Peeing in Public = No

Received Thursday, April 24, 2008
Dear Parents,
Here ( is another reason why you might want to make sure your nanny takes your child to the BATHROOM when she is out with him. Scary, but people are watching.
*This link is to a picture of a child urinating in public. Some have complained to the link being on this page, but Vanessa submitted this as a warning for nannies in parents. The issue of allowing children to urinate in public has been much debated on this blog and this picture is a crystal clear illustration of yet another reason why it may not be the best idea.


Anonymous said...

Location aside, this doesn't seem like such a travesty to me. My kids are still in diapers, but for many nannies and parents alike caring for more than one child at a time, it wouldn't be remotely unusual to have a child pee in a park or somewhere outside--especially if a restroom is not closeby.

mom said...

8:20 I agree that there are times you might really need to let your child go outside, but MODESTY is always possible. And you don't need to let them do it where people are going to walk in it.
This picture was obviously taken in an area where the lady could have easily walked the child into a shop and used a restroom.

Hellcat said...

I don't even think the peeing is even the worst of points. I wouldn't want a picture of my son like that floating around the internet. And if a photographer with a camera is watching and can easily snap a picture, who's to say some creep couldn't as well?

Anonymous said...

Yah I don't think it's appropriate. Unless you're stuck in the middle of nowhere there is really no excuse for this. At least take him somewhere private.

I hate to bring up the same old boring point, but how could anyone possibly conclude that the woman standing there is a nanny?
Or maybe OP was just making a general point.

Either way, pretty bizarre. That kid looks old enough to hold it in until they find a bathroom or suitable PRIVATE tree.

mpp said...

Yeah, I gotta say that I'm bothered that this poor kids face is being plastered all over the internet. (Good grief, not to mention his privates!)
It's not fair to him, just because somebody else thought it was cute.

I blame the adults. The one standing there and allowing it, and the one that took the pic.

vanessa said...

Yes Hellcat, that was my point. It isn't about having to pee but the fact that people are watching, people have cameras and pictures of your near naked child are now on the internet.

Janet E. said...

I totally agree this in inappropriate. At least find a bush in a remote location or use one of the shops bathrooms.

What bothers me is that there are pedofiles out there who enjoy this kind of thing. DO you know they tend to go to the beach where kids are naked and use binoculars. video recorders and cameras to capture stuff like this. You won't believe how many people have been arrested for that. It's just wrong.

Protect your child. Use a blanket to cover his "view", pull up a stroller. Anything. I'm not totally against outside peeing but I am against just being lazy and saying "pee here" when there is a bathroom or bush to go hide behind.

mom said...

This reminds me of a "story." (Gee, what are the odds of that!?)

My sister, who loves kids and would never (in her mind anyway) harm or jeopardize one, was a preschool teacher for a while in her younger years. She also has a wild streak and an overwhelming need to be the center of attention...usually by being controversial or shocking.
Sooo, at about the time the McMartin precshol molestation trial was going on (anybody...especially in California, remember that one?) I went over to my house, which was for sale, but which she was living in because I had already moved, to check and make sure it was looking good because it was being shown by realtors on a regular basis.
Plastered all over the mirror in the master bedroom were naked pictures of 20+ different children...all buck naked. Some of them were peeing, some were of the children all sitiing in a big circle, naked, some of them were candids of the children playing. It was a whole roll of film worth of pictures...if not two. I was horrified, not only that the pictures had been taken in the first place and were on display at all, but because people were coming to the house on a daily basis, it was an incredibly sensitive subject at that particular time, and I was afraid she, or all of us, might be arrested...not to mention the owners and staff of the preschool.

I asked her what the pictures were (although I already could tell) and she replied casually that is was her preschool class. I told her that, not only would the parents of those children be outraged to know that had happened, but that she could be arrested and prosecuted pretty easily. She said that the kids had been swimming or playing in a hose or something like that and that she had simply stripped all the diapers off at once afterward and snapped a few photos before they were all dressed if that made it perfectly OK...and as if it was a "spur of the moment" innocent thing. (Who coincidentally happens to have a camera and possibly multiple rolls of film on hand, at work, at that exact moment?) I took all of the photos down, but the next day they were up again...and each day after that. I would take them down, she would put them up. Then she complained to my mom that I was messing in "her" house without her permission and my mom ordered me to leave her stuff alone because she could "decorate" however she wished in "her own home." (I had actually traded houses with my dad for a bigger one which he had bought to sell, so although he house was "legally" still mine, I had somewhat less of a claim as to what went on inside there.)

I immediately removed all photos of myself and my family, along with any and all information connecting us to the residence, from the home (we had left is furnished to help it sell faster) and left. I was sure she would be arrested any day...but nothing ever happened.

Janet E. said...

I'm sad today.

mom said...

I'm sorry to hear that Janet. Why?

Anonymous said...

Your sister sounds like some piece of work. Holidays must be a riot.

mom said...

She is a piece of work...and no, we don't see her anymore. She's only gotten worse.

One time when my oldest was two or three I walked into his bathroom and found him crouched up on the vanity peeing in the sink. I grabbed him down and reprimaned him. He looked at me, confused, and said "Auntie thinks it's funny. She takes my picture when I do it."

We quit letting her babysit, or be with the children alone at all, right about that same time when he told me he liked riding in my sister's car because she had a hole in it (sunroof) that he could put his head out and look around while she was driving.
There are too many incidents to name...but "piece of work" about sums it up. Or crazy.

kathleencares said...

Wow, that is bold! My mounth dropped when I looked at the photo. Somebody needs to have a talk with the lady in the photo - the mother or nanny or whoever that is.

george said...

Mom, are you sure your sis didn't do anything else? I mean...she just sounds like a dirty person. I hope your kids don't spend any time alone with her.

george said...

Mom, are you sure your sis didn't do anything else? I mean...she just sounds like a dirty person. I hope your kids don't spend any time alone with her.

