Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nanny Allegedly Catches Father On Tape Abusing Children
Brian Kloosterman
With so many stories of parents catching their nannies abusing children, it's unusual when it's the other way around. An Orlando man was locked up after a nanny allegedly caught him on tape abusing his adopted children. Brian Kloosterman was arrested this week after a nanny came forward with the tape allegedly showing him using all of his body weight on the child at his Delaney Park home. Kloosterman has four adopted kids from outside the country and one biological child. (Read more.)

California 2-Year-Old Dragged From Yard by Coyote in Third Such Attack in Five Days
A coyote grabbed a 2-year-old girl by the head and tried to drag her from the front yard of her mountain home in the third incident of a coyote threatening a small child in Southern California in five days, authorities said.


kay said...

Thanks Jane. In one post you are able to reiterate the nanny in the coyote post was a hero and celebrate another nanny hero.

Two thumbs way up for the nanny who thought to record the abusive man. where is the woman/wife? there will be more to this story. you caught it early, but mark my words, by morning, there will be more shocking details.


marypoppin'pills said...

She left her 2 y.o. alone outside while she went back in the house to put up a camera? Was this woman high or something? What was wrong with just putting the damn thing on the porch until they were done playing?

I hope that Mom feels guilty every time she looks in her daughters face and sees that scar on her lip ... she will know that little girl is disfigured for the rest of her life because of her.


And as for this Nanny? I love it, thank you so much for posting it Jane. There will be no question in anybody's mind that this Nanny was definately a Hero for saving those children from a lifetime of abuse by their POS father.
What really irks me is that this man had been under investigation since January for abusing a different child. He should have never been allowed custody of the 3 y.o.

Someone really dropped the ball on this one, and it's outrageous.

Anonymous said...

Where's that "miserly bastard" dude?

Hey "miserly bastard"! Check this out---parent: abusive sicko.

nanny: effing hero!

WTF?!? said...

ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS bail for this perv?!?!?!

That's all????

What's wrong with this world? Wesley Snipes is going down for tax evasion and this abusive father is given a slap-on-the-wrist for hurting his own child. Bail should have been set at $100,000, minimum.
Sometimes I hate the whole f*cked-up planet.

xfileluv said...

There are actually TWO nannies involved in the abusive father case. If you view the video on the news site, there are more details.

Apparently the dad is already under investigation stemming from a previous nanny's accusations in Jan. And yet the state allowed him to adopt this third child. The previous nanny was fired for going forth with her accusations and the current nanny was hired to take that one's place.

Obviously (or should I say "hopefully"), the state is going to face some heat for allowing this third adoption to go through. And luckily the current nanny was able to get the abuse ON FILM, which is going to help the case against the father immensely.

Kudos to both of these nannies for doing the right thing, despite the fact that they both lost their jobs over it.

Anonymous said...

Where is the idiot who was defedning coyotes?

Anonymous said...

Note to self: if I am ever in southern california with a small child or pet, avoid Alterra Park.

Thanks for posting these two stories Jane.

I love Good-Nanny posts. It reminds some people that we're not bad guys.

a texas nanny said...

I don't exactly think it's idiotic to simply point out the fact that the coyotes are acting out of desperation for survival, they don't know that this is a person ot that it is any different from any other animal they kill with regards to "life worth." I'm certainly not saying I feel that the children getting attacked deserve it! I am just saying it is a bad situation all around...

As for that park, it may be time to take some sort of action toward the protection of the families that go there. Would a fence maybe help? I am sure a coyote could still find it's way in somehow but maybe it would help?


What a sicko... adopting kids so that you can abuse them? I wonder if nanny knew when she was hired that she was replacing a nanny who had reported the father for child abuse? Either this wife is completely clueless or she allowing the abuse... either way, if my husband had been accused of abuse and there was ANY possibility that it was true, I would start keeping an eye/ear out when he is alone with the kids.

Anonymous said...

You would "keep an eye out"?
How about "get the hell out"!
If it were MY kids, I'd haul ass outta there. Dad would have to prove his innocence before I would take a chance on 1 more day those kids were getting abused. You have to protect your kids at all costs if someone in your family was being accused of hurting them.

TX nanny said...

I'm so glad that little boy had the nanny to turn to. I think it's great that she asked questions when she noticed the bruise. She was smart to get it on tape too, I would've probably charged in there and asked him what the hell he thought he was doing and to get away from the kid which probably wouldn't have been helpful when it came to getting the sick jerk arrested.

