Upper East Side in NYC

Received, Monday, January 14, 2008
Monday, January 14th at 5:20 pm. We were in a car waiting for the light to change an intersection on Third Avenue in the lower 90's.It might have been 92nd or 93rd street. A little boy about 8 years old with dirty blond or light brown hair appeared to be crossing east alone. He had a book bag and was wearing what I think was either a blue or grey jacket. A woman was walking in front of him. he appeared to be following her as she crossed the avenue and then turned uptown and crossed the street. I am not sure if she was his nanny because she never once turned and looked back at him. She was black wearing dark jacket and pants hair pulled up in a bun and also had a book bag or backpack and was carrying a white shopping bag. The little boy was still following her as we drove past. She paid no attention to him. I have grandchildren older than him and I keep them right by me whenever we cross the street.


§marypoppin'pills§ said...

I've got news for you. I bet he was walking home alone ... possibly from an after school activity.
I have seen 1st graders(!), walking at least a block home from my sons school. And almost every time we see one, my son says, "where's his mommy"?
And every time ... I'm still shocked.
Don't Parents realize that it's just not safe to allow this anymore?

NYTimes Article from today said...

Last year, 271 pedestrians died after being hit by motor vehicles on the city's streets and highways, an 18 percent drop from 1985, the report said. The figure is consistent with declines since 1982, when the city began several programs aimed at reducing pedestrian fatalities, officials said.

Now granted it was a drop, but my nanny would fired if she ever allowed my child to cross a NYC street solamente!
-Maggie Leden

Anonymous said...

I have dropped my older charge on a playdate(with the approval of her parents) and walked away with her bagpack.The 8yr old might not have been the woman`s charge. Agree with 7:49.

Anonymous said...

Why is it assumed that it is a nanny?

There are negligent parents too!!!!

Anonymous said...

natural selection. kids can cross streets, its not too difficult.
it may have been slightly irresponsible but the poster isn't even sure if the lady was the kid's nanny, so maybe she should go back to knitting.