I'm his NANNY(!)

Received Wednesday, November 21, 2007-Perspective & Opinion
Just a quick opinion pole question. I was wondering whether any other Nannies are getting a bit peeved by this new Trend that's emerging of calling ALL caregivers "Babysitters". I mean is it just me or is there a HUGE difference between a babysitter and a Nanny? As far as I can tell babysitting is something you do after school/college for a couple hours a week. Nannying however is a FULL time job and profession. I'm getting damn sick of people saying "Oh so are you so and so's Babysitter" to which I reply "Yes, I'm his NANNY". So my question to other Nannies is: Do you find it somewhat demeaning to the job, at which we spend many hours of our life pouring time and energy into the children we care for to be referred to as nothing more than a Babysitter? Or is this just me.


Leah said...

I understand where you're coming from. My kids refer to me as their babysitter, and even sometimes I hear the parents use that term, but I was hired as a NANNY and have far more responsibilities than a babysitter. So, yes, I get a little peeved when the wrong term is applied, but I'm sure people have their reasons for using the wrong word. Maybe they don't respect your position. Maybe they don't know the difference. Maybe they're afraid to sound snotty by saying "nanny". Who knows? I don't let it get to me, but it's something I notice too.

Separately, two days ago I told the boy I care for that I was going home for Thanksgiving right after work on Wednesday, and he said, "What IS your work?" I laughed and told him, "Taking care of you is my work, and it's the best job ever!"

weneedanannyunion said...

Yes! I get so annoyed. It's demeaning. Being a nanny is a profession, babysitting is for picking up cash on evenings and weekends.

Alecto said...

That's funny, we have an Au Pair here on the educare system which means she really is part time (about 15 - 20 hours per week). We still call her the nanny, because she is.

Anonymous said...

one need only look to the strike going on in nyc to realize that nannies need to unionize. a bunch of uneducated, sweaty fat men are striking because they want theatres to have to hire more people so they can do less work (for their 150,000 salaries). I kid you not.

Damn it nannies, unionize.
Imagine the healthcare.
Imagine your employers shaking in their boots at the very thought of bonus season; fearing that one wrong move could cost them their nanny (their life).

Word up.

Anonymous said...

Unionize? Most of the nannies where I live (NYC) are illegal so unionizing won't help them. Also a company gets a discount on a group health plan for several employees....a family with one nanny would not. If a nanny has a problem with the way she is being treated or what she wants to be called, TALK TO YOUR EMPLOYER! If you truly are a great nanny, you should have no problem getting what you want. If you aren't getting what you want in terms of compensation/respect from your famiy, move on. A really great nanny will get snapped up immediately by another family

nynanny said...

thank you OP! i HATE when people call me a babysitter! i teach my charges that i am the nanny because i am there everyday and that their babysitter only comes when mom and dad have to go out at night or on the weekends when i have off. if they call me their babysitter, i correct them and tell them i am their nanny. i do find it demeaning OP, thank you for raising this important issue!

ATL Nanny said...

This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Luckily, it rarely happens because my social circle (professional and personal) is clear on the difference. But every once in awhile I encounter someone who mistakenly calls be a babysitter. I am quick to correct them, as politely as possible. Usually that leads to a few more questions and I leave the conversation feeling good because I educated someone. But there is always the person who rolls their eyes and acts like I'm an idiot for making the distinction. I comfort myself by saying those people don't matter. My family, my friends, and my employers all know the difference, and they are the ones who matter.

MilwaukeeNanny said...

Thanks OP, I feel the same way! People say that to me all the time and "What an easy job that must be, huh?" No asshole, it isn't always easy! I am a nanny, this is my job!
The little boy I care for doesn't understand that watching him is my job, he is only 3 though, so I give him a break! He gets that I come to his house and then Mommy and Daddy go to work.

Emily said...

I don't know how it works in other cities, but in NYC nannies are eligible for pretty good and extrememly affordable (for the family, that is, because they should be providing at least a majority of the health care costs for a fulltime employee) through the Freelancers Union, so the unionizing point seems moot, to me.

I agree 100% with the spirit of this posting. What I don't agree with is the idea that being called a babysitter is demeaning--I don't find it demeaning to be called a babysitter because I DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN. If a child, parent, friend, or whomever call me a babysitter I IMMEDIATELY CORRECT THEM. I do that EACH and EVERY TIME. It's the same as if they called me the wrong name.

It's your job to teach others how to treat you. If you don't do it, you deserve what you get. That's just the way life in the real world as a grown up works.

Emily said...

Sorry, I ommitted the word "insurance" from my first sentence above.

Anonymous said...

What bothers me more than being called a babysitter is all the unqualified, incompetent babysitters that are called nannies! Oh the irony.

10:47 AM is right about the large number of illegals making unionizing unrealistic. As for great nannies being in demand, yes, we are. Even so, there is not a large pool of families willing to pay on the books, and meet our needs in terms of salary and benefits.
I think some form of licensing might be the answer. It could require CPR certification, background check, and classes in infant care and child development. It would be a way for parents to have some confidence that they were getting someone qualified, and weed out the dead wood. Maybe then we would get more respect.
A Nanny

Sue Doe-Nim said...

I'll call you a nanny when you call it a poll.

A pole, my dear, is something you dance around.

A nanny is an educated caregiver and you will need to help those children with homework.

Anonymous said...

So, Sue, do you know this particular nanny in order that you can enforce your bargain? Or are you the type of person who thinks a large group can be reduced to a single trait of one of it's members? Still worse, are you someone who uses the defense mechanism of calling attention to minutia in order to distract from a charge you're probably guilty of yourself.

I think that's No, Yes & YES!

Naomi said...

I totally agree!

I even had to debate the opinion with the the parent I work for...but then they completely saw my point and have corrected themselves since.

we need a nanny union said...

milwaukeenanny-I hate when people say that our job is easy. My husband does not understand when I vent about my job. He seems to think my job is easy compared to his, or something, and that I should forever be grateful to my employers for paying me to do something so easy. Arrrrgggg! I tell him, a job is a job, we all need to vent about it sometimes!

cutefemmegirl said...

OP & others:
I think you are doing the only thing that you can do for now, and that's when somebody calls you a 'babysitter', you politely redirect them and correct them. If you do it with a smile on your face, how can they resist the charm!

Anonymous said...

I'm in California and our nanny hated being called "nanny". She wanted to be called "babysitter". I don't know why, but I respected her wishes.

Anonymous said...

12:36 Sorry but to be a Nanny you need to be literate.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who thinks that being a nanny is an easy
job must be either brainless or from another planet.

Anonymous said...

I think someone's self esteem is really low to be bothered by a simple mistake like that.

Anonymous said...

Why can't the legal nannies report the families who hire illegal aliens to the Department of Homeland Security?

These parents are breaking the law, cheating the INS, and suppressing the wages or legal, professional nannies.

Placing a child in the care of an undocumented, illegal alien is tantamount to child abuse... because the person can be a perverted child murderer in their home country... the fact that they are undocumented will make sure we never know until a child is abused, or worse.

TX Nanny said...

I've had some moms from my charge's preschool say oh hey there is X's babysitter. So I will just say oh I'm his full time nanny. I don't take it too personally I know they're not being snotty they just don't know. The only time I get peeved is when some jerkoff at a party who has some desk job will actually say "so you're just a glorified babysitter?" Then I say something like "kinda like you're just a glorified secretary? Yes. I guess so." Then smile and walk away.

Anonymous said...

This bothers me as well. I have been babysitting since I was young, and there is a huge difference between the occasional 1-2 hour job and the 40 hour a week job I am currently working. I always introduce myself as the children's nanny, and usually will correct someone who calls me babysitter (although I heard a neighbor kid tell his mom I was their aunt, lol)

As for those who think our jobs are easy...puleeze! Would any of these people tell a stay at home mom that she had it easy? I doubt it. Yet we have the same responsibilities: cooking, cleaning, shopping, keeping the children safe. On top of that, we have another mother's expectations to live up to: make sure the child plays actively outside, make sure the child practices his reading/writing/drawing, Take the child to the library/zoo/museum/park, Cook a healthy meal and make sure child eats all of it, And never take your eyes off of the child. It's a lot to live up to. Don't get me wrong, I love being a nanny, but it is by no means easy!

tx republican said...

anon @ 343,
They can and they should. And anyone who knows an illegal is taking care of a child (or gardening at X location for that matter) should report them.

