54th & 6th. in Manhattan (NY)

Received Monday, November 26, 2007
Your adorable little girl. She had on a shiny metallic jacket with a furry trim. She was trying to keep up with the black nanny who was dragging her by her elbow. The nanny was very large and the child was very petite and about 3 years old. Her legs could not keep up with the nanny. Even so, the nanny was dragging her so much that her feet would lift off the ground. My boss was with me when we saw this and my boss suggested that maybe she was late to pick up an older child. If it were me, I would have sacrificed my back and picked up the child instead of dragging her down the street. Your daughter had brown hair that was curly and was wearing dark blue gloves. The nanny was black, wore her hair in a bun and was wearing a knee length tan colored jacket and loafer shoes with socks.


Anonymous said...

What kind of parent or nanny will dress up a little girl in a "shiny metallic jacket with a furry trim"?

That sounds like a hooker outfit to me. Did the girl have a mini-skirt and some makeup on too?

Anonymous said...

This post has been waiting for a reply for 2 days, and that's your comment? You suck.

Anonymous said...

I think the jacket sounds cute! Some of you need to chill, and live a little! It must be boring to live such a "standard" mediocre existence! Some of us (yes, even children, have more personality than the bland piece of toast which is obviously your life!) What little girl wouldn't want to wear a metallic furry jacket???

OP, that's really sad! I always cringe when I see adults walking so fast that they drag small children trailing behind them! I swear it must be painful, and it's a damn good way to dislocate a little shoulder!

Anonymous said...

You mention twice that the nanny is black. Does her race bother you? One time would suffice for purposes of describing her to any families that may have a black nanny.

And as a mother of three, I can tell you that it's not unusual to have to "drag" children by their hands, elbows, coattails or whatever. They're sometimes stubborn little boogers. As long as she was not being abused, I don't see what all the fuss is about.

Anonymous said...

Then I guess you'd be one of those moms that "didn't mean" to pull your kids shoulder out of their socket, huh?