Tenafly Public Gardens in Tenafly, NJ

Received Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Great Nanny sighting at Tenafly Public Gardens in Tenafly, NJI saw a nanny there today, (11/27) around 4 PM with a little girl named "Em" . Em is about 7 years old, tall and slender with straight brownish/red hair in a modern cut to her chin. Nanny was about 5ft 8inches tall, heavyset with wild curly blondish/red hair and was named "Kris" (sp?) wearing a salt and pepper, heavy sweater with fringe around the cuffs. Nanny and her charge were having so much fun it was beautiful to see! They were playing "Horsie" by the gazebo. Standing across the grass, facing each other and galloping towards each other. Then they went by the bamboo area and listened to the birds. Em asked about a thousand questions and nanny patiently answered them all! Then, she took Em by the little Christmas Tree so they could watch the maintenance man light it up for the evening. I complimented nanny on her gorgeous "daughter". She thanked me and explained she is the caregiver but loves her like she were her own. It is clear your little Em is in GREAT HANDS!


Anonymous said...

And here is a direct example of a Nanny being mistaken for the Mom because of her beautiful interaction with the child. I think the Nanny should feel very complimented because you always want to assume that a Mom is the best possible caregiver for a child.

erics mom said...

good posting

I know exactly where these gardens are. Beautiful area, I will have to bring my son by.

Meme said...

Lovely sighting. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Nice to read, but how did you follow her to all those different spots and manage to hear so much of their conversation? I would feel just a bit stalkerish doing that much listening and watching.... especially when there is nothing alarming or dangerous to be concerned about.

Anonymous said...

LOL, 12:23, I doubt she was following them around. If they were running around the park they were probably in hearing range off and on the entire visit.

Thanks for the sighting OP, I LOVE the positive sightings and this one was great!

Anonymous said...

I know that park as well it's a nice place. Thanks for the nice post!

12:23, the Gazebo, where the tree is, and bamboo area is very contained with a small grassy area in the middle. If OP was sitting on one of the benches in that area she (or he) could have seen and heard everything.