannies, and wants them to focus exclusively on childcare, then having a nanny manager to do the toy sorting, clothing buying and sorting, and the other less child focused work makes sense, in a way.

I just honestly don't see how this would work. In a nanny situation, emotions get involved. What happens if nanny x and nanny z have an issue, nanny manager steps in, and nanny z takes a dislike to nany manager?

I don't think it's a shock to anyone that women can be very hard on their workmates, and that women in an office can be...competitive, for lack of a more colorful term.

I wouldn't work in a multiple nanny situation, just because I like to be able to set my own agenda (within parental parameters, yaddayadda...), and I can't see being happy in a situation where I had employers AND a boss directing me.

I think making nanny manager into the assistant Household Manager would work better. More of a definite rank, and all that jazz.

Now I want to know how many nannies this person would be managing!

TXNanny said...

It sounds like it might be someone 'famous' because it says you have to maintain privacy and confidentiality.
I wonder if the parents hired someone to find a nanny manager for them.

The whole job sounds so weird though, where to the parents fit in? The nannies and the manager do everything associated with the kids even going as far as buying clothes so what's left for the parents to do?

Anonymous said...

The nanny manager probably reports to a housemanager. I am surprised this is NOT in ny or ct. ct, greenwich especially is full of these butt faced ugly, pock marked guys who run hedgefunds. they make a ton of money and marry pretty (1/2 real, 1/2 plastic) women that their money transforms these women into very attractive. these women have brains the size of marbels. in all seriousness, they don't have the intelligence to safely supervise their own children.

I can see alot of these women needing nanny managers. These women are not smart enough to answer a nanny question let alone manage a nanny. Schedule? What is that? How do I do that? These women need personal assistants on top of multiple nannies because without the personal assistant they wouldn't know how to dial a phone, turn on a tv or put a nazi sled in reverse.

I should have made this in to a rant. You have never met so many horrible people in all your life. If you are to interview for ajob and involved a hedge funder, run, don't walk away. You will lose 2 IQ points for every day you spend in their presence. Not the father, that ugly, small dicked bastard is pretty smart but he's never home.

I don't think the hedge fund wife I worked with even knew where her children's bedrooms were. Not that she needed too. She had a bunch of similiary stupid friends and they all got together and sat with their frozen faces forcing down foi grasse pate. I listened to hear what they spoke about but all I heard was silence. Dead silence. They tipped their heads to and fro and smiled as far as their too tightened faces would allow, but nothing. no words.

These women also have chefs because yes they married too much money to have to cook but they are also too damn stupid to be allowed to operate a blender, let alone an oven. And they have a housekeeper, but not just one and not just a regular housekeeper. The housekeeper has to be diligent in keeping all of mommies medications away from the children. some of the housekeepers even have to feed these horrible women their medication. Klonopin here, valium there. And always before nookie night, they have to take some female form of viagra so they can gather the courage (it aint desire) to crawl on top of their mangly, hairy, disgusting, slothful husbands.

I should make this a rant about the hedgefunder I worked for. But I signed a non disclosure agreement. It was in a town called Greenwich in the state of CT about 8 months ago. Would you believe that one of the housekeepers had to help the mrs get dressed? She was in good shape but she could never get her hoes on straight or her skirt on straight.

And these women all have pet projects. Most of them have to do with fundraising. A lot of them seem to think they are designers, artists or decorators. So this one in connecticut who called herself a designer set herself up a nifty little 1000 sf space in her home to design. and as she called herself a designer, she had 2 queens from soho sketching out handbags. handbags. how original. And the two dudes aren't ever going to get credit. So basically she set up a design center in her house and paid two designers to design handbags that she can take credit for.

I just want to vomit. Bitch couldn't even hold a pencil correctly.

I've since moved 300 miles away.

melamonk said...

I have to laugh at the last commenter. One of my goodfriends remarried a man who runs a Hedgefund in CT. It was their second marriage for both of them and no one thinks she did it for 'the love'.

Anonymous said...

How completely and utterly embarassing to have birthed a child and to relegate the care of the children to a team of nannies. I would feel so ashamed. I cannot imagine my husband would appreciate that sort of lifestyle or the sort of woman who could be so cold to her own children. Women who can do this are not warm blooded. A mother Giraffe won;t let her baby out of her site until he is like 2 years old. But handing children over to a rotating staff of nannies? And then the nannies report to a head nanny. I hope that head nanny saves the children's artwork and papers from school. To me, this is as heartbreaking as a nanny abusing a child.

anonymous from above said...

