Friday, January 18, 2008

Mc Brooklyn has an update on the trouble with Brooklyn Children's Academy.

The women at are stark raving mad over what they perceive to be a bunch of elitist, white racists on the Kuku post.

If you haven't heard of her yet, allow me to introduce, The Nanny Doctor.
Dr. Lindsay Heller, a Beverly Hills-based licensed clinical psychologist, seeks to promote positive relationships between families and their nannies with a focus on the best interests of the child, Dr. Heller provides a highly specialized service helping families in all aspects of their relationship with their nanny. Her goal is to ensure the development of strong, healthy emotional bonds between children and caregivers. Watch Video of the Nanny Doctor here.

Enjoy the long weekend!


Sue Doe-Nim said...

"The women at are stark raving mad over what they perceive to be a bunch of elitist, white racists on the Kuku post."

Um, yeah.

I'm a white Republican SAHM who sends her kids to the WASPiest school I could get them into.

I'm here to tell you that I'm horrified by some of the comments there. It's good to leave them though, it's a nice reminder of MLK's work and why it needs to continue.

Imagine, these women are raising children.

Hateful. Ignorant. Racist. Children.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't the name itself:
Nappturality, denote some negative conoctation? I would imagine these are proud women but the name is almost an oxymoron.
And please - I don't want to hear any hateful feedback, it's an honest question, and you'll only lend yourself to prove these women right that some of you on this board are pathetic.

alannah (puerto rican and AA with shiny, natural hair) said...

sue doe-
well they have nothing nice to say about you. if you are a white person who can afford to send their kids to the best of schools, then I am sure you have been lumped in with all of white, elite women who were before this post was even discovered by the sharpton in their bunch-regularly referred to white women as bitches and c-nts and a whole lot worse. Yet on their board, they are encouraging all of their similiarly follicled sisters to flag ISYN.
what group did censorship ever benefit?
and what gives them the right?

Anonymous said...

sorry, spelled connotation wrong.

§marypoppin'pills§ said...

Wow. The calm before the storm. I can only imagine what's going to crawl out of the woodwork with this post.

Kate in CO said...

It sounds like THEY (Nappturality?????????) are racist to me.....this is old news anyway......let's move on. 'Watched the video...(Nanny Dr.)...nothing but common sense......which a lot of people don't possess now days! Like I said.........let's move on.

Jane Doe said...

The point of the website, particularly in those sort of forums is to inform and discuss. And that is exactly what happened in the referenced Kuku post. Certainly, we don't set out to offend anyone and I apologize to anyone who was hurt or offended by any of the comments.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, seems you need to be a member to read their boards now... as a result of this site??

Alesha Atherton, NY said...

You always had to be a member. I am a member of their board and love their board. I would be lying if I said some topics dont get occasionally heated. Their have been unkind words directed in anger at various people so I though they had some nerve suggesting that everyone on their board flag or report Jane's blog.

I think Jane is great- what she does here and in her community. She works with a ton of different people and is probably one of the most diplomatic and genuinely kind people I know.

Anonymous said...

Some people are going to act like idiots ... why would you apologize for them? You have no control over what they think or write.
Seems to me they are informing others about your blog, as if it were racist - but again, you shouldn't be branded because a few people have their own opinion, well-intentioned or not.
And I hate to say it ... but Kate in co. is right. I saw all of the racial insults (cracker, etc.) that were written on the 'KuKu' post. I wonder who THAT was from?

Lorenza said...

Why would anybody wish to stifle our
freedom of speech which means that people can say things that we don't like and that we don't agree with? I vaguely recall the kuu kuu (or whatever it's calle )nonsense and yes, I said "nonsense." I will also be so bold as to say I think most all gambling is foolish and that I feel the same way about the gamblers in Las Vegas as I feel about those who go overboard with lottery tickets, poker tournaments or whatever form of chance in which they choose to engage. I felt most of the kuu kuu uproar was about the children being exposed to gambling and about concerns that some nannies were possibly being exploited. I say let the nannies have their "fun", just not around the children and since they are adults if they lose some money, it's on them. As for me, I still think it's all rather silly and I'd rather go shopping with any extra money I might have.

