Ross Store in Venice, California

Received Saturday, November 3, 2007
I just want to put the word out there. Thursday, 11/1/07, at almost 3pm, I was at Ross on Lincoln in Venice, when I encountered a nanny of infant twins with a 12/13 year old girl who seemed to be her daughter.

While I was looking through the rack, one of the infant twins was crying hysterically in a stroller. The nanny continued shopping, pointing out to the teen that a sweater was cute. She completely ignored the infant. Then she checked out at the register, still ignoring the infant, waited for the teen to pay for her items and then they left. The whole scene took about 25 minutes, all the time the infant cried hysterically and kicking his legs. The nanny never once picked him up to console him or even looked at him to make sure he was ok.

I am a nanny and a parent and I was completely mortified by the nanny's behavior. This infant clearly needed attention.

The nanny was was wearing a bright neon pink long sleeved shirt and jeans. She is Hispanic and spoke Spanish to the teen aged girl. The twins, one of which was a boy, were in a red Maclaren twin stroller and the twins seemed to me to be less than 2 months old. The infant crying still had more of an "infant" cry. I believe that the family must live with in walking distance, because they did not go to a car and walked out of the parking lot heading South on Lincoln.

The nanny has dark brown shoulder length hair. I'm not sure of height, maybe 5'4, 5'5. The 12/13 yr old girls with her had her hair in a pony tail and was wearing grey hoodie and knee length shorts.

If you know who the twins might be, please contact the parents and let them know.


alex said...

are you sure this is the nanny and not the mother? either way that is horrible. she just acted like she didn't hear the baby, the least she could do is try to shush the baby or give him a paci.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, two month old infants should NEVER be with a nanny much less a Ross deadbeat. This is the parents fault straight up. No excuses.
Some feminist needed to get right back to work or some madonnna type needed to get back to yoga class.

Those poor children.

Anonymous said...

Infants being with a caregiver at home while mom snatches an hour or two of sleep so she's not a zombie is ok but who would allow them in Ross? I would be worried sick!

It may have been their own mother, you should have checked. Get pushy people!

unreal said...

WTH is wrong with shopping at Ross Stores? I have never been to one-don't have them near us-but, aren't they just a regular store like Marshall's or TJ Maxx? Oh-and sad to say-here in NY-lots of 2 month olds are already with nannies-some moms have to work ya know?

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with children being in Ross stores? What am I missing here?

fg said...

another lazy nanny slug who needs her ass kicked

Anonymous said...

Ross and all those other made in sweatshops stores are filled with flame retardants, fiberglass and dust from everything from old air conditioners to dirt. I agree you can't insulate kids from everything but at least keep them out of the walmart barrio until their lungs have developed!

Anonymous said...

"Oh-and sad to say-here in NY-lots of 2 month olds are already with nannies-some moms have to work ya know?"

It's sad, profoundly so. Those women should not have kids. What's the point? So someone else can raise them for a low wage?

It's ok to NOT have kids.

Anonymous said...

That is a ridiculous statement! Just because a woman must work does not mean she should not have kids! What a snob you are!

anyway-back to Ross-I thought they were a close out store-don't they sell designer clothes cheap? How are they like Walmart???

Anonymous said...

Close out does not mean it's any better than Walmart or Target. Any brand made in China or overseas is usually coming from the same place even some of th high end second run couture lines are out sourcing to Asia from Europe.

But this is not about labels this is about urban blight.

Anonymous said...

I still don't know why this is a nanny and not the mother? Because she had twins in a Maclaren?

Maclarens are low end strollers, just above the no name umbrella strollers. Even illegal aliens use them.

unreal said...

umm-a double Maclaren stroller cost in the range of $500 -how does that qualify as a low end stroller? for crying out loud! Also-didn't they say the caregiver was hispanic and the children were not?

cali mom said...