Wait, on second thought- maybe the nannies are raising the children. The parents having previously relegating the care of their brood of children to a staff of nannies got bored and decided to hand the children over to the nannies to live with, love and raise. And the head nanny is hired by the state or a trust to keep the house in order, the clothes in the closets and the school tuition paid. Yes?
Yes, only this makes sense.

mpp said...

That was definately a rant.
And a really good one at that!
I absolutely love your writing skill.

Anonymous said...

I did that in short form as fast as I recalled it. I see Chick wrote a 'guest column". Maybe I'll do the same.

mpp said...

That post would've been a great start! But if you have more of that under your hat, I say go for it! I would love to read it.
You are painfully honest ... and I mean painful!

Nom de Plume said...

Years ago I had a job that where I was head nanny of 5 nannies. My job was similar to this one. I coordinated weekday nannies, overnight nanny, the two weekend nannies. I was well paid, recieving 10% raises AFTER taxes twice yearly. I did burn out rather quickly and managed to only stay 2 years (short lived in my career to date).

As for the comment about birthing children to be raised by nannies, no one knows everyone's situation.

Anonymous said...

One of my good friends in Germany has five children and each child has their own personal nanny and she also employs two night nurses. So that's seven people for childcare alone. In addition she has drivers, maids, cooks,a head chef, butlers, maintenance people, grounds keepers, dog trainers, dog groomers, horse trainers, horse keepers, a personal assistant, and a house manager. The house manager is in charge of everything, but she also employs a Nanny Manager to oversee the care of her children. And no, she is not a bad mother. She spends more time than most parents with her children, but would rather not deal with the stressful and difficult issues that arise with parenting. As a result, she is well rested, relaxed, calm, and can focus on spending quality time with her children.

UmassSlytherin said...

3:42, you wrote:
"She spends more time than most parents with her children, but would rather not deal with the stressful and difficult issues that arise with parenting. As a result, she is well rested, relaxed, calm, and can focus on spending quality time with her children."

Far be it from me to make judgements towards the rich: I really do wish I were rich. If I could afford a cleaning lady, you can bet your ass I'd get one. However, doesn't it sound sort of weird to say that this woman would "rather not deal with the stressful and difficult issues that arise with parenting?" It sounds just weird to me to say that. Shouldn't you, in life, take the good with the bad? Just like in marriage, for better or for worse, blah blah blah. It's not always easy and if it is, don't you think that will have a weird-ass effect on the family down the line, some cosmic weird effect like in Back to the Future when Michael J. Fox's family started to disappear from the picture and stuff?

Sounds so weird to me to say that.

Just saying.

jtc said...

I call bull-shit.

If it takes that much help to raise your children, your mental faculties should be assessed and your children should be taken from you! Why have children?

I don't care how many housekeepers or personal assistants you have, I don't care if you have someone follow you around all day sheltering your skin with an umbrella, but seriously that is preposterous and I don't care how much money you have, people are laughing about you behind your back and crying for your children who came in to this world with one need and that is to be loved by their parents, not a bevy of strangers.

mpp said...

I've laughed out loud two or three times today reading this Blog. That's because of your posts.
You have one of the best sense of humors on this board!!

"...... some cosmic weird effect like in Back to the Future when Michael J. Fox's family started to disappear from the picture and stuff?"

UmassSlytherin said...

thank you, mpp. :)
I wasn't trying to be funny though. hehehehehe!!!
:) :) :)

but I'm glad you enjoy my Back to the Future reference! :)I thought it was profound, personally. :)

mpp said...

Wow, If that's what we get when you aren't even 'trying'? ...... look out!!! lol

You a trip, girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

3:42 said that her friend, "would rather not deal with the stressful and difficult issues that arise with parenting"....what the hell?!?!?! that is part of being a parent! You don't get to pick and choose when it comes to kids. When you give birth, you deal with the good and the bad. I am a nanny for a woman who is a lawyer and works ten hours a day, but when she is home, she is the mom and regardless of what comes up, she handles it. It's called Real Parenting.

dawn m. said...

while i do agree that in order to parent you have to really parent, which does not include stepping out every time something gets messy, i also have to say that not all families who employ more than one nanny are like that.

i've worked for the same family for 5+ years, and over most of that time we had more than one nanny. there are four children (one baby, and 3 school age kids) to deal with. and also, having 2 nannies allows each of us to have a bit more flexibility in our schedules. the house runs smoother, the kids are cared for by people who are well-rested and well-rounded.

the key is clear communication. nanny 1, nanny 2 & mom all converse regularly, face-to-face and also by leaving one another notes. we are clear with one another about schedules, expectations, and i've got to say, it really works.

just offering another perspective.