Wednesday, November 7, 2007

TOY RECALL ALERTToy Containing "Date-Rape" Drug Pulled
Scientists found the toy called Bindeez contained a chemical that the body converts into a powerful "date rape" drug when ingested. Scientists say, when eaten, the beads can induce drowsiness, seizures, unconsciousness and even coma and death. A health official calls the drug's effect on children "potentially life-threatening." (Read more.)


Anonymous said...

Reports are saying this was intentionally placed in the toys, and these toys are for export only out of China. It's not for sale in the local Chinese market.



Parents- Whether you start your Christmas early or late, how about we avoid buying products that were made in China???

Besided the fact that they employ slave labor, it sure seems like they are trying to kill us.


Finally, for more information on how to buy American, visit:

ro said...

"Let China sleep. When she awakens, the world will tremble!" - Napoleon

Anonymous said...

ro, if the Chinese don't poison us first.

Anonymous said...

"No more imports from China"-thank you for that information, I just forwarded it to my family and friends.

Meme said...

5:58: Please read or watch some real news.

While this is horrible and tragic, the "drug" was not placed intentionally. In fact, the "drug" is not even in the toys.

The chemical coating that makes the pieces fuse together when sprayed with water metabolizes into the same compound as this drug when introduced to the human digestive system.

Again, horrible, but let's not make it worse than it is by spouting off thins of which you are clearly uninformed.

Anonymous said...

meme, why don't you read this:

"Reports said Australian officials are investigating to determine whether the toys were tampered with intentionally."

Unlike the USA, where corrupt officials turn their heads when China tampers with elections (Gore and Clinton), or poisons us with products (toy scare and food scares), or kills our pets (pet food scare)... in Canada they seem to report the truth.

It must be less political correctness or something.

meme said...

China had something to do with the elections? That explains it!

Just becasue something is being investigated, does not mean it is true (especially if you read it online), but thanks for the follow up.

Arizona Egg said...

I heard about that and thought surely it cannot be happening again. Seems like the guy above us is right....but that doesn't go for just Americans!! They want to kill us worldwide with their toys!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Chinese company switched the chemicals. If you're a parent and you put a Chinese made toy in your child's hands, you are playing with their life.

From the article: "Peter Mahon, a spokesman for Moose Enterprises, said the company was still investigating how the chemical came to be included in the toys, which are made at a factory in Shenzhen in China's Guangdong province.

He told The Associated Press the "ingredients were switched at the point of manufacture without Moose's knowledge," but declined to give the name of the factory, saying it was "not appropriate" at this time."

Mommies and Daddies should be vigilant!

Anonymous said...

re mommies and daddies should be vigilant-

The Chinese have likely already tampered with their next product. Is it another toy? More pet food? Or is not something you might give as a gift to your elderly mother? Your spry young nanny?

Stop buying Chinese stuff.
Why anyone tolerates any American connection to such a loathsome and corrupt country is beyond me.

All of these things are warning signs. You don't think with Christmas coming up, the Chinese have already infested the market with their products?


jaquawn said...

Anyone who buys or ingests anything made in China after they tampered with my child's favorite snack VEGGIE BOOTIE ... well, come one people, wake up.


And I mean don't eat anything made from China, wear anything made from China, use any cosmetics or hair products made in China. Certainly don't play with anything made in China, put your child to sleep in anything made in China, feed your dog made anything in China and do not RIDE in anything made in China.

Jaquawn has banned all things China since July of 2007. Join me.