Anonymous said...

I'm in class so I couldn't really look at the picture beyond a glance... but, did someone take that as a "nanny" sighting or is that just on a random persons flicker account. I am worried that picture is now on my computer.. makes me uncomfortable that it is out there. I don't think thats art, even if the kid "just had to go."

On another note, my friend took picture of her friends on the beach. In the background of the picture was a naked kid. Walmart confiscated her whole roll and turned it over to the police. Obviously they realized it was innocent but they wouldn't let her have the picture (of her friends) with the naked kid in the background. She didn't fight it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah mom, I was thinking the same thing george said. I have a "dirty" aunt that no one in the family allows their kids around, just because with the way she acts (like your sister) - you never know, and better safe than sorry.

It's almost as if my aunt has a compulsive desire to talk dirty, and say obnoxious sexual things - no matter who's around, including any kids.

marypoppin'pills said...

Didn't your Drs. appointment go well yesterday?
Sorry your sad.


I think it's some random Flicker acct., but it's still out there, and I don't think it's right. And I wouldn't worry about it being on your computer, it's not like your downloading a bunch of naked kids .... and if it were ever tracked, they would see this post attached to it. You'll be fine.

I worry more about the person who took the photo and posted it, because the Nanny/Mom in the pic (although wrong for letting the kid pee in public) may be totally oblivious that this pic was taken.

pasadenamom said...

hi mom, hi everyone. just dropping by to say a quick "hello". i know i've been m.i.a. for a while now, but i have to take it easy, 2 more months to go. possible "premature labour" (it's going to be a girl). i still visit this site when i can. missed you all.

ps.... i reported that image. i find that someone had the gall to snap a photo of someone's else child in public with his private showing, absolutely upsetting and appalling. that wasn't necessary. he's a child for crying out loud. i hope that image gets removed, asap!

so wrong!-both parties! the snooper/peeper/photographer and the parent/gaurdian.

have a nice day all.


Anonymous said...

2:18 and Mom,
anychance you two are sisters too?
How many Aunts are out there that behave like this? Disgusting. They must be seriously psycho.

marypoppin'pills said...

I am sure there are tons of gross Aunts and Uncles, are you kidding? LOL


► To Pasadenamom
Congratulations! ... and yes, we've missed you.

Janet E. said...

Mom and Mary Poppins:

The Dr appointment went very well. Sadly though, after much more deliberation at home about our finances I realized it's just nor financially do able to do my surgery.

We have no credit card debt but we have a ton of student loans... $200 000 pre-interest to be honest. I need a car and I have student loan expenses to take on while working full time may I add.

At the same time I feel embarrassed that I have been crying since yesterday over something so unimportant for others but important to me. When there are hungry, homeless children in 3rd world countries- where I grew up- who could buy a months food at the cost of just one of my shampoos.

I'm just really disappointed in myself.

Janet E. said...

Sorry I should've spelled check that first line though I am sure you get what I meant.

mom said...

Janet E.,
Try not to be too hard on yourself. We're all human and we all disappoint ourselves from time to time...if we're honest with ourselves anyway. I think the fact that you have put things into such good perspective so quickly actually speaks a very good way...about your character. Also, I have found that a lot of times in life when a door closes, even temporarily, it turns out to have been a blessing in disguise in the end. I'll just bet that when you do get this done you will be happy, for whatever the reason turns out to be, that you did it then instead of now. that your picture you have posted here? Not too shabby dear! And with the education it sounds like you two have...that $200,000.00 will become a first quarter earning in no time.

Pasadena mom,
I have missed seeing you. And CONGRATULATIONS on the baby girl!!!!! Keep us posted on your progress when you can.

just anonymous said...

Mom-my thoughts too. I was sexually abused as a child, and unless the repressed memories are dealt with in therapy (as have mine) than it is almost certain that the victim will become the predator. Your sister sounds like she is acting out on repressed memories. Did you have any "crazy" Aunts or Uncles growing up? Good thing you chose not to have your children be around her anymore.

a texas nanny said...

Unfortunately I doubt that photo will be removed; I was glancing at the comments on the Flickr page and it looks as if at least two groups want to add the picture to their account or whatever/award the photographer... another bad thing is that with Flickr, any image you post on there becomes their property and they can sell the images for ads, etc....

fg said...

actually, just anonymous,
about ten percent of childhood molestation victims will become child molesters, depending upon many factors. most molesters are men and most victims are girls and that continues to be true. there are are very distinct causes of this perversion.

mom said...

I was wondering the same thing...hehehe. My sister sounds just like your aunt...incredibly provocative in action and words all the time, with seemingly no regard for the appropriatenes of behaving that way in certain situations.

I have always thought of my sister as just sort of attention hungry and lacking in judgment...but in sitting here thinking of the things she has done...I am starting to wonder if she is sort of skeevy after all. MY biggest issues with her and my kids (which she has not been allowed to be alone with since my oldest son was about three) have almost always had to do with her lack of judgment regarding safety issues, but there have also been a few highly inappropriate things that have made me mad as well. My mom had always done such a fierce job of protecting and defending her from my, or anybody elses, dismay at her behavior, that I probably have hardly allowed myself to even look at her honestly. (In hindsight I wonder of this is because my mom knows herself that there is a problem and gets angry when my commentary keeps her from enjoying her complete denial of the situation...because if you say ANYTHING at all about this subject my mom goes BALLISTIC.)

Here are a few examples of things I think are pretty gross, but they simply find me "judgmental" about:

MY sister has, since she was a teenager, exposed herself, accidentally and on purpose, on a continual basis. She would bend over braless in front of male company (not just her company...any of our male friends or boyfriends) or wear a skirt with no undies and either outright pull it up in fornt of them or let it "accidentally" slide up. If I said anything mom and sis would tell me that I could not boss her around in her own house. She would also do this in random social situations...pulling her skirt up on the street to shock people nearby, going through a drive thru with no undies and legs up on the dashboard, that kind of thing.

