About 20 feet from the Subway Exit at Bryant Park in NYC

Received Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Nanny teasing toddler with yapping little growling dog. A Chihuahua or one of those breeds but the toddler was frightened. The toddler was sitting on a bench next to the nanny and next to a friend of the nanny's. The two adults took delight in scaring the child to tears by bringing the dog up close to the child's face until she growled and the child cried. The child repeatedly asked to get down and the nanny said, "no we're leaving now". But she showed no intention of leaving. I was with my sil at this park and I said, one of us needs to go over there, so my sister in law did. I stayed with our children and I watched her walk up to them. Both the nanny and her friend looked up at my approaching SIL with such attitude before she even said anything. I couldn't quite hear what was said. In short, my sister in law said she told them that they obviously thought it was great fun to scare the child, but from her angle it looked sadistic. She said the adult that wasn't the nanny said, "and this is your business how?" and my sil said, "I'm making it my business. I think the people you work for would be shocked to see how you treat their child" and the nanny said, "Shows you what you know". Then the two of them started with a chorus of "okay, okay" and "be gone" and my sil walked away. When she returned, she felt pretty foolish. I don't know what our options were at that point. The nanny wasn't going to provide the name of her employer, not that we got that far. If I didn't think it would frighten the child more, I think I would vote for dragging the nanny of the bench with her friend and smacking the crap out of her.

This is really awful. If anyone knows a little girl who:

is Caucasian, has kinky hair, brown and blonde, worn with the front of it up in a pony tail and the rest hanging long. Has green or blue eyes, is about 3 years old and was wearing pink roper boots, blue jeans, a black turtle neck, a blue shirt over that and a lavender jacket that had a pocket on one side that matched the color of lavender on the other side and the flip side of the jacket was a lighter side of the same shade of lavender.

And has a nanny who:

carried a shoulder bag that was worn over the shoulder, was reddish and looked to be made out of sweater material and was wearing a thigh length sweater coat with fur at the collar, long untied sash, blue jeans, is Hispanic, had a very clean face, obviously an attractive girl even though she didn't seem to have on any make up and she had her hair up in a tight bun on her head. (The nanny might own the puppy or the family might own the puppy or the friend might own the puppy).

The dog or puppy looked like a chihuahua type, small, with brown body and black around it's snout. Short hair.

The friend is also Hispanic, was wearing a leather jacket, lip liner, dark lipstick, mascara, big brown eyes, overweight by about 25 pounds but on the short side.

I hope this is enough information to find this awful nanny and human being.


§marypoppin'pills§ said...

The Nanny said, "That shows how much you know."? Now that's scary, too. It looks like she's insinuating that maybe either the Parents wouldn't care, or would do nothing about it?
That poor little girl ...
I hope the Nanny was just continuing to be an ass and what she said wasn't true, otherwise there isn't anyone who will care about helping this little girl.

Good job, OP ... to you and your SIL.
BTW, I would've voted for throwing a scarf around the little girls eyes so you could've slapped that Nanny silly.

Anonymous said...

Mpopzdapillz- :)

I to think that the nanny was just talking shit!

Anonymous said...

I would have called CPS but that's how I am. I have done it-twice in the past.

MissDee said...

Great job OP to you and yer SIL! Teasing the little girl was unprofessional, and not good for her self esteem. For the nanny to think the parents won't care, well she obviously lacks intelligence. I would've let the dog poop all over the nanny and her friend!

"mpopzdapillz" ... lol said...

Ya'll are funny cute tonite.
I guess it keeps the tension light to have a bit of humor.

cali mom said...

I hate to say it but maybe what she meant by the comment was that the girl was her daughter? I am caucasian but regularly get mistaken for hispanic, and nannies often just start speaking Spanish to me and assume I am my son's nanny, since he is blond.

a chihuahua may be a small dog but they still have bigger, sharper teeth than humans and can do damage to a small child. These people sound vile, and what they did was dangerous. Good for you guys for at least saying something.

§marypoppin'pills§ said...

Cali mom
I thought of that, too. But only for a second.
I know there are some terrible moms out there, but could they really be this sadistic ... in public? (Yeah, ok)
But I also know that some moms (here we go with a stereotype guys) only care about work, money and work, and their kids are about as valuable to them as a hood ornament.
So I still think that this Nanny may have been inferring mom was 'one of those'.

mom said...

Once I was in public with a friend who had a very ill behaved child, who happened to look far more like me than he did her. She let him screech loudly and incessantly in the lounge area of a ladies restroom where another mother was trying to nurse her newborn. We were there for quite some time, as my friend was also nursing her baby. The other mother's baby was afraid and upset because of all the noise and would not eat. Finally the other mother gave up in exasperation and left. But before she walked out, she turned to me and screamed at me in front of everybody, "You are a TERRIBLE mother!" (My own child had been playing quietly at my feet the whole time.) I was so startled and hurt and taken aback all at once that all I could muster to say was, "You don't know what you're talking about." Then she stormed out. (I was happy later though when we ran across her shopping and I was carrying my own child and my friend had the offending screamer on her own hip. I don't knw why it mattered to me in hindsight, but it really did.) Anyway, we sometimes say stupid stuff when taken off guard.