Anonymous said...

You all are ignorant racists. I read this drama from a post another board, not Nappturality.

Su su is not gambling there is no risk involved. Each person pays in and come their week they collect the entire pot. Its a quick way to allow often economically depressed immigrants to have a large sum of money at various times to do "make moves" with. I do not know of any immigrant group that comes to the U.S. who does not do this. It is not limited to West Indians.

But know you all cannot understand and respect the explanation of people from a specific culture, because you all think you know so much better. Paternalist racist! And that is why people are upset at the people on this blog.

But soon you all will be the minority in this country and it will be a glorious day when your house of cards comes tumbling down.

Anonymous said...

shout out to dirty girlz social club and i saw your nanny. i'm a member there and a frequent commenter here!

Lindsey said...


Please get over yourself. The only reason I would become the minority (and I say I as not to lump anyone into my opinion) is because the MAJORITY of illegal and legal immigrants can't seem to stop breeding, and after they breed they don't even have the good sense to raise their children right. I don't care about Ku Ku, because this is AMERICA and I don't need to know about it because we don't do that here.

It's like this, if you come to America, France, Russia, Ireland, China, or WHEREVER you can't possibly think that they should go out of their way to accomodate you. If you plan on moving there then for God's sake learn the language. How about we start revoking green cards and visa's, then you won't have anything to bitch about if you aren't here. If your country and culture's are so great then why did you come here?

As for, I wouldn't be surprised if that big, black, butch of a nanny with an afro that was on childcare gone wrong was an avid member of their website. People don't want equality, they want senority. When people can get over what happen decades ago and really fight for equality then we can get somewhere, I'm sure that won't happen anytime soon though.

~Lindsey, SAHM~

Crystal said...

"As for, I wouldn't be surprised if that big, black, butch of a nanny with an afro that was on childcare gone wrong was an avid member of their website. People don't want equality, they want senority. When people can get over what happen decades ago and really fight for equality then we can get somewhere, I'm sure that won't happen anytime soon though."

Wow, if you need anymore proof about the racists on this board, this comment proves it.

First, it's called Nappturality not I'm sorry that you feel threatened that a group of women can take pride in what white culture has deemed "ugly".

Second, because of people like you with ignorant ass comments like yours is why we will never get over what happened decades ago and will probably continue because you are raising bigots who share the same views as you.

As for your stance on illegal immigration, it just shows how uninformed you are. I doubt that you are Native American so technically you are an immigrant as well. So don't try to and take away the same dream your ancestors had when they came over here.

sprak said...

Could you above be any more stupid? Yes, there were some habitants on this continent when our forefathers got here. In fact, there were different tribes of various persuasions who were basically uncivilized people. Many were nomadic and traveled around not settling anywhere in particular. Others moved west of their own accord, not liking the encroachment of civilization. Some bartered their land away and yes, cheaply by today's standards but..this was a vast, mostly unsettled country so many of our explorers saw and laid claim to areas not yet seen before or touched by humans. If you don't know or don't understand our history, don't make foolish statements such as "technically, if you aren't a native American, you are an immigrant, too." And by the way, would you make that statement to our neighbors to the north, Canadians? Please keep in mind that just about every civilized country in Europe acquired their lands by war and by conquering. America isn't about the past, however,it's about the future.
And you need to read up on world and U.S. history instead of spouting tired, inaccurate rhetoric to try to make a point.

toonces, the cat who would drive said...

Whoa Lindsey SAHM, that was a series of bold statements. None of which I agree with but I do appreciate that you speak what you truly believe. We are being governed by a bunch of people who think the same as Geroge W Bush but are going to lie to our faces and say they don't.