This became an issue with my son when I would go to my mom's house and there she would be lying on the floor watching tv with thong undies on and her skirt hiked way up and legs spread WAAAAYYYY out. I would ask her to pull it down for the sake of my son and she would get mad and tell me it was her house and she would do as she pleased. I would then offer to leave immediately and take my son with me if she felt she simply could not live with having her hooha covered for an hour or she would then relent and pull her skirt down. My son came home one night from staying at my moms house and announced that my sister wears no underwear when she goes out at night. I asked how he knew that and he reported that her friend had said, "*Auntie* doesn't wear panties" and pulled up her skirt and showed him. I asked what my sister had done when her friend did that and he said she laughed. He was probably 6 at the time. I was mad and let my mom and sister both know it. They blew me off. (I quit letting him go sleep over there and neither of them spoke to me for a year...literally. Oh well.)

Once she and I and my son were in the Jacuzzi at my moms condo complex. She stood up on the seat and started laughing...and then we noticed she was peeing into the Jacuzzi and wanted us to laugh at her.

Now she has three kids of her own. Like me, she likes to send out "funny" e-mails about her kids. And she sends these to a huge list of family and friends.

In one of them she wrote that her then three year old son had said, "Mommy, get a toothbrush and scratch my balls." I found that alarming, because how in the world does a small child think that up? My oldest son was also deeply concerned, so I wrote back and said that she needed to do some serious investigating because that was a very abnormal request and we were concerned that he may have been molested. She wrote everybody, as if it was funny, and said that he has exema and his balls she scratches them for him on a regular basis. Sometimes she uses her fingernails and sometimes she uses a toothbrush. She then mentioned that she thought it was particularly hilarious that her husband would say to the boy in the evenings, with rolled eyes, "Why don't you go get mommy to scratch your back and your balls" and he would come running to her to have it done. Ewwww. I told her that there are plenty of exema medications to help with itching and that she should not be touching him that way. He had exema all over his body...and yet she felt the need to scratch only there for him? Plus a three year old can scratch himself if he absolutely must be scratched.

Then she wrote another time about how her husband would get up in the night and get into the bed of their oldest daughter to sleep with her(apparently because he could not sleep with the toddler girl in the bed with them, which is where she slept.) The little (8-10 yr. old) girl did not like this and would then go sleep on the couch. I was asking why the dad kept going into the child's bed to sleep when she obviously did not like it...not to mention whether it was appropriate for a father to crawl into the bed of his then 8-10 year old daughter night after night. My husband would never have slept with our daughter that way even once.

Then she wrote a while after that to say that they had decided that their approx. five year old (middle) daughter was going to grow up to be a professional pole dancer, which they also thought was incredibly hilarious, because she was always wanting to dance sexy for her daddy in her underwear. How does a small child get the idea that daddy would like that?

A little after the ball scratching e-mail, she wrote, again to multiple people, to say that they were enduring a heat wave and so they had invented a new family tradition...naked game night. That's right..the three kids and mom and dad would gather, naked, and play board games as a family...on the coffee table, meaning dad on the couch was fully "visible." The oldest daughter was about ten years old at this time. I mean, how much hotter could they have possibly been if they had simply worn some shorts or nightgowns? Plus,I believe they had a an air conditioner. Creepy. Who tells their children to GET NAKED and come on down for games? Not even underwear on any of them...even the dad. Ick.

Then they went to a rental house in Palm Springs for a long weekend. The next week we all got a picture slideshow over the web of the whole family swimming...naked...including frontal nude photos of her husband. The oldest daughter was now about 11. (No nude pics of my sis.)

A few years back we went to my moms house for a visit. My sis and her family came over. I was in the shower once, eyes shut, rinsing shampoo from my hair. When I opened my eyes there were my sister and her husband staring at me in the shower. (She was trying to embarrass me. It worked.) However, I had a brief moment of genius. Realizing they had probably already "seen everything" I kept my composure completely intact and said, very calmly, "You just had a baby and I'm a kickboxing instructor. I'm surprised you would want him to see me naked." She suddenly looked horrified, grabbed his arm and dragged him immediately out...heheheehe.

There's much more..but I think you probably get the gist...

So yeah, she has some boundary and judgment say the LEAST. And all of this is just short enough of proof of child abuse that there is nothing that can realistically be done. They don't take the children away from nudists, do they?

Janet E. said...

OMG that was funny- the shower come back.

mom said...

Hmmm...I don't know of any abuse. She is the kind who would tell if she remembered anything like that...but maybe she doesn't remember?
Seriously, any attention she can get on herself...good or bad...she's all there. That would be big time center stage news if she remembered anything like that. I think she would have said by now if something happened....and she remembered it.

Anonymous said...

I actually have a sister who seems to have an unusual attachment to just one of her two son's penises. When he was young, she was constantly grabbing it. Now she talks about him and his penis to him. I found this especially scary because she singled out one child, the weaker of the two. She's made a whole lot of people uncomfortable with the way she handled her own child's penis.

And she's one of those who is always talking about the sex she had or the sex she's going to have or her last masturbation session.

What gives?

To all of you out there who act like this, it is neither funny nor cool. Put some underwear on and get some help!

pasadenamom said...

* that's not janet e.'s pic. that what's her name? the victoria secret model. she brazillian.....ah, my memory escaped me.

I'll be sure to leep you adies updated.

*MPP, thanks for the shout out.

oh, oh, Adriana Lima!

pasadenamom said...

geesh, talk about spelling

Anonymous said...

This whole thread has made me feel a little sick...why share the photo of that child peeing in the first place, huh?

Janet E. said...