Sick sick sick comments. Affordable retail outlets are considered "urban blight", because they enable those of us who cannot afford Bloomies or $68.99 handmade organic artisan boutique baby t-shirts to clothe ourselves and our families by shopping at places oher than Salvation Army and Goodwill stores?

Go suck an organic $7.00/lb carrot, why don't you? And make sure to give the stems to your nanny for her supper.


Meme said...

Cali Mom;

Your 1:23 comment is exactly why, although we dont always agree with you, we love you here!

Brilliant! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

12:45, I didn't see where the twins were described as "not hispanic".

And Maclarens are low end strollers. $500 is not expensive for a double stroller. It's the average price.

Anonymous said...

Really? (It's the average price? I do believe there are quite a few less expensive double strollers out there-but, i guess high end to you is over 1k-I am sure your child would not be caught in a "low end' stroller. Wow-so many many snobs!

cali mom said...

Meme, LOL, thanks! I appreciate that :) I may not be too popular on message boards but I have plenty of friends IRL, I come to message boards to read and express opinions so I may as well express my TRUE ones!

meme said...

I have an awesome Evenflo twin stroller. It is roomy, easy to use, folds flat. It has served me quite well for over a year and still looks brand new. I paid $149.00 at Baby Depot. I guess that makes me low class, huh?

meme said...

3:50. I agree 100% Cali Mom. I'm not here to be popular or make friends. I try to be polite, but I am going to say what I think!

Anonymous said...

Just want to say I love MacLarens! But I agree that snobs, er I mean people of consequence should definitely spend much more money on their strollers.
And I hope that they make everyone aware of their social status by never paying less than full price on anything.
That said, I am not really fond of bargain stores, I am probably not savvy enough...

Anonymous said...

12:49 PM
"Sorry, two month old infants should NEVER be with a nanny"

That is such an ignorant comment.
Two month old infants should not be ignored in stores while their cleaning woman/babysitter shops. They should be lovingly cared for in an appropriate environment whether by mom, grandma, or a professional nanny.

Anonymous said...

this whole thing turned into whats cheap or if they are hispanic completly missing the point. I didnt see any race mentioned and if a kid is consoled and they slap you and want to continue crying then what? you cant hit em back ,they dont want to be consoled, well let em cry. they'll get over it or fall asleep which is probably how she was handling it you guys are so quick to judge when some one hits the kid but when they've done all they could do and nothing left but to ignore the selfish way the kid is acting then what?

Casey's Mommy said...

Sometimes my son is tired and fussy and no amount of consoling helps. He just wants to sleep when it's noisy outside. So he cries and whimpers himself asleep.

God forbid I run into some of the busybodies on this board. They'll accuse me of child abuse or worse.

Mom said...

This is a two month old infant. It was not being selfish, nor was it going to slap the nanny if she tried to console it. And no, a nanny should not be slapping her charges for any reason whatsoever, no matter their ages. You don't sound very nice, or mature.

People who are berating the people who shpop at Ross:

First, I don't think a nanny who is being paid ought to be taking such young babies on her personal errands anyway. She can shop after work.

That said, sometimes stay at home mommies have to take young babies out. They don't always get regular, scheduled, "time off after work," so they have to take baby along and make the best of it. A good mommy or caregiver will tend to a new baby as much and as often as it needs, and realize that that means they will likely get only a few moments here and there of uninterrupted shopping time.

As far as shopping at discount stores...that only goes to prove even further that these are the moms who have their priorities on straight! Hurray for them! It shows that they are willing to put their children first. They could pawn their children off on a substitute and go to work to earn extra money to purchase high status type items/brands to impress people of lesser moral fiber who measure themselves and others by such superficial means, but they choose to put their children first.
And what about a mom who might be single and have to work for the sake of supporting her child's basic needs, but still barely makes ends meet? Do you judge her for the price of he stroller or the brand of her shoes?
Anybody who judges on such terms only shows, for everybody to see, their own ignorance, and lack of proper perspective on life.