As for native Americans- I don't get why they are held in such high regard. This land was going to be settled eventually. Australia was settled by debtors. It was a debtor's prison. And all I see the Indians doing now is spreading their gambling and inept management off of reservations and in to main stream America.

Makes me ill.

Reminds me of a Sting song,
"this is not America"

My people emigrated to this country against great prejudice. Or do you not know the wrath the Irish faced when we came here? Signs would great us that said, "No Irish". My people worked, paid taxes and built this country. If your people haven't done enough for America, you best damn start.

melanie-ohio said...

No Sprak, they don't get that. Don't you get how the minorities love to scream about how the white people took from poor little Indians. All of settlization is about taking, winnning, conquering.

For those of you illiterates opining on the post, might I suggest:

People's History of the United States: 1492 to Present (P.S.) by Howard Zinn

Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs by John Lydon

How the Indians Lost Their Land: Law and Power on the Frontier by Stuart Banner

Dispossession by Degrees: Indian Land and Identity in Natick, Massachusetts, 1650-1790 (Studies in North American Indian History) by Jean M. O'Brien

Return of the Buffalo: The Story Behind America's Indian Gaming Explosion by Ambrose I. Lane

Frank Springer And New Mexico: From the Colfax County War to the Emergence of Modern Santa Fe by David L. Caffey

Portrait of an Abolitionist: A Biography of George Luther Stearns, 1809-1867 (Contributions in American History) by Charles E. Heller

Wilderness at Dawn: The Settling of the North American Continent by Ted Morgan

The History of Blacks in Canada: A Selectively Annotated Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in Afro-American and African Studies) by George H. Junne

Canada under British Rule: 1760-1900 by Sir John George Bourinot

§marypoppin'pills§ said...

Wow. I can smell the perspicacious women on board.
Sprak and Melanie, excellent posts.

Calling all of us an ignorant racist is scurrilous. Your not giving any credit to those that came to your defense (as a whole), and explained to those who were either ill-informed or just plain buffoon's.

"But soon you all will be the minority in this country and it will be a glorious day when your house of cards comes tumbling down."

..... Is that a threat?

Cyn said...

WOW, such venom. Since you feel that way about immigrants just make sure they don't get hired to raise your kids, plant and harvest your food, clean your house or workplace and take care of your elderly. You would do so much better doing manual and menial labor.

§mpp§ said...

Touché pussycat!

Sister S said...

The Brooklyn blog has just declared racism in the post at Pierrpoint playground.

What gives?

Seems like a whole lotta people want to play the race card.

Anonymous said...

Mary Poppins its not a thread its a PROMISE.

Anonymous said...

Mary Poppins its not a threat its a PROMISE.

cali mom said...

Hmm. Seems 1:58/2:00 is so unsure of her own self and what is right and wrong, or real and imagined that she needs a large angry crowd of other ignorant racist fist wavers like herself to stand behind her and bully everyone whose skin color she doesn't like until they are intimidated enough by her and her gang to bow down. Are you going to use your associates to help reinstate segregation in the schools? To call in the fire department with their hoses to spray down anyone who disgrees with your opinions on racial superiority? Or do you just like to wait your turn at the public library to gloat at your keyboard? this is like 2nd grade all over again only in cyberspace instead of behind the jungle gym.

cali mom said...

Sister S, I guess that when you are not playing with a full deck, you play the only card you can find.

§mpp§ said...

I left that wide open thinking there was no way in hell you would disparage yourself and take the bait ...

"it's a promise" -

.... guess I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

sister s
and we're not going to go there, right?
Btw - love the pic, nice hair.

Anonymous said...

Cali mom
Awesome response!

Wow, some of you ladies are so clever!

Love it!

laura said...

It's a thread and a promise!

PS I made Princess MC my bitch a long time ago.

cali mom said...

And now we are onto the topic of lesbian seamstresses and royalty?

Never a dull moment here!

gigi said...

Princess is another blog feeding or fueling the ISYN fire.