Mom, have you maybe considered that she has a mental illness... such as being bipolar? Or borderline at least? I'm sorry you have such difficulties with her. It's hard

and in ref to before, that is not my picture... i wouldn't my pic plastered all over the internet saying hey, i want boobies!

that is a model named Adriana, if i looked like her I would never even have a blog of such sort.

mom said...

Janet...well that explains a lot. I was sort of thinnking that if that was your picture you might just be able to "limp along" for a few more years with the boobs you already have! hhehehe! Hey, I have a small chest and have come to appreciate a lot of things about that. For one thing, small boobies don't seem to sag so fast. I can also run and exercise and not be bothered by them. And they never make my back hurt.(See, there's always a bright side.)

Yes, I have very much considered that my sister may have a mental illness. But with my mom so intent on denying it, there is little opportunty to have her evaluated. She is just on this side of being functional and rational enough to keep her family going, so that, I suppose, is a blessing. But their lives are quite chaotic, so I feel sorry for the kids...and for her... because she just wants to be a mom and yet she makes so many weird decisions that that make her life so much harder than it needs to be. And she doesn't seem to be rational enough to see the pattern. I don't think she is bipolar because she does not seem ever depressive or in any way lacking in energy or verve. In fact, I wish I had half her energy and "get up and go." My dad's wife once mentioned, after we were all together and my sister was telling some fantastically exaggerated, partly true/partly fantasy story about our childhoods that contradicted itself several times over before it was done (and yet she clearly believed that everything she was saying was completely true and accurate...even though in the end it made no rational sense), that she reminded her of her own sister who is mildly schizophrenic, but highly functional. I kind of wonder if this is true. We have a schizophrenic uncle and two schizophrenic cousins, and that can definitely run in families. Although, if she has that, she has it very, very mildly.

She was evaluated as a teenager, when all of this started and the doctor said that she is completely lacking a sense of consequences. That is true...but I don't know what mental illness that might go to.

I don't know. All I know is that it is very, very sad. And yes, frustrating. But she is also an angry it it makes it easier that we need to stay away from her.

Anonymous said...

I am curious as to why JD would allow a link to this pic on this site.
Did the parents give permission? Are they aware of it? If not, why would a site like this publish this pic?
Please take it down if there was no permission given.

Anonymous said...

I hate "mom."
I hate her dumb made-up stories stolen from lifetime movies.
I hope her computer breaks and she can't post anymore.

mom said...

Dear tedius "I hate mom" person,
Have I been downgraded from your typical accusations of copying urban legends?
You sound angry and unhappy. I'm sorry. It must be miserable to be you.

Anonymous said...

urban legends? whaaa?
mom I hate to break it to you but there might actually be more than one person who hates you.

Janet E. said...

Mom, I once dated a guy who was a compulsive liar. Very angry person. Low self esteem. I only figured that out later. He would make up the most ridiculous stories at times! And they were so unrealistic and unbelievable not even a 2yr old could believe it.

It wasn't long until I found out, he was lying about his past sexual experience, his money- claimed he owned a game reserve. He would make hoax calls to his "farm" in front of me! What a naive idiot i was. Sadly an old child hood friend of mine met him somewhere in a foreign country and they connected the dots that we knew each other. She told me she didn't even believe that we dated because apparently he lies even worse now. It's absolutely a mental illness.
My sister in law is borderline bipolar and uses all kinds of meds, poor thing. It's usually characterized as a person consumed by lies. addictive personalities (such as a drinking.drug problem) manipulation, depression, has affairs and has manic rages.

Good luck

somebodyneedsashrink said...

10:23/10:42 might want to see somebody about that inferiority complex. It's getting worse.

Anonymous said...

or maybe they really are just tired of mom's never ending posts.

marypoppin'pills said...

I think just about everybody must have a particular family member that they hide in the proverbial closet.

Mine just happens to be an Aunt Mary. And I do believe she has some of the characteristics mentioned by Janet in 10:53.
Aunt Mary is purported to be a drunken Schizophrenic. I hear that when she's on her Meds., she's not too bad. But I definately have a lot of unsettling memories of her.

She is completely obsessed with sex, too. Go figure ....
I wonder why that is??

I'm sorry, Mom - but I had to laugh just a little because one of the last times I saw my Aunt Mary several years ago, it involved a Jacuzzi also.

We had put together a huge Birthday party for a friend of mine and somehow Aunt Mary got wind of it, and over she came .... drunk as all get out.

There were several people in the Jacuzzi (mostly male) .... and she began to perpetrate unjustly acts upon those poor guys. One right after the other she began to grab at their privates, and then report to the crowd "oh, this one's about "x" inches"!

I thought I would faint from embarrassment. Thanks to my Mom's quick actions, she rushed Aunt Mary out of there before anything worse could possibly happen.

The really sucky thing is now anytime I run into any of the guests from that party, they always have to tease, "How's Aunt Mary doin'?" ....

I'll never live that one down - but other than that, whatta party!

Anonymous said...

I'm in agreement with 10:21 about having the link to the pic of the peeing child removed. How about it, Jane?

Anonymous said...

You know what? I kind of agree.
I know it made the rounds for a very important topic today, but maybe it should come down now?
Or possibly blur the child's face?

... Please?

cali mom said...

I just looked again more closely and fwiw, the picture was taken in Paris (France) according to the page. Not that there aren't pedophiles in France, but at least we know it wasn't NYC.

MPP, OMG about Aunt Mary!

Anonymous said...

Interesting... how the issue of innocent children encouraged to pee in public (and at least this photo shared indiscriminantly) has led to these stories of depravity, perversion, mental instability and child abuse. Thanks for sharing (not!)...I've had enough of this blog for awhile.

mom said...

At least it sounds like your friends got a kick out of Aunt Mary's antics, rather than angry! Maybe that's because everybody does have at least one realtive that they like to keep a secret and so everybody understands and is just glad it's yours on display at the moment rather than theirs!Oh my gosh embarrassing for those men...especially those that got a less than rave review!