Anonymous said...

I still don't see how this is a nanny sighting and not a mommy sighting? Is it because the woman spoke spanish?

Anonymous said...

Well said Mom at 3:56

Anonymous said...

cali mom that is hiliarious lol

Anonymous said...

mom 3:56 responding to 1:13, you must have missed my point. OP did you observe them coming into the store and there after? during those said times she may have tried to console the infant ( which i missed was an infant i apologize) doing all she could have did, all is left to let the child cry itself to sleep so to speak. You really dont know if this child was spoiled and cries for attention this infant could have been close to a year old knowing the diffrence. some of you people are so conformed you really dont think or use common sense your to damn quick to point the finger and judge some one.
and you dont sound nice or mature yourself you just jumped to a conclusion and judged me.
I used an example I never mentioned I hit a kid.
but what I'd like to know is what would you do if a kid hald off and slap the shit out of you?
and OP you must have watched them like a hawk ...25minutes? and you didnt bother to say anything to nanny. maybe you should have asked her if she needed any help or what she thought could have been wrong with the child. I find it amusing how any of you "OP's" can come here and tattle but not confront these "bad nannies" in action.
I commend those that do!
but you others are shit-starters.

Mom said...

1:13 and 2:16
I'm sorry if I misread your intent. It sounded to me like you might be blaming this 2 month old infant for being "spoiled," and that you may have a broader disdain for children in general. I would not let my child scream in a store fo a lengthy period of time, at two months (or a year) old. But this was clearly a fairly newborn infant as the OP described by its cries. Newborn cries are very distinctive. If I had tried to console the child before going into the store and it would not stop, I have enough regard for other peole that I would not subject the other shoppers to that. And I would hold and comfort the child. Newborns do not cry because they are spoiled...ever. If I were a nanny being PAID to watch a new infant (or any child) I would feel a great sense of obligation to work with the child for as long as it might take to calm it down before I went shopping. That would be my first responsibility because it would be my JOB.

I also took your comments to mean that your are unhappy because people blame nannies for hitting children, but do not get so worked up when a child hits the nanny. The reason for this is that the nannies are the adults and the children are the children. And, again, I doubt any decent parents would allow a nanny to slap their child. It is, again, her JOB to contain the children in a responsible and mature, non violent way. Sure, a child who hits needs disciplined...but maturely, not by somebody who childishly hits it back.

I doubt I would ever have a child "slap the shit out of me." I am bigger than children. I can move and I can grasp little hands. If a child did hit me, I certainly would not hit it back...ever. If I were the nanny of a truly viiolent child who tried endlessly to hit and abuse me, I think I would choose a new family to work for and suggest to the parents that they get some emotional help for their obviously troubled child. But this does not describe most children.

My overall impression was that you don't care much for children in general. That always rubs me the wrong way. If I misread, please accept my apology.

Anonymous said...

Reading these comments, I'm shocked. $500 for a stroller? I live in the suburbs elsewhere and my MORTGAGE is just over $500! I have a beautiful home, fully fenced back yard, in a wonderful neighborhood.
I guess I never realized people lived so extravagantly and considered it the norm. Also, no something I didn't see anyone considering here is perhaps it was a friend of the mom's doing her a favor so she could take a nap or something. Maybe she was the nanny, I don't know. This is all new to me. I don't know anyone that ever considered spending $500 on a stroller.

Anonymous said...

I agree, a two month old should not be left with a nanny unless the family will starve if the mother (or father) does not return to work. But of course, if you can afford a nanny that shouldn't be a problem. It just amazes me that people who have the financial ability to spend more time with their kids run out the door before they've even healed from giving birth. I wish I could afford to stay home with my child! And I'm not knocking working moms at all- I am one but I think if you can stay home at least for the first few months you should. Your kids will only be small once- appreciate them!

Anonymous said...

i just happened to come across this site... what a mean spirtied and snoby bunch you are.