Anonymous said...

This mother is not at fault for what happened. I am sure she never thought about a coyote coming into her yard to try to snag her child.
She probably thought her child was safe in the back yard for about 2 minute. I let my kids play in the back yard and I live in CA.
To hope she suffers for this is just really obnoxious.

As for this creep that kept aopting kids and abusing them, the laws for adoption seem, to be different for those with money. SInce he already was suspected of abusing the children they should not have given him another! I don't believe for one minute that mother did not know what he was doing and she should be charged too.

Anonymous said...

The article says that the children were adopted from out of the country. So, I think this other country would be the one's getting looked into, not our's.

Anonymous said...

Where is da mama of da bambinos?

marypoppin'pills said...


"She probably thought her child was safe in the back yard for about 2 minute. I let my kids play in the back yard and I live in CA.
To hope she suffers for this is just really obnoxious."

Let me clarify:
I never said the Mom should suffer, but obviously the little girl will because of her Mom's actions.

But I do think their should be some feelings of guilt because were it not for her leaving a 2 y.o. child to fend for itself alone in the yard ... the child would never have been attacked.

So, obnoxious I shall be.

TX nanny said...

The post actually says the 2 year old was left unattended in the FRONT yard and the mom caught the coyote dragging the poor toddler across the street. The backyard is one thing but leaving a young child alone in the front is defintely a lapse in judgment.

Anonymous said...

TX Nanny,
Depends on the yard, doesn't it? My front yard is the size of a football field and there is a play area/sitting area sheltered by some bushes where I can see my child from the window.

TX Nanny said...

If you live in an area where a coyote might attack then no it's still not a good idea to be inside while your defenseless 2 year old plays in the front yard.
Now where I live I guess if you had a yard such as yours it might be Ok but I would still worry about running season when it comes to deer and snakes, I guess I just think a 2 year old should be closely watched.

Anonymous said...

I agree. 2 is too young to be left unattended.
I can see a nice backyard with a fence and sand box for a 5 or 6 y.o., where mom peeps out the kitchen window while making their lunch.
I think that's o.kay.

keep an eye on your babies said...

I remember hearing leaving any child under the age of 11 unattended in or outside of any dwelling is ILLEGAL.
Is this still the case?
I think it's a pretty good guideline to follow. Kids 12 and up aren't exactly capable of making mature decisions or doing the right thing all the time, but they can usually be trusted on their own for various periods of time. They could certainly do a decent job of fending off a coyote or at least running from one.
Anyone under 12 is still a "baby" in my book.
Keep an eye on your babies, people.

keep an eye on your babies said...

correction: any child age 11 or younger.

a texas nanny said...

Yeah in this day and age, who can be sure? Even if you live in a "nice area"... is there such a thing as a safe area anymore unless you are in your own home?

I work for a family in a very expensive neighborhood, it is mostly families for sure but the community is not gated. A lot of the families let the kids walk to the park on their own. My oldest charge's friend lives across the street from the park and he can walk over whenever he wants; he is probably like 7. Yeah it is close to the home, but the mom couldn't see in without actually coming over because of the high hedges around most of the fence.

mom said...

I thought the legal age to leave a child unattended (at least in Texas) was 10. But I don't remember where I heard this, so I can't swear by it.
When my oldest was around 9 or 10 he told me the teacher at school had asked who was allowed to stay home alone and he was the only kid who didn't raise his I don't think many adhere to that age limit.

I used to sit in my living room sometimes and watch my kids play in the cul de sac with the neighbor kids when they were too little to be completely unattended but big enough to not want their mommy sitting over them like a hawk. It worked for us, but then we don't have wild animals anywhere in the vicinity.

One day though, as I was walking to school with my kindergarten age daughter a loose dog ran up and tackled her. He wasn't biting her but he wasn't friendly either. She was terrified and screaming and the dog wouldn't let her up off the ground. I was having trouble getting it off of her but thankfully a man nearby came and helped us. If she had been unattended on that day it could have been a bad situation.

Anonymous said...

Why are his adopted children singled out and labled as adopted. They are all his children.

undercover regular said...

Maybe because it helps us realize what a messed up system we have when a man who's already under investigation for abusing one of his children, is allowed to adopt another child 3 months later.

It's an outrage.