And don't forget to vote Republican in the election.

We're too full of tired, hungry, cold and poor. And just like a fire marshall, we must say, "sorry, no more".

emily said...

3:40--It's really more than a simple mistake. It's usually not meant pejoratively, I realize, but it's tantamount to calling the CTO of a company "some guy from IT". The CTO would correct you, just as I will correct you if you call me a babysitter.

Annette said...

Amen! The parents I worked for danced and danced around the term "nanny." I think they were uncomfortable with the class-distinction it implies (and when I say "class," I'm talking about money. So don't give me any hell.). I really liked the kids and the parents were usually easy to work with, but I have to admit I loved watching them both squirm when they came right up to the word and didn't know what to say ... too weirded out by "nanny," and knowing better than to say "babysitter".

Anonymous said...

I call my nanny a babysitter b/c I thought the term "Nanny" sounded too snooty. We love her and she does everything for us while my husband and I are working. It's not meant to be demeaning at all, in fact I mean the opposite.

Anonymous said...

The important thing, 7:55, is how your nanny feels. Do you know how she feels about her title?

Anonymous said...

I am an employer who screened out applicants who referred to themselves as a babysitter or asked about my "babysitting position". There is a world of difference between the level of service and professionalism of a nanny vs. a babysitter and any applicant who doesn't apparently know the difference I didn't feel was the right match for us. I hire babysitters for an occasional night out, a nanny is part teacher/household manager/nurse and any other role that is necessary to take the best care of their charges.

Anonymous said...

9:33 PM
You sound like the kind of employer who attracts the best nannies. Your children are lucky.

Anonymous said...

No offense to the nanny bunch, but in my mind it's the difference between care in the child's home and care in caregiver's home. Probably only because my parents took me to the 'sitter when I was a kid. I take mine to the sitter still. She doesn't mind being called that because she doesn't speak English so it's not really an issue (and no she's not illegal, just old school Puerto Rican). Sorry, but nanny is British and uppity. 30 years ago only rich people had nannies. Working class people dropped their kids at the 'sitter.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 7:55, I babysit a lot and HATE being called a nanny. However, when at the house I clean everything we use (dishes, the basement etc) and I do worksheets and activities with the kids, I don't merely watch the kids play. Nannies get paid less hourly than babysitters around me, and a lot of the times don't speak great English, which I don't understand. I would never leave my child with someone who could barely speak english, what would the person do in case of an emergency?

Anonymous said...

My charges know I am there NANNY, and not there babysitter, there babysitter is someone they see only on occasion when mommy and daddy want to go out for a evening. They refer to me as NANNY too. and when we are out and people ask if i am their babysitter i reply, "No I am not, I am their Nanny" I have been told same thing, and i politely reply back to them that it is not. and explain the differences.

chick said...

I am far less bothered by the confusion and misuse of nanny/babysitter than by the following, which I experience about 1 - 2 times a week.

Me, with my charges, doing what I always do...

Person that does actually need to know who I am comments, "Your girls are SO cute! They look just like you!"

Me, "Thanks, I think they're cute too, but I didn't have anything to do with that - I am their nanny."

Person, "WOW! REALLY??? You're so good with them that I thought you were their mom! blahdeblah...."

Me, smile and growl under my breath as I say something inane like "Well, thanks!"

cutefemmegirl said...

Awww. I can see why you feel that way. Some Parents really suck at being Parents ... Why can't a Nanny actually be as good if not better than them? Especially if you are the Nanny of Parents that all they care about is working to afford that next big house, or the newest car. Try to take it as a compliment, and know that you are good at what you do!

~ former Nanny, now SAHM (and a good one, too!)

TX Nanny said...

When people tell me they thought I was my charges mom because I'm so loving and natural with him I take it as a compliment. I'd much rather hear that than hear that people could tell I was the nanny a mile away because of how detached and cold I was.

OP said...

Hey OP here (sorry I was computerless for awhile),

I am so amazed to know that so many people agree with me! It's good to know I'm not the only one who this is an issue for.

For me the main issue is that when I pick the kids up from school the TEACHERS call me their "babysitter" and I feel that it would be impolite to correct them because they are the boys teachers.

I guess I can understand why they do this (obviously it would be hard for them to know which of us picking the kids up are "Nannies" and which are "Babysitters", but still).

Oh and to the person who called me out on using "Pole" instead of "Poll" - Wow way to be immature and totally miss the entire POINT of the post. Does there really have to be someone like this on EVERY post on this site. Oh and for implying that ONE tiny little grammar mistake (which don't even pretend it doesn't happen to all of us) makes me un-intelligent, I think you need to get off your high horse! As if that would mean I couldn't help with homework, I'll have to know I'm a college graduate and I graduated high-school in the top 25%.

Anonymous said...

Now, wait a minute 4:38. You wrote:

>>>>As for those who think our jobs are easy...puleeze! Would any of these people tell a stay at home mom that she had it easy? I doubt it. Yet we have the same responsibilities: cooking, cleaning, shopping, keeping the children safe.

Okay, so now nannies have the same responsibilities as SAHMs? I had thought not, that nannies did *not* have to clean, shop or cook. Maybe if there were some clarity as to what nannies did and didn't do, there wouldn't be so much confusion about titles.

Signed, a WOHM with a Dh who is a SAHD. Who doesn't care personally but gets upset with hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

where is JMT?

ro said...

631-I have no clue-
JMT- where are you?
Happy Thanksgiving.

LindaLou said...

i'm a sahm and don't have a nanny or any other child care, and only rarely hire a teenaged baby-sitter, but it sounds like a lot of meaningless semantics to me. to me, the word *nanny* is kind of odd and doesn't roll off the tongue. oh, well. i'd never intentionally insult someone.

cutefemmegirl said...

I haven't seen JMT for a couple months now. I wonder if she took a different name? I liked her style, but she took alot of crap sometimes. I was anonymous since the beginning and decided to 'come out of the closet' (lol), and give myself a moniker a few wks. ago. People can be so harsh sometimes.
I hope nothing bad happened to her, though.

MilwaukeeNanny said...

I clean up after the kids (so the house is ALWAYS cleaner than when I got there), do the kids laundry (and the parents if it is in the dryer) and go grocery shopping. Yes, some nannies have the same responsibilities as stay at home moms. I am a nanny.

emily said...

LindaLou: I'm sure you're a great person & mother, and you're just being a little shortsighted on this point. If it sounds like meaningless semantics to you, it seems you've been unable to put yourself in the shoes of the many nannies who've posted here. Would you like it if your husband called you his girlfriend? It's not semantics in both cases. I am not a babysitter, I'm a nanny. I'm well educated, professional, a full-time presence in the lives of the children I care for, and extremely well paid in accordance to my qualifications. If you can't understand that I might like to have a title that differentiates me from the teenager you use to occasionally watch your kids, then it seems to me you may lack the empathy needed to be a good mother. So, hopefully you just posted before truly considering the large group of people you were passing judgement upon.

mom said...

I think it's quite possible that the terms "nanny" and "babysitter" are simply mixed up by many people. It seems to me that different areas of the country are prone to using different terms for caregivers, with no insult intended to anybody by anybody. My guess is that most people simply don't even realize there is more or less prestige associated with either term and they simply say whatever is the more common term associated with where they are from. (Although I do suspect it is also true what some say here...the term nanny might be seen as pretentious by some, and in some areas, and so some people shy away from using it for fear of seeming "uppity" if they hire one.) Add that to the fact that so many untrained and underqualified babysitters call themselves nannies and its no wonder everybody is completely confused.