Really though, untreated mental illness is such a shame and a waste. My uncle, when on his medication is wonderful. The trouble is that he suffers from paranoia, and so from time to time he believes that somebody has put poison in his medicine and then he doesn't take it. Nobody knows he has stopped until things get bad. He would never hurt anybody or be mean, but the poor guy gets really scared. Because of him especially I am extra aware of what mental illness can do and how cruel it is. Whenever I see a homeless person I can't help wondering if that is just another person like my uncle, but without a family to love him and make sure he is always taken care of. I don't know why our government doesn't go out and round up all of these people sleeping on the streets and treat them to mental health evaluations and then take all of those who are mentally incapacitated to places where they can be treated decently and not have to live like animals. We can find the resources to hand out money to those who simply choose not to work, but we look the other way at those who are actually incapable of working? It's a disgrace.

marypoppin'pills said...

'Scuse moi, but maybe the reason is because sometimes we've had just about all we can take with some of the other posts so we occasionally tell each other stories just to amuse ourselves and lighten things up around here.

Umm, sorry.

mom said...

How awful about the guy you dated! At least you figured it out (it sounds like fairly quickly too) and got out!

You wrote:

"My sister in law is borderline bipolar and uses all kinds of meds, poor thing. It's usually characterized as a person consumed by lies. addictive personalities (such as a drinking.drug problem) manipulation, depression, has affairs and has manic rages."

I don't think this sounds like my sister. She is not in any way an addictive type. She actually has a decent moral compass in most regards and is not the affair type. She is angry...which I know could be a sign of depression...but seems overall to have a more consistently manic personality. (I have always said about her, in an effort to find something nice to describe her) that she is "a party all in herself." She is always up for lively times, is the life of the party, and organizes a lot of social activities, camping trips, etc... things that I would guess a depressed person would have a hard time pulling off on such a regular basis. She lies a lot...but I am still unable to determine whether she actually knows she is lying all of the time. (Does that make sense?) She seems to very much believe at least some of in possibly having delusions. Other times I think she must absolutely know she is lying, as it will be too close after the event (to my thinking anyway) for her memory to be so "off" so quickly. The best way to describe her is as a person who seems to crave being the center of attention at all times and to a degree that she will do anything she needs in order to make that happen. That's how it looks from the outside anyway...but I do suspect there's something more concrete going on on the inside.

marypoppin'pills said...

I hear you, loud and clear. It's truly sad because the homeless are looked down upon and treated like the dregs of society. We need to implement more programs and see that they are taken care of properly ... especially those with mental illness. It's not their fault, and unfortunately they are alone because their families would rather not deal with the burden and have just simply discarded them.

On a lighter note (uh-hmmm) ... yes, I was relieved that most thought it was quite amusing and for the boys that got a "less than rave review" (lol) - it was all in good fun, they weren't mad. Probably because everyone had that "warm and fuzzy" cocktail feelin'. ☺

Anonymous said...

2:14 You must be fun at a party. Do you hire somebody to go around and make sure all of the conversations stay linear and do not branch out into different topics, or do you police them yourself?

Sarah said...

Anyone on here who thinks that letting children pee in public is ok is CRAZY!!! We, as parents are caregivers, are trying to educate and socialize these children. Adults certainly couldn't do what the boy in the picture is doing, they would be arrested!! So why in hell would any of you sickos think that it's ok to teach young children to do that. I don't get to just stop and pee when I'm walking through Central Park, that's why I was taught to use A BATHROOM. You people disgust me.

mom said...

"Warm and fuzzy feeling?" I know there has to be a great one liner somewhere in there about Dear Old Aunt Mary's jacuzzi stunt...but alas, it's too early!

Anonymous said...

You do not need permission to link to a web address. Stop clicking on the link again and again. You like crazy. If a well intentioned blog like this can link to the picture than so can anyone. I think that point needs to be made as DIFFICULT as it is for parents to realize that someone could so easily snap a picture of their child in clothes, pulling down his pants, etc and put it on the web. That picture belongs to the person who took it. Not the child. It's sick stuff. But, parents and nannies should be aware, especially those who change diapers or let children pee in public. The picture is on Flickr, who knows where else it is?

Thanks to Vanessa for a wake up call.

marypoppin'pills said...

Wow Mom, my Aunt Mary sounds a lot like your Sister. I wonder why they behave that way? It's not something normal people would do - acting like that in a social setting.
I think most would be too embarrassed.
I definately think my Aunt lacks any social grace, but it's almost as if she isn't even aware they exist.

Anonymous said...

to 2:14
Buh-Bye! don't let the door hit you on the way out!

mpp said...

Thank you, Cali mom.
That kind of explains why it seems that someone (possibly a stranger) got away with taking this photo in public.

They have different standards when it comes to nudity. They believe we Americans are too uptight about it ....

Ya think??

jojo bear said...

214 and 158 are the same person-

I was shocked to click on the link and to see the pictures. But shocked in a way that I never thought of that. One point I would like to make to everyone who is out in public, especially females is that people make livings out of blogging candid shots. There are websites devoted to women's posteriors. They slide cell phone cameras under skirts when you aren't looking to get a shot and post your picture on the net. I have also seen a lot of pictures of attractive women with big butts, big chests on view and their whole face and likeness is there too. Here is what I want you all to take away from this. These pictures are not usually being taken by someone 10 feet from you, but more likely taken by someone who is half a block away perched somewhere observing and waiting. It's a new sport in some areas and they compete to see who can capture the most private moment. And you will never see the camera.

So remember that!

jojo bear said...

I don't think that is the point. I think this photo was taken without the subject's knowledge and posted without his knowledge. And a lot of people post pictures just like this! And we should all be scared about the cameras we cant see that are pointed at us in public.

jojo bear said...