But this post sounds more like a nanny to me anyway. At least I hope it is. What kind of a sicko thinks it is funny to see a child feel terror? Hate to think the child could be receiving a lifetime of this treatment from her mommy!

Anonymous said...

It could be her child even if they looked different; I'm not saying I think it is, just thought I'd make a point about how different siblings/children in Hispanic families can look. My boyfriend's dad is from Mexico, he is dark skinned, black hair, dark eyes. My boyfriend has dark hair but white skin, rosey cheeks, and pale green eyes (and his sister practically glows in the dark!). I am only a quarter hispanic but I have dark hair, dark eyes, and look like I have a year round tan but my sister is pale, has medium brown hair, and lighter brown eyes and looks nothing like me. Noone thinks we look alike, the only stranger who actually asked if we were sisters happened to be a Hispanic woman because, as she explained to us, it's just something you see in hispanic families. I nannied briefly (filling in) for a family with a paaale daughter with blue eyes and red hair; once again, the only person who asked if it was my daughter was a hispanic woman. Anyway, sorry for going on- just pointing out that a woman who is hispanic (black hair, dark brown eyes, darker skin) can have a child who is fair skinned with blond or red hair! I hope that isn't the case in this situation, though...

Stormy said...

I would have called the cops right there and then! That is abuse. You would have called them if the dog bit her little face right? Why wait? That poor little girl. I get so upset when I see people abusing kids. I was in Jc Pennys one time and saw this woman spank her child so hard the child lost her breath. She was just gasping for air. I called security ,they called the cops. I will do it again if I ever see something like that. If that woman was the mother or the nanny she deserved to be arrested for child abuse.

§marypoppin'pills§ said...

Oh, I totally get it. I joke all the time that there must've been a mix up in the Hospital because my Father is Cheyenne Indian, with very dark skin, jet black hair and eyes (and my Mom is a porcelain-skinned Irish), but you would think my Dads strong traits would trump my Moms ... but they didn't.

I am very fair skinned with blonde hair and blue eyes.
Nobody ever thought my Father and I were related when we were out in public together.
Definately a strange mix.

mom said...

MaryPoppin Pills,
I had a friend excatly in yur situation. Her dad was some type of indian (which I didn't know.)She workled at my dad's office and we had babies at the same time. We are both blond, blue eyed and skinny, and our husbands are similar. So, she brings her baby over to show me and the child looks like he is full blooded Indian...very, very dark skin, tins of jet black hair, brown/black eyes and very "full bodied." Knock me over with a feather! I was looking at her thinking to myself, "Um, does she not notice her child?" Inside my head, whistles are going off and I am thinking "Switched at Birth! Swithced at Birth!" Finally, I had to ask. That's when she mentioned her father. It has always puzzled she could have these clearly dominant traits running through her blood and exhibit none of them in her appearance. Then she had a teeny, tiny, petite blonde, blue eyed baby girl. I'm sure everybody who sees her thinks the little boy is adopted.

§mpp§ said...

lol ... yep!

MissDee said...

My best friend is black, with light skin and hazel eyes. She often is mistaken for Latino or mixed, with her yellow skin tones. My other other best friend is light skinned as well, and she is often mistaken for white, as her dad is black and mom is white and latino. Interesting how we go off the dog and the nanny and onto everyone's family tree. *LOL*

fg said...

Although it is not as apparent this also falls into the category of "animal cruelty". They are, in effect, training this animal to be cruel to little children. I would have checked for a dog collar and found a way to get any info off of it I could. Siccing a dog on a child is beyond the pale and these women were both depraved.

§marypoppin'pills§ said...

Good point. I wasn't even thinking about how cruel this was to the dog; I had my mind on the child.

Who's to say this dog won't just walk up and bite a little kid now because of the teasing it endured?

Anonymous said...

Stormy, You are so right. People, just call the cops on people who are abusing children. Call! What is the big deal! Scaring the crap out of a little kid using a dog to do it is ABUSE! CALL THE COPS, PEOPLE!!

Anonymous said...

911, what is your emergency?
A nanny is teasing a child with a dog.
Is the child injured, do you need medical assistance?
No, he is being frightened.
This is not an emergency, HANG UP NOW!

Anonymous said...

Hello? This is 3:39pm here. I was the one who suggested calling the cops. If someone is emotionally abusing a child, the authorities should be called if the parents cannot be called (which they can't because no one knows who they are). Call the cops and say there is someone terrorizing a child with a dog. They will come. Don't be ridiculous. If you want a civilized society, then don't sit back and accept it when you see abusive behavior against defenseless children. And this abuse is taking place at the hands of someone who is being PAID MONEY to take care of the child.

Grow a pair, 9:02pm, and stand up for children.

If you live in the suburbs, you can call the town police's non-emergency number and have them handle it that way. If you live in the city, and you think it's abuse, call 911. Leave it to the police to decide if they think it's worthless to come. If you think it's abusive, CALL!!

Boston Terrier Mix Site said...

I don't think your friend should feel silly about it at all. I have a feeling the nanny was probably pretty shaken after the whole exchange as well, and it does good for people who are paid to look after our children to know there are other people out there who care enough to say something when they're out of line. If you don't like kids, don't become a nanny!

Jane Doe said...

Why would anyone mix in something with a Boston Terrier? they are perfect. Although I would love to see pics of a Boston terrier-French Bulldog mix. I have both.