I don't think there is reason to feel personally insulted when somebody calls you a babysitter if you are a nanny. Just smile and take the opportunity to explain the difference and you will have graciously educated one more person. It will be an opportunity to help that person form a positive opinion of professional, well mannered, classy nannies everywhere.

tammie said...

who are you to decide whether someone should or shouldn't be personally offended? People who are professional nannies take their work very seriously and whether or not there are nannies who deserve the title or not, people who use the terms babysitter and nanny interchangably are taking for granted that there is a difference. There is a big difference and while you cannot understand why it sets real nannies back, others of us can.
I disagree that it is regional term, either. Even if it were: is the N-word acceptable to you if people in Georgia use it as opposed to people in Massachusetts?
Do you refer to yourself as "housewife" rather than a "SAHM?" If someone is offended, it is not wrong for them to be: you cannot tell someone they should not be offended. You cannot expect people to constantly smile and explain this with dignity and grace when it is a sore spot among many nannies. Instead of telling us nannies to clarify it to people, support us and our choice of career: try to understand how we feel without automatically deciding that we "just have to deal with it." Your wandering speculations lack intelligence and insight.

Meme said...


I think we all see your point; however equating racism with caling nannies babyisitters "lacks intelligence and insight."

Unreal the lengths some people will go to to prove a point!

tammie said...

And what was your point? Equating one type of prejudice and narrow-mindedness with another is hardly lacking intelligence and insight. Perhaps you don't have the capacity to understand the concept of comparison.
What I think is unreal is the lengths some people will go to to "defend" certain posters who they want to have sex with. Wrap your narrow mind around that one.

mom said...

Ummm...I was merely trying to point out that most people probably are not making any sort of value judgement when they are saying either nanny or babysitter. Given that fact, it seems a little bit overboard to be actually angry and offended rather than simply annoyed. In my experience, life is a lot more pleasant and happy when I reserve anger and taking offense for the times when somebody actually means to be mean or offensive.

To call somebody the "N" word is the height of pupposeful offense. I am surprised you would even make such a correlation between the two situations. Babysitter is not a derogatory term in any conceivable way. While you may consider yourself "superior" based on your title, I disagree. While your title may denote a higher degree of education and experience, there are plenty of wonderful and honorable babysitters too. A wonderful grandmotherly type who sits in her home part time after her children are raised is a babysitter who deserves every bit as much respect as you do.

And no, I don't care if somebody calls me a housewife, a stay at home mom or even asks if I "work." I feel really good about what I do and the "title" given to me by random persons on the street does not offer me either validation or cause to be offended. When somebody says any of those things to me, I take it as then wanting to know what I do...not that they are purposely trying to insult me.
But then I try to see the good in people...not always suspect them of being purposely rotten.

Why so much anger and suspicion 1:45?

mom said...

I see the problem now. Based on your 2:51 post you are simply angry, irrational and looking for a fight.
I can now picture some innocent person unwittingly saying the wrong thing to you and you going off on them like a crazed banshee. Yup, you probably give a fantastic impression of professional nannies.

Lighten up already.

PS Meme is right. Equating the "N" word with "babysitter" certainly does "lack intelligence and insight."

LindaLou said...

i *lack the empathy to be a good mother* because i'm clueless about the nanny vs. baby-sitter titles? are you on crack, dear, or simply an incedible asshat? because the last i checked, your comments to me are ever so much more lacking in empathy (or any sort of tact or decency) than anything i would ever say in my life.

Anonymous said...

Your husband is cheating on you and your kids read below grade level.

This is 4:38 said...

I suppose I may have been overgeneralizing. I am speaking from my personal experience as a nanny. I cook lunch for the children every day, and I start supper for the family in the evening. I am very regularly running to the store for milk, bread, etc. I run errands for the family (i.e. returning movies to blockbuster) While I am not required to do any deep cleaning, I spend a half-hour or more every day cleaning up the children's messes. I am responsible for getting the children to their activities (preschool, storytime, gymnastics etc.) prepared and on time. I change the diapers, pick out the clothes, dress them, launder the clothes when needed. I cannot think of anything that the mother does that I do not do. If you can, please let me know.

**I am not intending to bash SAHMs. I have immense respect for them, it's hard work!

cutefemmegirl said...

It seems everyone came with their gloves off tonite! I do love witty intellectual banter, but some people can be really insulting.
I agree about the Nanny term not being used by people who may not want to seem 'uppity', or just aren't familiar with the difference ...
But I don't understand how it came across to others that you were deciding whether or not they should be offended, Mom. You made some very valid points.

~ "A wonderful grandmotherly type who sits in her home part time after her children are raised is a babysitter who deserves every bit as much respect as you do."

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to break that one down for you: what she said was

"I don't think there is reason to feel personally insulted when somebody calls you a babysitter if you are a nanny."

I will paraphrase for you since you were obviously in the slow reading group. It means she doesn't think someone should be offended if they are a nanny and are called a babysitter. Try re-reading before you spout next time.

Anonymous said...

MORE annoying? SAHM who when asked what they do for job or career reply- "I'm a full time mother" as though that is their job. HELLOOOOOOOOOOO- your not getting paid! It may be work but it's just annoying to refer to it as your "job" - doing laundry or painting my living room is "work" but I don't tell people it's my career! LMAO- just say you don't have a job BECAUSE you decided to be a full time SAHM, otherwise it soulds like you are making an excuse, which means you think u need to which would imply??? Right.

And by the way- if all your kids are school age you certainly could get off your ass and haave a career during those hours- I do, and manage to be a full time mom as well! If I'm home when my kids are home does that mean I'm a stay at home mom too? lol-

EM said...

Ok guys,
In all fairness, this profession has been largely unknown to a lot of people, until recently.
For the most part Americans only required the use of a babysitter unless you were really from the upperclass for whom having a nanny was a right, priviledge and a necessity? maybe/maybe not.
In any event, the word again was largely unknown, and I dare say the people who use it to refer to 'nannies' have no idea there is a real difference. In the same breath, there a lot of 'nannies' who use that title who are not really nannies.

The point is, there is honor in both professions, and in time people will learn to understand the difference when it is patiently taught and as the profession becomes more well known.

Having said all of that, I understand the frustration, because I also get it a lot, and subconciously I correct them. I don't think they get it- one day as the profession becomes more recognized they will understand.

Anonymous said...

LMAO...Jesus christ, unionizing-then you have an issue w/ what your title should be,lol? To be a nanny or not to be..

Do any of you Nanny/babysitters
realize you do not get a 401k plan
or retirement plan?

Nanny/ babysitter- whatever, you do not get any of the above mentioned, so wake up and smell the dirty diapers.. if you have a stingy
boss, why do you stay?
if not you it will be someone else
so build a bridge and get over it!!!
Its time to find permanent jobs..
you'll just last as long as the kid is ready to go to school, then your out like an old pair of shoes!!

Think about that....

mom said...

Well Lindalou at 3:43,
Therein lies the rub. Asshats, by their very nature, tend to not only be somewhat ridiculous, but are also quite prone to hypocrisy :)

Janet said...

840 anonymous poster-

I don't know what I am supposed to think about. I have a 401K and health insurance paid 100 percent by my employer and I'm a nanny. If I should leave this position, I would take another of the same caliber. You would never see me working in Park Slope.

emily said...

LindalouL I'm an ashat? Did you even read my post? I began by saying that I'm sure "you're a great person & mother, and you're just being a little shortsighted on this point". And at the end I said that IF you could go through and read 50 posts from nannies telling you how they feel and that this is an issue important to them AND STILL not understand how they feel THEN you "may lack the empathy needed to be a good mother." I finished with this final statement: "hopefully you just posted before truly considering the large group of people you were passing judgement upon."

I will have to ammend my first statment now that you've shown your true colors. Someone who jumps to profanity and name calling when they are challenged can hardly be considered a good role model.

cutefemmegirl said...