For instance, the woman who ranted about the nanny who had the child pee right next to her and called his penis a wormy? Someone could have gotten that picture and that could be on the internet. Don't let children expose themselves in public. Don't change diapers in public either (as someone just said).

Anonymous said...

Just a little f.y.i. -
when my brother went to europe, he said he was shocked to turn on the t.v. and it was no big deal that so many of their commercials had nudity in it. I think I would've been shocked, too. But over there, I guess they aren't ashamed of their bodies. Or at least, there isn't a stigma attached to being nude.

jojo bear said...

Yes, we get that. But we are not talking about how relaxed they are about nudity. I am relaxed about nudity too. My charges used to run around the backyard naked until they were 7 or so. At home, I am known to cook and vaccum in the nude. But this is about people's ability to take pictures in public when you don't know it, without your permission and post them on the internet. And to make a point, if someone did take a picture of the child who peed next to the lady in the park the other day (wormy), Flickr would be a best case scenario of where that photo would end up!

mpp said...

That's fine, Jojo. But I do think IF someone had spotted what may have been a stranger taking this photo of a little boy, they would've jumped all over them. How did this person get away with snapping it?
I know some people will think it's cute. I don't. I imagine this kid growing into a teenager and flipping out that his pic was plastered all over the internet.

jojo bear said...

Late night MPP?

You asked, How did this person get away with snapping it?"

I just said they perch themselves far away. The person probably wasn't even in the park. That was my whole point of my post. Regular people are having a lot of fun with paparazzi strength zoom lenses!

pasadenamom said...

lol, jojo bear.

i do the same-vaccum and cook in the nude, not un around in the backyard. I always jest that our neighbors probably don't even bother to look anymore becuase they must be tired of seeing myfriendly bits. lmao...... smh.

It just feels so great and not to mention freeing. Ioften say to my hubbie, "why do we eben have to bother wear clothes? couldn't we all just be free?" As soon as i get home from wherever i was, i strip down. ah, how relaxing.

BTW, i can't believe flickr still has that photo up. I contacted them twice to report the image.

**MOM, i love your stories. Keep 'em comin'. It reminds me of how 'normal' I am and it's okay to have insane feelings (especially in motherhood) and insane fam members. lol....

what's worse that having a sex-crazed sister or aunt? I'll tell you, having a dad who thinks every woman who looks his way wants to bed him. At first,I resented what he said, but now i just laugh. It's as if he's a teenager and refuse to grow. honestly, I have come to appreciated this 'lighter', 'funnier' side of my dad. **he even says it about my girlfriends. thank goodness he's only met a couple of them, briefly.

have a great weekend, you guys.

Sarah said...

If you guys are so worried about this picture being taken, maybe you should instruct your nannies not to let your children be in public unclothed and then you won't have to worry about a thing. If I decide to sunbathe nude at the park, I'm not going to be too shocked or upset if a photo is taken of it. It's a choice to put yourself or your child in that position.

marypoppin'pills said...

As a matter of fact, I have been up all night.

And my question was meant to be rhetorical ... I didn't really expect anybody to answer it.

But thank you for taking the time, you must've been really bored.

Anonymous said...

hey dodo bear
I only wrote 1:58.

Jane's rule #4
Please don't assume you know who is posting, accuse this person of being that person or sabotage the threads!

poster #8298982989829 said...

rule #4 rules.

?????????? ....... said...

was that meant to be cryptic?

Mommy of a Boy said...

There are two reasons I would be livid and hopping mad with this photo:

1. At the PHOTO POSTER, what the hell are you doing taking a photo of someone else's child, let alone the child peeing!

2. At the NANNY, what the hell are you doing putting my child in the position that a perv can snap off a photo like this!

As the mother of a son, I am appalled and saddened by what our nation is coming to.

I would strongly urge ISYN to put a disclaimer about clicking on the photo, or better yet, remove it all together and report it on flicker as I have.

One more reason I decided to stay at home with my son and not hire a nanny. Even the best, can sometimes be the worst!

vanessa (getting angry) said...

mommy of a boy,
why are you going so psychotic?
first of all the image is not crude in anyway. And you can't see anything at all. The point that I am illustrating is that you should not have your children pee in public because you never know who is watching. The person who took this photo didn't do it to be sick. It wasn't perverted. He/she saw it as cute or sweet. I suggest you calm down. Stop trying to censor the blog because if you succeed other parents won't get the messge you got today and that is TO BE CAREFUL! I see you registered at flickr and everything just to complain there too. Do you feel better yet? And PS this goes on ALL the time. Women are the #1 targets of these candid photos placed online without our permission.

other comments on this picture:
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LOL! Great catch! ;))
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PicIsa says:
lmao...hes just perfectly measuring his target..... shes on the phone.. probably thinking. hhhhhhhhhm... maybe i shoiuld call in sick today and go have a blast with my darling boy..

minerva.. pandora.. lol.. this is perfection
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digitAL animAL says:
LOL! Classic! Thanks for the laughs. ;)
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mbanks says:
When you gotta go, you gotta go!

Oh the innocence captured here. Someone could hold this shot against him when he starts dating in about 12 to 14 years.
Posted 3 months ago. ( permalink )

Pandora as MINERVA on flickr says:
Ha ha ha ha... you all are so funny. I hope no one recognizes him when he grows up.
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo.
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your very naughty Pan! LOL
love this shot but no guts to shoot this! lol
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Pandora as MINERVA on flickr says:
It's only an innocent shot... that hopefully bring a smile on your face.
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Excellent photographer!

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Laurent Filoche says:
Ha ha ! Nice stream !
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charityfipps says:
Funny photo, shows how much parents pay attention to their children.....Nice example
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HA HA!!!!!
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ravenmathis05 says:
FWIW... I would be furious if I were the mother of this toddler.

