96th & Broadway in NYC

Received Saturday, June 9, 2007
My attention was drawn to a tall, slim, black nanny yesterday (6/8) after she dropped a piece of paper and left the baby in her McClaren looking stroller to chase the paper. I don't know what was on that paper but the baby was literally teetering on the curb in her stroller. Blue & Silver with a seat that had a faint plaid pattern.


Elizabeth said...

You know what, this could have happened to me, and I consider myself a good mom. Little incidents like this don't deserve a witch hunt.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight -- you're reporting that a nanny chased a piece of paper a few steps, and something could have (but apparently nothing did) happen to an infant in a Maclaren stroller (which we all have, so thanks a lot.)

What are we supposed to take from this? A sense of outrage? Sorry, I don't get it. Perhaps the nanny -- or was it a friend of the mother's? -- had a prescription, or telephone number, or school enrollment form that could not be lost, and spent 5 seconds chasing it down. You do not report ANYTHING WHATSOEVER happening as a consequence.

I say, big deal. Go join the KGB if you are this obsessed with others' behavior.

Anonymous said...

This is a crazy sighting.
And to everyone who is reading this, please know this-
the person who posted it has also posted it on another childcare/mommy board.
So she is really out of her mind.

We must find the nanny who dropped the paper. We MUST!

op said...

OP-I missed my chance. In retrospect I wish I had torn her a new one. I don't care what was on that paper. If you would have seen how she left that baby alone on the curb, you too would have been pissed. Especially if it were your own child!

leah said...

best post. EVER.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and tear her a new one next time it happens OP! Because littering like that is against the law!

Anonymous said...

so let me get this straight saw that the paper was flying down the street and you stood there WATCHING instead of going and helping her PICK up the paper???? Then you were soooo OUTRAGED that you ran home and typed what you saw....STUPID!

Anonymous said...

There are 3,572 slim black nannies pushing McClaren strollers in Manhattan.
Even if she had actually done something awful, this post would be useless to identify her.