Don't hate because you're afaid to come out of the closet. I'm sure your dick is bigger than mine ... you certainly seem to have the attitude for it. Now, that said - I wasn't meaning her comment that the Nannys/Babysitters in question should be offended ... I was talking about dumbasses such as yourself because of the aggravation caused by Moms post. Maybe if you took the time to re-read MY post, you'd notice that I was talking about people that may not understand the difference between a Nanny and a Babysitter, and the posters who felt the need to insult others to get a point across, you know ... such as yourself. The only mention I made referring to her post was that some people may not want to use the term Nanny because it seemed 'uppity'. Now ... go take a Xanax, a hot bath, and go frig yourself to death.

melamonk said...

those of us who come here alot enjoy reading and sometimes posting comments. I am not a fan of censorship, so please let's do without the obscenity or gratuitous vulgarity.

cutefemmegirl said...

If you would take the time to read my many other posts, you'll notice I take care in not offending others. However, when someone attacks me, I'm not going to roll over and take anyones crap. Sorry to offend you.

Anonymous said...

I think you may have made a big mistake in thinking that 7:08 was directed at you, and you lashed unnecessarily and unfairly. I'm pretty sure her comments were intended as a response to the deranged rant posted easlier in the evening by tammie. The 7:08comments match up to what tammie said, not what you said.
Unfortunately, the 7:08 comment followed your post only by coincidence because of the time it was posted.

Anonymous said...

No matter what niceties you may have also included in your post, you attacked Lindalou's mothering skills for no other reason than you disagree with her opinion on something totally unrelated to her ability to care for her child. That, my dear, qualifies you as an Asshat.

cutefemmegirl said...

I wish it were a mistake. But my moniker is "cutefemmegirl", and 7:08 nastily called me "uglydykegirl". So, thanks anyway, but that post was meant for me.

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

Personally, methinks 4:16/8:40/7:08= tammie.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Low blow on the mommy insult.

Anonymous said...

you say you don't believe in censorship? but thats what you are trying to do and censor other people. How come your not ripping into other people about them using cuss words & insulting other people?? I come on here to enjoy to read also, but I don't tell other people what to do.

Anonymous said...

Real mothers don't care what your children's caretakers are called. It is sort of funny that you wouldn't know the proper spelling of such a simple word though.
If you want me to call you a Nanny I will but my kids will just keep calling me Mom.

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

Maybe that's because real mothers like you are just the type of asshat everyone is referring to on here because YOU don't understand that there is a difference between the two.

Anonymous said...

Smooth move 12:26. Way to come on here and insult all of the nannies. It was just the point we were trying to make that people like you don't seem to give us the respect we deserve by grouping us in with babysitters.

cali mom said...

Yes Mary, I'm not sure what 12:26 was trying to say. But if my car needs repairs, I wouldn't take it to a gas station attendant, I'd take it to a mechanic. I'm not sure however, how that relates to whether my DS calls me Mommy, Mama or Mom.

And anyone who would think that nannying is an "easy" job must have never spent 3 minutes with a living child. Fun yes, but easy, no way.

Anonymous said...

Why attack another persons mothering skills just because she has an opinion different than yours, or even more admittingly, has no clue to the difference of the two. She says she meant no offense at the end of her post. I just thought that was kind of harsh. I'm all for calling each other an asshat, it's kind of funny - which seems to be the most popular word around this board, but that was kind of too personal.

emily said...

I love how no one likes to read on this site. I never attacked her mothering skills, I simply said that I think that someone who still doesn't get the fact that many nannies are bothered by this issue after reading all these comments from nannies may lack empathy and empathy is a trait vital to good mothering.

Lindalou read that and felt I was being terribly insulting to her. Now I can't help but think that's because she doesn't think she's all that great of a mom herself.

It's kind of like the nanny/babysitter issue itself. I don't get insulted by someone calling me a babysitter because I just immediately fill them in on the facts. If I wasn't really worthy of the title, felt insecure about my abilities as a nanny, I might jump down their throat, name-call, and whathaveyou to overcompensate for my shortcomings in the nanny department. Lindalou took my constructive comments clearly directed at someone I know nothing about and immediately jumped to the conclusion that I was attacking, not only her personally, but her skills as a mother. Then she showed her lack of restraint, tendency to call names and use profanity.

That's called self-fufilling prophecy.

Anonymous said...

"it seems to me you may lack the empathy needed to be a good mother"
There is no profanity here, but this is a needlessly catty comment nonetheless.

"Now I can't help but think that's because she doesn't think she's all that great of a mom herself."
This is quite possible, but then this means that she is probably a very good mother. Beware of self-proclaimed "supermoms" .

emily said...

8:49, you took my statement out of context.

I said: If you can't understand that I might like to have a title that differentiates me from the teenager you use to occasionally watch your kids, then it seems to me you may lack the empathy needed to be a good mother.

I stand by that statement 100%.

Anonymous said...

Stand by it all day long emily, but what you said was mean. We're not stupid, and spin is not going to change what is posted above.

Calling you a babysitter as opposed to a nanny may not be insulting, but calling you a bad babysitter or nanny is. That's what you said to Linda. Get it now?
I doubt she was upset because she secretly thinks she is a bad mom. She was probably upset because she takes her mothering very, very seriously and you hit her where it hurts. Low blow.

Anonymous said...

I think that a lot of these people don't even understand the word empathy, emily, so don't sweat it. Sadly, it's their kids who'll suffer.

To the nanny at 12;40 above--it's their, not there--these SAHM's will pounce on any spelling/grammar mistake you make, let's pull together & step it up for the team!

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious! You correct "one of your teammates", and in doing so, make a mistake yourself? LOL
It's 12:40, not 12;40.
I'm sure you knew better and it was probably just a slip of the finger, but for future reference, make sure you proofread your post before hitting "publish your comment".
Bwahhhhh!!!! I love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oops, you're totally right! But, there's a big difference between a typo where you can tell the person knows the right usage and repeated use of the wrong word. But even so, I guess I'm clearly in a glass house on this one.

Anonymous said...

Love your attitude! I thought for sure you'd try to sling some dung my way. lol
However, you are right, about knowing the proper usage of a word.

~ 11:39

Anonymous said...

I am also from the Milwaukee area. People do not discriminate between nannies and babysitters here and some want to pay us as low as $200/wk for 50 hours of care for 2 kids!!! This is what I wrote about the difference between a nanny and a babysitter!

am a nanny of 3 little girls. I come in every day, even when I am not feeling well. I assist the family with everything from childcare to meals, to light housework ( child-related). A nanny usually does not do heavy housework and errands as well as child-related duties. I do laundry for the family. I take care of their pets. I answer the phone. I am here when there are packages to be delivered.I care for the children when they are ill. I put up with their temper tantrums. I educate them. I entertain them. I take them to the library, playgroup, gym, story hour, parks, someplace every day in my own vehicle. I cuddle and love them. I bring in books for the family so we can work together on discipline. I bring activities and treats for the girls. I stay late or work early if the family needs me. These are just some of the ways I assist in raising these little girls.

I also have two bachelors degrees in education and early childhood education and a diploma in medical transcription. I choose to be a nanny because I love what I do.

I don't make $15/hour although I don't think that is unreasonable. I don't get health insurance. Some people are able to afford that amount. If you can't, there are other childcare options.

A babysitter comes to your house occasionally. She cares for the children but she is usually not there every day. She meets their physical needs but usually does not provide ongoing education and working with the family as a partnership.

Child care is expensive. But everyone needs care for their children and there are cheaper options out there. You just have to decide what's best for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Ladies, (and I use the title loosely), stop the bickering and name calling and let us get back to the topic please!

I am a nanny during the week. I do occasional babysitting for other families on the weekends. It is a matter of different responsibilities, as well as a steady permanent job as opposed to casual hourly work.
I would like to see more public awareness of the difference, but I'm not offended if I'm referred to as a babysitter. I think the point someone made about nanny sounding uppity is very much a factor in my community.

Anonymous said...

This is 1:37. I found this ad on Milwaukee Craigslist. It just reinforces the point that a lot of people don't appreciate the difference between nanny and babysitter.

We're looking for a childcare provider/nanny in my home full time days - M-F 8:00am to 5:00pm. My fiancee has his own business, so sometimes he would be home earlier than 5:00. I have a 4 year old boy and a 2 month old boy. We currently pay our daycare provider $225 a week, and I would like to find someone with the same rate. Cleaning would NOT be necessary :) Thanks for looking!