1. At YOU for snapping a photo of my child and his/her privates.

2. At the NANNY for putting him in the dangerous position in the first place.

As a parent of a little boy I am appalled at this photo being posted!

Anonymous said...

A description of the photo would be enough.

Moderator: Would you like someone posting links of your child naked in public? If you would, why not post some. If not, take down the link.

marypoppin'pills said...

Wow, Jane and Vanessa
The both of you sure are taking a beating. While I admit I'm not happy to see a photo of this little boy in all his glory - (because I imagine he wouldn't be too happy about it if he were older) - I do understand your intent.

Vanessa, thank you for posting it. And Jane, thank you for the caveat ... because now people can choose whether or not they want to view it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jane you should be worried. We see it as a cute shot of a little boy. We don't see it in a sexual way, but some deviant from your blog sure does.

The child is hardly naked. You cannot see anything. How hard are you straining your sikko eyes 909?
It's a very pure image with nothing revealed, just the suggestion of by the mere fact that he is peeing.

Sprak said...

if you think it can't happen...
someone alerted me that my photo was posted on one of those candid picture sites. It was a picture taken of me in Puerto Rico while I was on a cruise. Imagine my shock to see a photo of myself crossing the street when I was shopping in San Juan. How weird was that?

Anonymous said...

10:21 : why would you call someone (9:09) who expresses a bit more concern and sensitivity for the privacy/safety of this child "sicko eyes" and deviant? Why go into attack-mode just because someone doesn't agree with your opinion that the pic was "cute" or appropriate to share?

Anonymous said...

In a previous post (regarding a nanny publishing a negative account of her experience with a family), Jane advised the OP to think twice about how a "tell-all" would affect the children involved. How is sharing this pic/link to the pic any better?
Sharing that little kid's photo was unnessesary to the discusion of why kids should avoid relieving themselves in public. It just seems to me that directing people to the picture is as much a violation of that boy's privacy as the person who took the picture in the first place.

Anonymous said...

You sound familiar. Do you usually post as someone else?

vanessa said...

I am the OP of this post. I saw the picture. I sent it in. My first thought of the picture was what a great picture it is. My second thought was what a cute picture it is. Then I left that picture and kept surfing flickr. Then I went back to the picture because it reminded me of the peeing in public debate.

Now if Jane hadn't have posted my submission as I sent it, all of you who were so outraged wouldn't have the opportunity to flag the photo at Flickr. I think the link should stay so you can see what all of your reporting to Flickr does or does not do. If you are succesful, the link should disappear on it's own.

And no, I don't think that taking pictures of other people's children and putting them on a blog is a good idea. But I don't think for one minute that this photographer thought he/she was doing anything wrong or had any negative intentions.

Anonymous said...

I think 10:21 was more pissed off that 9:09 was ripping on Jane. At least that's how I saw it. It was a bit offensive.

We can all look at this photo and think, "ah, what a cutie". But at the end of the day, I don't think any of us thinks it is appropriate.

The pic is already on Flickr, for the entire free world to see, so having Jane post it here doesn't make much difference. The damage is already done.

And to Vanessa, I can't figure out if you thought this was a good thing or a bad thing? I understand that 'Pandora by Minerva' is a popular photographer (I'm assuming she took the pic) ... but it still doesn't mean it's ok. And no, I'm sure she meant no harm.

I think the bottom line is -- the nanny/mom that allowed the child to drop his drawers in public in the first place and allow him to diddle was the one in the wrong.

vanessa said...

Hi all,
It's me again. When I first saw this picture I didn't realize it was snapped by someone who was a stranger to this child. That I don't agree with, but I still don't see the malice. The parent should be able to ask the photographer to take it down, but to do that the parent would need to know about the picture.

I work with a home goods company and we are always looking for stock images to purchase. In addition to stock photography services, I browse all of the photo hubs where individuals submit their photos and purchase photos from them or receive their permission from them to use their pictures in our advertising material.

Since this topic is so hot and heavy, I will continue submitting links that I think parents should know about! And just like any other sighting, I think it should stay until the parent hears about it.

Thanks all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Vanessa.

'Pandora' is known for taking very candid street photos, some of them are really incredible. She even has one where the person "caught" her snapping away and the very beautiful lady had a peeved look on her face.
Needless to say, it was a popular shot.

Pandoras Box said...

Here's the pic.

Anonymous said...

I flagged the post on flickr. I also flagged this blog, and sent blogger a note letting them know that you have posted a link to a picture of a child where you can see part of their genitals (yes, you can, very easily) without the knowledge or consent of the parents.

I agree with 909, I doubt anyone would want a picture of our child being posted on the internet peeing in public without or knowledge, and the fact that this blog is spreading it around is not acceptable.

Anonymous said...

2:05 that's your child?

gloria said...

2:05 PM is the biggest asshole ever known to this blog. Cloaked in the veil of anonymity, she peruses and censors. She must be bored out of her mind to try and cause so much trouble. She probably clicks on the damn link 90 times a day. She has serious serious mental issues.

I don't see the child's genitals, but I am not looking as long, hard or often as you. You dirty pig.

You should be ashamed of yourself. You have a sick, sick, sick and dirty mind.

Anonymous said...

No, that is not my child, but I would not want a picture of my child on the internet that looked like that, especially without my permission. 909 said that a description of the photo would have been enough, and I agree. There is no reason to post a link to this picture and spread it around.

melamonk said...

You flagged this blog?
Because why? Do you understand that this blog is calling attention to the picture to alert the people involved and warn others? And that that picture can be linked to by anyone in the world? You really don't need to have to worry about the people who come to ISYN. We are well intentioned and child friendly.
Who are YOU?

gloria said...

205, 213,
Why don't you just leave and never come back? You anonymous, trouble making twit. You've always got to make a big deal out of something. I wouldn't be surprised if you are the nanny who got her ass handed to her for her idiotic rant and this is the way you are "getting back".

