Heading uptown on the 1 train in Manhattan

Received Friday, June 20, 2008
Good Nanny Sighting I saw your nanny Physical description of caregiver: Light skinned chubby AA woman in a pretty sundress, and hair pulled back. Had a black leather purse with big white stitching. I'd guess she was 30years old, but I'm bad at guessing ages. A happy looking woman.

Physical description of involved child/children: Approximately a 5 year old brown haired boy. White. Fair skin. Wearing a green Chelsea Piers T-shirt. Had a baby blue back pack with lime green zippers.

Address or venue of observed incident: The 1 train in Manhattan. Heading uptown. They got on after Franklin (not sure exactly which stop but I got on at Franklin) and got off at 28th street.

Date and time of incident: Wednesday, June 18, 2008. Around 6 pm? On my way home from work.

Detailed description of what you witnessed: Noticed nanny and boy get on subway. She was holding his hand and gently guided him to a safe spot. He complained about his backpack, and she immediately took it from him putting it on her own back. I usually check out who gets on and then go back to my post work coma.

I'm zoning out but the giggling and laughing forces me to look up. Nanny and boy and playing an animated, fun game of paper scissors rock. Both smiling and laughing at each other. It was so much fun to watch such simple enjoyment. You could tell nanny loved boy and boy loved nanny. Nanny gently warned boy when their stop was coming and she smoothly guided him to the door joining hands write when they crossed the threshold to get off.

I know it may sound like a simple everyday sighting, but there was something magical about how the two interacted. Interaction that is often missing from other nannies and many parents with their kids. It was filled with love, respect, kindness, humor and happiness.

Congrats to parents of this cute boy. You have a good one.


mpp said...

What a beautifully written post. Thank you, OP.

cali mom said...

How sweet :) !

Sprak said...

If only there were more like her. Thanks for posting this.

JerseyXJacqui said...

That's sweet :-) Reading this post made me smile.

Anonymous said...

this is totally a great nanny.

she was extra nice to take the backpack. my rule is if you want to carry something you're responsible for it.

mpp said...

Speaking of backpacks, as soon as I saw this post it brought to mind the sad memory of that little girl with the too tight backback and mean Nanny.

Makes this one look even more glorious.

Anonymous said...

Agreed mpp...that's the exact same image it brought back to mind with me as well! :(

Great post OP, and way to go mom and dad for picking such a winner! :) :)