Still More Coyotes & Sitters

Coyote Found Inside Home
A baby sitter confronted a coyote Wednesday that wandered into a Temecula home, according to the Department of Fish and Game. Officials said on Wednesday, they received a report that a coyote followed a dog into a Temecula home through the doggie door. The coyote was a baby coyote and the mother coyote was waiting outside in the bushes. The baby sitter screamed and tossed pillows at the animal and it left through the doggie door, officials said.

San Diego Ranger Ken Colburn says people should yell and throw rocks at coyotes that come through neighborhoods or close to parks.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about throwing rocks. That would be really hard to do because I love all animals. But it would depend on the situation, and if a child were involved, I'd be worried I'd hit the child with them.
I think I would just run up screaming like a banshee, flailing my arms about. That would have to scare the hell out of the coyote.
.... picture it, lol.

Anonymous said...

This news story includes a video and a little more info. about the coyote attack.

Anonymous said...

This is odd. From black bears to mountain lions and coyotes, nature is reclaiming it's land. Survival of the fittest? Who will win?

Anonymous said...

The ones with the biggest brains will win.

But in the end all will lose because the delicate balance of nature is very important to the survival of everything...even us.

Anonymous said...

you should really consider writing writing Hallmark cards for a living.

Anonymous said...

O.k., that video was odd and I didn't quite understand the reason for posting it. Unless it's because she's acting like an 'ol Bear? lol

And I'll 2nd that 11:55.
You need to put your talent somewhere other than a Blog! ;)

Rachel said...

Wow, I can't image a coyote walking right into my home. Then again I live in St. Louis city and this won't ever happen to me lol. Still I bet she was scared I know I would have been. I am glad that everything turned out ok though I have heard some bad stories about Coyotes attacking. Probably one of the reasons why i live in a city.

The Baked Blogger

Anonymous said...

Really good think 'rachel'