You're an idiot, plain and simple.

I saw the picture of a light hearted reminder. Not some hugely dramatic situation that you want to make it into!

Anonymous said...

Do you have children? Why don't you do what 909 said and post some pictures of them peeing on the internet so some sicko can wack off to it (yeah, that is why you DON'T post pictures of your child naked on the net, because somewhere someone does it).

If a parent had posted this pic, or given permission to post this pic, it would have been one thing, but since the parents have NO IDEA that some stranger was taking a picture of their child NUDE, it should not be posted, or spread around.

It is funny that you attack someone so much for having a different view than you do.

anonymous1 said...

you are the one making trouble here, trying to make trouble for a blog that is all about protecting children. are you daft? you aren't needed or wanted here. posters on here 'get it' about the purpose of the link to the picture. evidently you do not.

vi said...

Gloria, Melamonk,
I completely agree. When I clicked on the link, I laughed. There is nothing dirty or scandalous about this picture. Should the photographer have gotten permission, sure but unfortunately this happens everyday so often-how can you fight it? I suggest the strange person posting anonymously just go have a cup of lemmon tea and calm down. What a think to get so worked up over. In fact, the more worked up she gets, the less I seem to see it as an issue at all.

marypoppin'pills said...

Melamonk (2:13 post)
Thank you for a very gracious and intelligent post that I am sure speaks for many of Jane's posters on this Blog.

Anonymous said...

so what's your real damage?
you are afraid some guy is wacking off to this particular image? when he on the same website could so oodles of naked children on the beach, in the pool, etc?

I have to agree, you sound sick.

Reminds me of a nanny I had who has so worried we were going to be robbers. Everyone window was shut, doors deadbolted 24/7. It was stifling hot in the spring because conceivably some dwarf could have crawled through our windows in broad daylight. Come to find out that she used to rob houses in her early twenties before she got turned around. She was an okay nanny, not the best, not the worst. Very honest though. Told me more than I wanted to know.

mommy of a boy said...

Funny how I posted a comment and it has been removed... (on the flicker photo). I wonder how many others comments about how awful this is were removed?

And... FWIW... just because I don't agree with your opinion means mine is wrong. It is just that, my opinion.

Anonymous said...

No, Mom but you are a bit of a sensationalist.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what's more astounding. Someone actually being bored enough to go through Flickr and post a bunch of peeing people - or the poster that's actually going to take the time to go through and look at every single one of them.

For the record - I did not.

Although it's a clever post, I think it's taking this subject wayyy to far.

The point has been driven down the drain (pun intended).

And for those that just can't handle it and feel the need to go and report this blog and every picture that doesn't sit right with them?
You're nothing but a big 'ol crybaby!

Jane Doe said...

What did you report ISYN to blogger for? Not policing the comment section throughly enough?

This may be more your speed said...

Here ya go. This pic is for all you crybabies! LOL
No harm, no foul!

Anonymous said...

I really hope you don't let these people get you down. You do so many wonderful things. I don't understand why this is such a problem for them. We are the one's bringing in these pics, NOT you.

Don't they get that??

so innocent said...

Tell me this isn't beautiful!

heidi said...

I still think this is the disgruntled nanny who is pissed at jane for calling her an ass after she posted at how she tricks her employer into thinking she is a good nanny when she isn't. Anyone else get that feeling? Who else would have such venom for Jane or ISYN except someone who felt she was victimized by the blog?

As a mother of two children and an empployer of two nannies, I have a question for the Big Brother Bitch on this blog who keeps crying. How would I ever know that my child was in a picture on the internet unless someone pointed it out to me? How?

And you do realize that the original picture of the boy peeing won several awards on Flickr and was praised by the flickr community for being cute and a great capture?

Of course you do. You're just a disgruntled nanny trying to phis all over this blog. If you were anything or anyone else, you would simply say, "hey this blog isn't for me" and not return.

Anonymous said...

I did click on the links to some of the pictures. What is the big deal? Seriously. Get a hobby. May I suggest you take up where Charlston Heston left off?

Pee Mate said...

Women, you can now pee standing up.

emily said...

The person threatening ISYN and flagging it is a TROLL.

When Blogger looks at this blog, they won't see any objectionable material because there isn't any!

I think the troll could be the nanny. She feels tricked. She thought she could submit her rant safely and you went and commented right on her rant. In her mind, you, Jane prejudiced everyone against her. Had you said nothing, she feels she would have been saluted and cheered.

Anonymous said...

relax, it was supposed to be humorous.

Anonymous said...

I wanna "pee-mate", LOL.

undercover regular said...

O.k., there you go. Jane is now being a really good sport and deleting some of the possibly offensive posts that might be bothering a few of you.

I sure hope you get a lot of credit for that Jane, because this is your blog, and you really didn't have to do that.

important note said...

I know this is what some may have been concerned about regarding Flickr. They are warning you to be careful.

Anonymous said...

Not only does the ISYN dislcaimer say she is not responsible for comments left in the comment section, blogger does not hold Blogs responsible for them either. Why? How could they? Blogs are routinely spammed and their links point to porn and worse yet, websites that corrupt your computer.

I would stay stick to your guns Jane. Don't over censor to make one idiot happy. Our national news is censored enough. I am on the Internet for something real.

fg said...

Sometimes the stupidity of some people is unbelievable. Reading thru these posts, I saw such pettiness and such nitpicking over what wasn't a big deal. Troublemakers abound, I guess.

Anonymous said...

to mom:

your sister sounds like she TRULY needs help and should not be around children stop justifying her acts because its plain and simple.. PEDOPHILLIA!!

please PLEASE PLEASE turn her in!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that this is posted with a public setting on a flicker account. It is one thing to post pictures of you own children but quite another to post pictures of someone else's child without their knowledge of permission. This is absolutely inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

Tell me why someone took this picture again? Oh, and Janet, sorry your sad!