Oh well. Fire means your hot, hot, hot!

gigi said...

I meant Princess MC.

along with the brooklyn heights blog, dirty girlz social club and of

Anonymous said...

I don't get it?

Anonymous said...

Try this.

Kate in CO said... I said, let's move ON!!!

Anonymous said...

BTW. I have hired plenty of people over the years to do the jobs in and around my home that so many of you claim "no Americans will do." And I don't hire illegal aliens. And I never shop at Wal Mart...on principal. I don't mind paying more for law abiding, tax paying citizens who want to earn a living. If everybody wasn't so eager to save a buck on the backs of other people, we would all be so much better off, and Americans would find plenty of opportunities to earn a living in every industry their is...just as they did a few decades back, when every job was a respectable job and we weren't overrun with illegal aliens who, by the way, we treat like slave labor because they too are at the mercy of our greed, and are therefore FORCED to work for a wage that nobody could reasonably survive on. It is because we have driven down the wage of the workers in this way that our own citizens can no longer even "afford" to work for a living in so many industries. It's a visious cycle. Don't hire illegal workers.

Anonymous said...

Kate in Co
It's just a discussion, it's o.k., sweetie.
Nobody is really misbehaving (yet).

Sue Doe-Nim said...

alannah (puerto rican and AA with shiny, natural hair)....

They can hate me and they can be horribly wrong about many things. They happen to be very right about this one issue.

Anonymous said...

spoken like a liberal who believes in "tanning a children's hide"

third nipple said...

MC Brooklyn has no love for you, Jane.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please tell me what "nappturality" means? Thank you.

§marypoppin'pills§ said...

I'm only answering by what I learned from their Blog but here goes:
These are (very proud) women that evidently decide to go 'au naturel' with their hair. Most go through a 'rite of passage' called the "Big Chop". (BC)
I think that means no more 'processing, perming, etc.' And they grow out their natural hair.
I think the term 'nap or nappy' means kinky? That one I'm not sure of ... because I think it might also refer to the scarves that adorn their head? Maybe someone else knows more?
Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked and dismayed beyond belief at Perez Hilton's slurs about the new hairdo of Lenny Kravitz's daughter which I found to be a totally hip and delightful style for such a pretty girl.

Anonymous said...

Got a pic?

I absolutely LOVED Lenny's hair in dreads ... wonder why he cut it. They looked so good on him!

Anonymous said...

not lenny= lenny's daughter
yet perez never calls out the cokewhore alcoholic mutant paris. but ok to trash rumor willis and others

Anonymous said...

I *know* you were talking about his daughter, I asked if you had a pic. I went to Perez 'fatpig' hilton and couldn't find it.

I was just saying on a side note I loved Lenny's hair ... until he cut it off.

Anonymous said...

nappturality is a site where women that have chosen not to chemically alter their hair can discuss matters of hair, religion, news, celebs.

why on earth would someone think that just because its name is that its members must be racist. it is what it is: we celebrate our kinky, coily hair, a trait that people of euro descent usually hold in disdain.

there is nothing wrong with being big, black, or having an afro. obviously not having eurocentric features is threatening and less than desirable to you.

Lindsey, you must be a very sad person. To have to see people of all different races and ethnic backgrounds on a daily basis. And to think, you may have to communicate with them! I take delight in knowing how miserable you must be because of your narrow mindedness.

I on the other hand will be having a wonderful day looking at and listening to all the beautiful people in our country.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for you showing off and being proud. But why would your hair intimidate us?

"there is nothing wrong with being big, black, or having an afro. obviously not having eurocentric features is threatening and less than desirable to you"

cali mom said...

Help help! The coils are coming to get me. I'm scared!

Is everyone intimidated by my "eurocentric" waves? Or would that be a silly assumption on my part?

§mpp§ said...

Everyone better watch out, Cali mom is in rare form tonite! lol

You're just hitting up every other post and offering them some of your 'Cali-isms' huh? ☺

Gotta love it.