Financial Center in Battery Park, NY

Received Friday, January 19, 2008
Our nanny, who we trust very much described a concerning incident which took place Thursday January 18 in the Financial Center in Battery Park, NY. A little white girl, approximately 3years old, a little chubby, with blond, shoulder length hair and wearing a coat was struck by a woman, apparently her nanny. The nanny was 5 ft 5 or 6, brown skinned, wearing a black coat. According to our nanny, the little girl ran up to the nanny and hit her on the hip. The woman turned to her, saying, "Never hit me again," and swung a blow at her, hitting her "hard." The woman then walked off, towards the Southern entrance, with the little girl following after her crying. Everyone in the vicinity were shocked to see such behavior, in particular because it was done so unrepentantly in public. It begs the question what happens behind closed doors. Perhaps the Center has security tapes with the incident which could be accessed.


jm said...

I have posted about two incidents in WFC in the past couple of months. I've got to be honest that this does not surprise me (although it saddens me a lot). Moms, dads, PLEASE, check up on your nannies if they frequent WFC. Not just the Winter Garden, but the rest--go upstairs and through the center... groups of nannies--some great, some who seem to barely care about the kids--congregate in the rotundas of the different office towers, too. This incident the OP describes is horrible. Is it possible your nanny can remember any other details? Like time or what the girl was wearing or more about the nanny?

tanya said...

use your cellphones people. let us out these horrible people!

Anonymous said...

you might need more details on that one

§marypoppin'pills§ said...

Maybe your Nanny could write ISYN with the incident. If she followed the questions that JD has in place, maybe we'd get enough Info about the Nanny that the Parents of this child would recognize her.

casey said...

I'm confused. Why are these things not reported when folks see it??? Its one thing to write about it...quite another to step out of a box and do something about it.

Cyn said...

Someone should have taken the nanny's photo. This site now supports posting photos, right?

Anonymous said...

This is horrible!!

Please give more info.! What was the nanny wearing, what were here features, what about the child etc?

More information will help to find this crazy nanny!

mom said...

I wish some man who had witnessd this would have walked over and intervened. Nannies like this will just be nasty to a woman who speaks up, but sometimes they will have more respect for a man. Also, perhaps he could have insisted she wait for the police to arrive and take a report on the abuse. Can people still make a "citizen's arrest?"

§marypoppin'pills§ said...

Yes, they can.
All States permit Citizen Arrests if a Felony crime is witnessed by the Citizen carrying out the arrest, or when a Citizen is asked to help apprehend a Suspect by the Police. The application of state laws varies widely with respect to Misdemeanor crimes, breaches of the peace, and Felonies not witnessed by the arresting party. Note particularly that American citizens do not have the authorities or the legal protections of the police, and are liable before both the civil law and criminal law for any violation of the rights of another.
You may only use reasonable force (but you take a chance opening yourself up to a Lawsuit, of course.) The Suspect has the right to resist because you do not have the same powers as a Police Officer.
You have no legal right to "search and/or seize" anything from the Suspect, nor are you allowed to question them.
If there are any other Witnesses, try to enlist their help or at least get their names.
When you make the "Citizens Arrest", you must inform the person/Suspect you are doing so.
Then call the Police.

Anonymous said...

How are these she-demons released from Hell?

Charlotte said...

Two things:
not sure why anyone would assume the Winter Garden/WFC should be singled out. Parents everywhere should figure out ways to make sure their child is well cared for, but to imply it is unique to this area is absurd.

Second, while I think ANY form of corporal punishment is disgusting, it is not illegal to hit a child with an open hand (slap). It is reprehensible behavior, but to try to make a citizen's arrest would be a disaster. You can always call the state hotline to report a behavior and it will be investigated, but I think that trying to arrest on your own will never end well.