These two are from Milwaukee

Needed/Offered: Part-time
References: Required to Apply
Experience Desired/Offered: Required
Wage Offered/Expected: $9/hr.
Days Needed/Available: Mon. - Thurs. (3-4 days/wk)
Background Check: Required for Hire
CPR Training: Not Required for Hire
Ad Description
I am looking for someone to care for my two daughters starting Jan. 2008 ideally in my home. They will be 3 months and 2 years old. We live a block from Wauwatosa. The hours would be 8:15am to 5:15pm Mon. - Thurs., three to four days a week.

Then there is this one. These people can't afford a nanny but want one anyway. And they want to call the nanny a babysitter.

Needed/Offered: Full-time (In home)
References: Required to Apply
Experience Desired/Offered: 2+ years experience plus a valid DL
Wage Offered/Expected: 200/week
Days Needed/Available: Mon - Fri 8am - 12, 3:30 - 6pm
Background Check: Not Applicable
CPR Training: Not Applicable
Ad Description
Army family who just got burned by a no call no show babysitter. We desperately need someone to watch our son during the day and our daughter as well after both are done with school. Use of a mini-van is available for transportation. Can only afford $200/week, please help!

LindaLou said...

emily, i'm quite fine with my true colors and i stand by what i said. you're very hypocritical. you do realize that all this started because you insulted me for not getting my panties in to a twist over semantics (an yeah, that's what it is.) asshat... :)

LindaLou said...

"Lindalou read that and felt I was being terribly insulting to her. Now I can't help but think that's because she doesn't think she's all that great of a mom herself."

emily, dear, step away from the crack pipe...

jmarhar said...

I think every one just needs to lighten up! It is not the end of the world if you get called a babysitter. Get over yourselves and do your job. Its pointless to worry about silly word choice issues.

Anonymous said...

It's not just Lindalou who's showing her true colors, it's all the mom's now! And they wonder why they get nannies who are sullen or unhappy to come to their homes and do all their dirty work and the fun work of raising their kids.

When you don't respect nannies feelings and position you deserve what you get, moms!

Anonymous said...

I felt bad when your mothering skills were attacked. That was shameless. Only you know how good of a mom you are, and you have nothing to prove on here.
But that's what this whole post is about, and it DOES matter. Especially when a Nanny takes the time to advance her education, experience, recreational/educational/physical activities for the children, CPR/certifications, and they just want the respect the deserve for all they put into their profession.

emily said...

Well said, 7:23. And, for the record, I never impuned Lindalou's parenting, only the likely parenting skills of someone who couldn't understand this very, very simple issue. But, when someone's made up her mind to be insulted, you clearly can't stop them.

Meme said...


This is the first time I have ever used this phrase, but WTF????? Want to have sex with???? I will not comment any further on your nonsense as you clearly have a screw loose.

LindaLou said...

some people just aren't all caught up in job titles. they look at the actual job duties and base their satisfaction level on that and not some meaningless title. i could not care less what someone calls me: *sahm*, *housewife*, *loafer.* it does not effect my self-esteem in the slightest. i have several degrees and worked in the corporate sector for more than a dozen years before having children and job titles change all the time. if you care about such trivial things, by all means continue. you've no basis to start hurling character insults like *bad mother* because people hold a general opinion that is opposed to yours. that makes you an asshat. HTH. :)

and to the person @ 7:19 who said, *And they wonder why they get nannies who are sullen or unhappy to come to their homes and do all their dirty work and the fun work of raising their kids.* i've never hired a nanny in my life and i do all my own dirty wirk, and yeah, i do think being around my children is *fun work.*

LindaLou said...

lmao! WORK. i do my own WORK, not *wirk,*

Anonymous said...

I totaly agree, I started as a babysitter for a family on weekends when i was 15. I have been working for them 6 years, two now full time as what i would call a nanny but I am still refered to as the babysitter by the parents all the time

Anonymous said...

When I was young, I once called my doctor "Mr." My mother explained to me that you always call a doctor "Dr." because he has earned that title. She explained that the doctor had to go to school for several years and work very hard to get to be called a doctor, and to call him "Mr." is disrespectful.

Now I know this is not a perfect example as I would not compare my job to that of a doctor's. However, I do feel that I have earned the title of nanny, and thus feel slightly offended when I am called a babysitter. Perhaps, Lindalou, you do not get "caught up in job titles" but I see nothing wrong with a person wanting to be appreciated for what they do. A woman who is an executive assistant would not appreciate being called a secretary. Of course you should not make a big stink out of it if someone makes a mistake, but a simple "Actually, I'm the nanny" with a smile should be fine!

marypoppin'pills said...

Very eloquent, and you got your point across perfectly with some great examples.

Anonymous said...

If you're concerned about semantics you ought to be able to spell it.

Having a "nanny" write a post with such obvious and glaring grammatical errors is laughable.

There, I called you a nanny, are you happy? And will you learn to spell now?

Anonymous said...

who are you referring to? If it's Lindalou (with the grammatical errors) - she's not a nanny.

Anonymous said...

If I see somebody at school or at the playground with a charge, how am I supposed to know whether she is
a "nanny" or a "babysitter"? To me the word "babysitter" has no negative connotations, because after all, the parents leave their children with her, which is a huge responsibility, but I totally understand
that "nannies" have made a deliberate commitment towards making the children a huge part of their life, and deserve recognition for that. What I mean is, please do not get offended if someone calls you "a babysitter", just correct them and move on with a smile...

denise said...

I doubt the majority are offended or think it's a big deal. I'm a nanny and it's simply a general slight irk. I correct people and move on. It would be appreciated however if people did understand the difference as I am an educated child care professional not some teen-ager who "sits" with the kids. Most people assume I'm the kids mother, I have heard people refer to me indirectly as a sitter and when they happen to directly- I simply correct the term/title as I really don't have the time/energy to explain every little dang thing to whoever doesn't get it. No biggie, so don't assume we're all so offended- it's reallllllly not all that dramatic!

Meme said...

Not that is makes much difference in this debate, but I have lived in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Florida and now the upper mid-west and I have known many people with nannies and babysitters. I have even worked as both in the past, and I have never heard the terms used interchangably. They've always had clear differences.

Anonymous said...

The Milwaukee Craigslist post is a perfect answer to the question, why are there so many bad nannies?
No, it is not because they are brilliant actresses, as is often claimed on this site.
It is because these families will eventually hire someone, and she won't be a professional nanny.

"Background Check: Not Applicable"
"CPR Training: Not Applicable"
"Wage Offered/Expected: 200/week"

Meme said...

1:25: how many posts are you going to put that comment on? Most of us read them all. There is really no need to repeat it post to post. Most of us are also well aware that the bad nanny issue most often starts with the parents.

lindalou said...

"When I was young, I once called my doctor "Mr." My mother explained to me that you always call a doctor "Dr." because he has earned that title. She explained that the doctor had to go to school for several years and work very hard to get to be called a doctor, and to call him "Mr." is disrespectful."

i call my doctor *sandra* and our pediatrician *carol.* my kids call the pede *dr. carol.* :P

lindalou said...

who are you referring to? If it's Lindalou (with the grammatical errors) - she's not a nanny.
6:26 AM"

um, i also didn't make any grammatical errors nor did i mispell *semantics.*

Anonymous said...

Nobody else used the word 'semantics' (and it wasn't misspelled) but you, that's why we asked 12:13, if it was you - but you did have a couple of grammatical errors. No big deal ...
maybe you should realize when somebody is trying to stick up for you?

lindalou said...

"but you did have a couple of grammatical errors."

what were they? do tell. :)

Anonymous said...

More ridiculous pay for nannies in Wisconsin:

Hi. My name is Angela and my fiance and I are expecting our first child in mid February. We both work full time and are seaching for reliable, flexible and affordable childcare starting when our baby is 6 weeks old. We would only need care from Monday thru Friday between 4-5 days of the week usually from around 7:45 AM to around 5:30 PM. We are realistically looking for someone to provide care for around $120.00 a week.

Ideally we would like to find a provider who is able to provide childcare in their home in the Wauwatosa or West Allis area. If you are a stay at home parent or grandparent who is looking to share some extra love and attention, please email me.

Thank you for your interest.

Meme said...

Where I live (which is not far from Wisconsin) this rate is more than fair for a SAHM doing child care in her own home 4-5 days a week.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry. This was not pay for a nanny but pay for a home daycare provider. I still think that is a ridiculously low amount to pay for infant care.

Anonymous said...

I said it was no big deal, but:

i'm a sahm and don't have a nanny or any other child care
(You start every sentence with a lower case letter).

are you on crack, dear, or simply an incedible asshat?

(an yeah, that's what it is.)
(*and* yeah, that's what it is.)

i've never hired a nanny in my life and i do all my own dirty wirk
(This one you caught ;) *work* )

When I was young, I once called my doctor "Mr." My mother explained to me that you always call a doctor "Dr." because he has earned that title. She explained that the doctor had to go to school for several years and work very hard to get to be called a doctor, and to call him "Mr." is disrespectful."
(O.k., this one just makes me completely dizzy!)

You asked!
Anyway, it's all in good fun.

lindalou said...

12:58. it's quite clear that you don't even understand what constitutes a grammatical error. you need to look up the word *grammar* in the dictionary if you're confused (and you clearly are!) i made a few typos and i never use caps because i'm often nursing my youngest son. oh, and the last bit about the dr. that you listed was something i quoted. seriously: @@. not to mention the fact that the person who said that wasn't even talking to me. you're just kind of clueless all around. i mean all this in an *all in good fun* kind of way... anonymous asshat. ;)

Anonymous said...

lindalou is at it again, can't help but throw in the name calling! So glad my kids don't know hers, I imagine they're little monsters with that as an example.

Anonymous said...

How about not attacking people's children? Seems a little low. Not to mention immature.

Anonymous said...

Immature is kind of the word that always describes comments on this site.

Anonymous said...

I've had employers call me by my first name. That was fine with me. I've had them insist that the children call me "Miss___". Formal, but fine with me also. I've had one employer call me "Nanny___". Also fine. But after two decades as a professional college-educated nanny, I do not appreciate being called "the sitter" or the "housekeeper" or "the maid" (UGH!). The childcare profession is devalued in this country. As far as I'm concerned, nannies, governesses, au pairs, etc should all be paid more, receive full benefits and better treatment overall.
Answer: UNION!

Anonymous said...

O.k. Miss Linda-loo
You want to play hard ball? Let's play hard ball. I never once personally insulted you, and was one of the posters that thought it was a low blow when someone negatively commented on your mothering skills. Obviously, that poster knew what she was talking about. We are all sick of you running around and calling everybody an 'asshat'. It is tiresome. Do you even know another word, or is your vocabulary that small.
You say you don't take the time to capitalize because your nursing? Well, maybe you should get off the computer and spend a little bonding time with your child. I'm sure it does him a lot of good to be looking at you so adoringly and you have your gaze fixed on your computer screen.
And as for your *grammatical errors*, I suggest you go back to elementary school and learn proper sentence construction.

Anonymous said...

DAYUM! lol

lindalou said...

@@. i'm not going to waste my time arguing with some idiot who can't even pick a moniker to differentiate themselves from the anonymous crowd.

Anonymous said...

if you think thats bad, the kids classmates sometimes have thought I was my charges dad, as have the parents, and I dont look a THINg like my charge!!

and thats sad cause dad works alt and loves his kids, and I see it too,and spends time with them whneneer he gets a chnce and im never obligd to tel the youngest who just turned two im not daddy im

-____ your nanny but I love you jst as much a mommy or daddy but i ot Daddy or mommy and I cant love you nor would I in tht way

yes there is a major difference between a nanny and a sitter but this complaining is just LMAO boo oo just imagine what i go through jst cuause im a guy!

em said...

i agree with you. There was nothing grammatically wrong with your post. The typos are common internet offenses.
It happens people.

Seriously, I think the people who pick on the smallest things are people who are themselves grammatically challenged. An otherwise intelligent person would recognize that the lowercase, occassional misspelling, and the like are all due to fast internet typing.

Again, whatever expression someone wants to use that is unique to them is their business. You do not have to read it!

While we are at it, your sentence construction is far from stellar. I do hope you are not a nanny

Anonymous said...

Hey Auntie Em
My syntax is just fine, thank you very much. I challenge you to find anything wrong with it.
And by the way, this comment makes no sense whatsoever:

"Seriously, I think the people who pick on the smallest things are people who are themselves grammatically challenged."

Again, if I were "grammatically challenged", you would find fault with my sentence structure. You have only succeeded in making yourself look like a fool.
I am not a Nanny, I am a Teacher. Now please, go suck on those apples.
As for Lindalou, if you need a moniker in order to speak to me (and I dare say it's only an excuse because you are embarrassed), you may call me "better than you".

Anonymous said...

em has several mistakes of her own on 8:33, so who is she to judge?
Privilege is spelled wrong.
And it's: there 'ARE' a lot ...

"In the same breath, there a lot of 'nannies' who use that title who are not really nannies"

You should MYOB, em, unless you live in a glass house.

lindalou said...

what do you teach? asshattery 101? :p

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Let me guess, you spent ALL DAY thinking that clever one up, huh?

Anonymous said...

I think your son is sucking too many vitamins out of you. Your brain must hurt.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, I defended you earler, lindalou, but now I think Emily was spot on.

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way, but she doesn't know how to make nice. All she wants to do is call everybody an asshat. I'm bored of her.

Anonymous said...

Hey Emily -
We're sorry! Do you forgive us?

better than you said...


em said...

Auntie anonymous poster 11:11 am:

I bet you thought you were going to blow me out of the water with your 'syntax' lol.

I'm sorry I forgot to waste my time to point out your mistakes. I was leaving that for you to do. Pointing it out at the time would have defeated the purpose of my post- which was to remind others that sometimes people make typos when posting on a site such as this.
I hardly ever reread- really, it's not that important.

11:41 was kind enough to point out that I spelt a word incorrectly. Does that mean that I cannot spell? hardly.
Should I bother to point out that British-the Queens English is slightly different from American English, and that I sometimes spell words the British way at times? Hardly important isn't it.

Now back to the ahem 'teacher' lol.
Of course my comment that you quoted would not make sense to you- no, you are too busy worrying about syntax to remember context. If you are the teacher you say you are then figure it out.

Now back to your mistake- because really, you are not allowed to make any based on the things that you write- superiority and all- lol.

'You say you don't take the time to capitalize because your nursing?'

I'm sure a 'teacher' such as yourself knows that 'your' is not the same as 'you're', or even simpler 'you are'...haha, didn't think I'd get you did you. That's what you get for your superiority complex.

'I'm sure it does him a lot of good to be looking at you so adoringly and you have your gaze fixed on your computer screen.'

Remember that quote of yours above?
Two words: 'looking' 'have'
looking:present partciple, you would need another present participle in this particular sentence- not a verb!

This is exactly the reason I do not correct people's grammar on this site because many types of people exist here.
I don't need to filter those who know great english from those who don't- not to mention any in both either category who make mistakes.

I mentioned yours, because you talked about Lindalou's grammar, and I suppose it was the tone that made me respond.

We all need to focus on what's really important and stop trying to insult others and their english skills.

Sorry to disappoint you- I do not feel like a fool- how could I? I do know english. I would laugh out very loudly, but frankly, who has the energy.

Finally, I notice how you pointed out that you are a 'TEACHER' not a 'NANNY'
Well now, I could not help but hear the arrogance.
Was the insinuation that a teacher knows more than a nanny? lol.

I am a nanny- one of those college educated ones you hear so much about these days.
Now...which apple am I supposed to bite again, and why?

em said...

After rereading my response, I realize I came off as being cocky. This was not my intent. I do not need to feel superior to anyone regardless of my education. My apologies to all those who may be offended

Anonymous said...

OMG! I am completely with you!

I actually went to school for Early Childhood Development and took some AuPair certification courses!

It soooo pisses me off when I am called a babysitter... so I politely say, "NO I am the nanny. I went to school to earn such title, anyone can be a babysitter."

Even the kids I used to nanny for (I am now a SAHM) would call me thier nanny and correct people. :) How cute they cared!

xyz said...

Wow Em .... talk about the Teacher acting superior, you come off as a total bitch. She only responded to lindalous request to point out her bad grammar, and seemed very light hearted about it - until YOU had to put in your 2 cents. All she did was ask another poster if they had referenced lindalou, and she came out starting this whole thing being nasty first.
I refer to the post below that started this whole thing:

who are you referring to? If it's Lindalou (with the grammatical errors) - she's not a nanny.

6:26 AM

Lindalou said on an earlier post that she was NOT a nanny, but someone else had given her shit about her grammar.
Please see the 2nd post below - again, harmless:

Nobody else used the word 'semantics' (and it wasn't misspelled) but you, that's why we asked 12:13, if it was you - but you did have a couple of grammatical errors. No big deal ...
maybe you should realize when somebody is trying to stick up for you?

3:09 PM

lindalou said...
"but you did have a couple of grammatical errors."

what were they? do tell. :)

8:30 PM

The poster then points out, by Lindalous request, her mistakes.
Then guess what? Lindalou gets all pissy and starts name calling.

lindalou said...
12:58. it's quite clear that you don't even understand what constitutes a grammatical error. you need to look up the word *grammar* in the dictionary if you're confused (and you clearly are!) i made a few typos and i never use caps because i'm often nursing my youngest son. oh, and the last bit about the dr. that you listed was something i quoted. seriously: @@. not to mention the fact that the person who said that wasn't even talking to me. you're just kind of clueless all around. i mean all this in an *all in good fun* kind of way... anonymous asshat. ;)

1:26 AM

Then some where here along the line you feel the need to jump on the bandwagon. What the hell is your problem ... did you have nothing better to do that day?
Count me as one of the posters that is sick to death of lindalou throwing the word 'asshat' around, too.
By the way, Em ... I am not a teacher, but did a little reading, and it seems as if 'Teacher' used the word 'Your' correctly.
Either way, it took you a couple days to respond to her post, so I'm quite sure YOU had to look it up, too. Why don't YOU stop acting superior, and next time M.Y.O.B.!

your /yʊər, yɔr, yoʊr; unstressed yər/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[yoor, yawr, yohr; unstressed yer] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
–pronoun 1. (a form of the possessive case of you used as an attributive adjective): Your jacket is in that closet. I like your idea. Compare yours.
2. one's (used to indicate that one belonging to oneself or to any person): The consulate is your best source of information. As you go down the hill, the library is on your left.
3. (used informally to indicate all members of a group, occupation, etc., or things of a particular type): Take your factory worker, for instance. Your power brakes don't need that much servicing.


b said...

stop with the spelling nazi stuff.
you make us all loook like assholes.

xyz said...

b, I agree 100%. But some people just can't seem to keep on topic, and are so bored they have nothing better to do than to attack other people.
Are you listening, em?

mom said...

em has already apologized. What more can she do?

Sometimes I say things on here and later realize that the point I was trying to make came out sounding different than I intended it to (or even possibly insulting, when my intent was actually sarcasm.)

When that happens, apology is all we can offer.

xyz said...

Em apologized to the other posters ... NOT the one she attacked, that's why I felt the need to step up and say something. Maybe it would be nice if everyone apologized to each other that was involved in this little ruckus?

teacher said...

Em - I never said being a nanny was inferior to being a teacher. I used to be a nanny several years ago, and in one case due to extenuating circumstances received temporary guardianship over the child until other family members could come forward. So please do not put words into my mouth.
As for the rest of your post, you only ended up doing the same thing you accused me of doing. And by the way, you also made some spelling and structure errors, but I am too tired to wrestle any further with you. It has only demeaned us. I am done.

em said...

em here again,
I never said that I would not make mistakes, I have said time and again that this is basically not school, and if I were turning in a paper, I would make sure that it was grammatically sound.

To the poster who defended the use of the word 'your'- I can't say I agree with you, and I did not respond for a couple of days simply because I had not been on the site- do you really think I come here everyday?

I will continue to make mistakes because I will not take the time to go through it like a fine-toothed comb. That is not the point of this post.

After rereading my original post (after posting it) I realised that I sounded much like you did- which defeated the purpose of my post.
I'm not here to insult anyone, I was only standing up for a poster who was being slammed for not being grammatically correct.

So is probably true that I made errors in my last post and this one, but you asked where you had made the mistakes, as if you hadn't and you had- 'your' is still used in the wrong way and so is the misuse of the verb (which noone seemed ready to refute. The point is that most of us know english- we should not berate the others who do not have the command of the language like we do.

And to Mom, yes, sometimes we all make mistakes...I try not to, but I do at times. My apologies for anything that I said to anyone that was insulting. Now can we all focus?

xyz- unfortunately I elected not to read the quotes that you put in your last you really think it was that important to me?
It really isn't. You were defending the teacher and I was defending lindalou- it's as simple as that- now I'm going to move on.

teacher said...

Gee, and you still had an attitude. And you *still* felt the need to insult me.
You're not coming up roses, em.
Let me know when you're done.

teacher said...

Thank you for coming to my defense. Unfortunately, you'll take some heat for it.

em said...

Here's a thought:

xyz and teacher are the same person. Having said that- it is worth pointing out that there is no one taking your side (not that it matters) but you.
One would think you'd let it go already.

You tried to make a fool out of me you said- you of course had no idea who you were talking to, and your foot got caught in your mouth as your grammatical errors were revealed.
Instead of admitting you were wrong, you continue to pose with dual 'personalities'.
First you would not get a moniker and then when you proclaimed yourself to be a teacher then the label came out- then there's this xyz who told you it was ok to use 'your' grammatically incorrect.
Is there no end to your foolishness?
Just stop already

mom said...

This last rant (at 2:09am) reminded me a lot of "peace" on the "At first I declined his advances" thread, for many reasons; The writing, the insistence on continuing a really silly argument that people have tried to end amicably, the weird (and hypocritical)accusations, and the unususal amount of anger involved in relation the the argument sounded pretty familiar. So I checked and she posted one minute later (2:09am) in the middle of the night two threads down on the "Advances thread." Under a different name. (If that isn't calling the kettle black, peace/em. What is your big beef with xyz again? Using different names?)
I believe I defended you earlier on this thread after you apologized.
I was then a little bewildered when you posted another long rant after that that included both and apology and more accusations. (This is another classic characterisitc of "peace"...angrily accusing others of exactly what she is doing herself.)
Now your inability to let this go gracefully (another peace hallmark) has outed you once and for all. Why do you insist on fighting with everybody? And why can't you at least have the sense to NOT so openly engage in the very things that you are accusing others of being wrong for doing? The weirdest part is that the people you accuse seem often to NOT be doing what you accuse them of...but YOU are the one actually doing it instead. It's called hypocrisy. You might be familiar. I saw it mentioned several times in the other thread...the one where you are "peace."

anonymouse said...

wow mom, you make a great detective!

Anonymous said...

Notice on both posts - "I'm his nanny", and "At first I declined his advances" ... em/peace has an overzealous use of the hyphen(-), and uses parenthesis (when trying to make a point!).
That makes you a hypocrite, em/peace! Some people just don't realize that they do write a certain way, and can't break certain habits when they are trying to be incognito.
What a dumbass!

em and peace!!! said...

Wait a second- who said 'peace and em' were not the same person???
That's hardly a great 'detective' work as you put it.
I never claimed to not have more than one monikers...I do claim however to not use both monikers in one post...hello! I do not try to respond to myself to show support which is not there.

Mom, trust me, if I wanted to hide, I probably would not post both at the same time duh!

I do not need to hide. I do not know anyone here. You do not scare me, don't you get it?

And my dear, in both posts I was defending someone...obviously not someone you support...too bad. I do not care.
So I have strong words and am not easily cowered- sue me!
News flash! I do know how I write...this is just unbelievable.
If I truly wanted to hide I could!!! but I won't, and Mom, have you nothing better to do? you are always getting into arguments yourself- because you are going toe to toe with me---you are NO better- no matter how many people come to your defense!

mom said...

em and peace!!!!

"News flash! I do know how I write...this is just unbelievable.
If I truly wanted to hide I could!!! but I won't, and Mom, have you nothing better to do? you are always getting into arguments yourself- because you are going toe to toe with me---you are NO better- no matter how many people come to your defense!"

Is this intended to make some sort of rational sense?
You are proving yourself to be a complete psycho.

Anonymous said...

wow, looks like somebody got their panties in a bunch!
don't be mad em, um, I mean peace.
Calm down now and go smoke on that crack, um, i mean peace pipe!

To: Lindalou said...

I haven't seen you post. I don't know if you took off or assumed another ID, but I just want to say I'm sorry for being an ass(hat).
I think some of us got caught up in the moment, but I want you to know that we still value your opinion, ok?

Anonymous said...

Real moms don't need "nanny's". They stay at home and raise their own children.

Why bother having children only to pay someone else to care for them?

I am a Stay at Home Mom because I choose to be. My career is on hold, and I love every moment I spend with my children.

Anonymous said...

Em from this thread and peace from the other are not only one and the same person, but it has been discovered and soundly established that she is also the infamous
2xAs. She has been posting anonymously on several threads and possibly using other identities as well.

Keep your eyes open for crazy batshit rants. She's baaaack!

Anonymous said... is not the 60's anymore. Real moms go make something of themselves, and dont waste their college education, assuming you have one, and show their daughters that they have more to look forward to then just sitting and home stirring pots and popping babies out

Joanna said...

I think Jane Doe should delete the comments that are not relative to the original post, no one cares if em is peace and peace is em, mom and her group of losers that care more about who is posting what on a nanny website than their own lives should discuss this nonsense somewhere else

Anonymous said...

Joanna, so far the only person who wants 2xAs here, and has defended her right to be here has been herself. Are you she who shall not be named? Is this your new identity?
If so, it will become clear soon enough because the evil one has no self control.

fg said...

Oh yeah, I remember the fat pig who we don't refer to anymore by name. Of course, now, pudgy has posted under so many names that I figure I'll just give her a few that are more suitable for her.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo-man-a,
Don't be such a puss and ask for censorship around here, if ya don't like it, go hike your skirt up somewhere else, huh?

Joanna said...

I'm not a puss and im not asking for censorship I just think that it is stupid that people are fighting over stupid stuff and acting like children, like you 11:33,fg and 11:58. 11:58 please do not call me Jo-man-a as if this is 3rd grade, its rude your mother should have taught you better, I feel sorry for you. I just think it would be nice if people stuck to the topic at hand. No reason for you kids to get your panties in a bunch.

Anonymous said...

YOU were the one that started the 3rd grade crap by calling mom and her group of friends losers. Some of us appreciate what these posters have to say, and if YOU don't like it ... go blog somewhere else! If you had been paying attention, you would've noticed that we had a poster all but verbally harassing everyone this week and they've only been defending themselves.
Now ... open mouth, insert foot.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if you only knew my mom, she'd get a kick out of this, lol.
Why would you speak of keeping it to the topic at hand, yet call Mom & her friends losers, and then say shit about my mom?
'Scuse me dear, but I think YOU'RE the 3rd grader here.
Wanna take it out in back of the schoolyard where I can yank on your pigtails some?
Get a life, ya dweeb!

mom said...

Joanna/em/peace/you know who,

"Mom and her group of losers?"

Didn't take you but a moment to trip yourself up, did it?

As Em/peace you were also quite fond of looking for alliances within the blog...always looking for who was supporting whom.
Since nobody here knows anybody else, this is PARANOID behavior, which is so typical of you. Did it ever occur to you that when people agree, they MIGHT simply be SHARING AN OPINION and do not wish to rewrite entire posts that say essentially the same thing? Did it ever occur to you that maybe its not all about you? I don't know anybopdy here. I have no posse, and neither does anybody else.

And, of course, there is the continied hypocrisy, your attempt to refocus the thread on an argument with one person (all the while criticizing everybody else for going off topic!?)And accusing others who write here of having nothing better to do with their you spend your days starting fights on every thread? Classic you.

Finally, using another moniker to write posts defending your other "selves" (which, not surprisingly, you venemously accused somebody else of doing)'s all YOU.

Look, here is another thread which has turned into you fighting with a bunch of people...quite coincidentally just as your other selves have taken a sudden "holiday."

Your presence on this blog seems to have no other purpose than malevolence.

one of moms "loser" friends said...

Couldn't have said it better myself!

Anonymous said...

em is now trying to make it look like the imposter is using her name.
need sympathy that bad? even if it is fake?

em said...

No, I'm not asking for your sympathy - even though my husband left me with the kids, my truck broke down, my cat got ran over, I can't pay the light bill, all the food is gone and I stubbed my toe.

Anonymous said...

This is the worst response to a question. Why do you people sit around wasting your time hurling insults at one another? Go outside and play with your children! You all need to stop acting five!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

j said...

Em/Peace, you are the worst of them all. You come across as the ruddest person. At least Mom has something valuable to add to the conversation, unlike you!

Curious mommy said...

FG and anonymous at 11:33, what's the scoop? I haven't posted here in a while. Did someone stir up a pot of trouble recently? Care to share? :)

Anonymous said...

C.M. (if that's the real you), and if you read through-out the post, you'll understand why.
We have a new frenemy by the name of anonymous/em/peace/2xAs/and god knows who else ... stirring up trouble among the posters by name calling and impersonating other peoples monikers.
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

It's kind of like an inititation to get jumped when you come on in. It's not right, but we've all exchanged angry and juvenille words.


Anonymous said...

Like a gang, huh?

Anonymous said...

$10/day for childcare? ROTFLOL

Reply to: see below
Date: 2007-12-06, 1:19PM CST

I ignore these debates, yet this one made me laugh. $10 a day for taking care of a hyper 3-year-old for 6 hours a day? And there is a 1-year-old there who doesn't need care. Who watches the 1-year-old? A chair? The wall? The television? $10 per day, and that is the final price:

You are by far, the Idiot Of The Year award winner! Where do you think you will find care for $10/per day? ROTFLOL In case you didn't know, and you must not be too bright that 3-year-old boys are hyper, and it's a preschool thing which they outgrow when they start school.

Now my prices:

$10-16 per hour. I'm a nanny. And I'm standing up for every nanny, and childcare provider in Milwaukee who has ever had a rough day, been thrown up on, had a parent yell at them, and who truly loves their work with children-NEVER EVER EVER will you find anyone who will watch your child for $10/day.

And that's my final word....and guess what? I don't live in Milwaukee anymore. LOL

Anonymous said...

Wanted Baby Sitter!!!!!!!!! NW MILWAUKEE

Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-06, 11:36AM CST

10.00 a Day

12:00 Noon Till 6:00 PM

3Year old boy who is very Hyper and Needs some one that can handle him.
I don't need some one that can not handle a Hyper Kid..
If you have experiece with Boys of his age that are very active I need you to help me please.. My husband is in IRAQ at this time , I have a 1 year old daughter that is here too. But I just need help with my son..
I am willing to pay 10.00 dollars a DAY.... And that is my price...

I Can drop and pick him up ....
NW / Milwaukee AREA ONLY.........

Cash will be paid at the end of the Day...


Email me If Interested .. thankssssssssssss

Location: Milwaukee

yo yo man said...

stop posting dumb childcare ads on here!

cali mom said...



P.P.S. A$$HOLE!"

Anonymous said...

Yo yo man, the point of the "dumb childcare ad" which was copied from Cragslist is the small amount of money people want to pay for childcare in Wisconsin and the extreme lack of care some people have about their childcare providers.
Also, to emphasize, you get what you pay for and nannies are not babysitters.