Jefferson Street in Huntsville, Alabama

Received Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Great Nanny sighting in AlabamaPhysical description of caregiver: Short woman (maybe 5'4) with long blonde hair, sunglasses on, blue jacket, black shirt, green clover, and jeans another girl younger (might've been in teens) brown hair that went to shoulders, green Doors t shirt, jeans, and a third woman, curlish hair in pony tail, green long sleeve shirt, jeans all were heavy.
Physical description of involved child/children: Girl about 8-9, brown hair in pony tail with green ribbon in white writing, green Beatles shirt over white long sleeve, jeans, occasionally wearing extra large (had to be one of the women's it was way too big for her) Calhoun College hoody, she was Caucasian and had green eyes. Girl that looked around the same age, biracial, black curly hair in pony tail, brown eyes, wearing a outfit matching the other girl's (guessing they were sisters) Boy about 7-8, brown hair in a short hair cut, brown eyes, Caucasian, wearing grey jacket, black shirt with green cobra on it, cargo jeans, Boy about 8-9 Caucasian, buzzed orange hair, green or brown eyes (can't remember) wearing blue winter coat, tie-dye green t-shirt with Tanner Rattlers on it, jeans, boy of about 3-4 buzzed brownish hair, brown eyes, green shirt, orange coat, and jeans. Baby Girl maybe 3 months, red hair, wearing green sleeper wrapped in green fluffy blanket, baby boy, wearing long sleeve white shirt with green trimming, red checkered bucket hat, and white pants with words printed all over them, maybe 3 months as well (guessing they were twins)
Address or venue of observed incident: Jefferson St. Huntsville Alabama
Date and time of incident: Around 11-12 am-pm March 17Th, 2007
Detailed description of what you witnessed: This was such a great sighting!! (there's never any good sightings on this sight) Obviously these three women were caretakers of some sort all the children called them by their first names and none of the kids looked like them, kids were most likely siblings, ages varied too much to be a daycare class, and they all seemed very used to each other, also the youngest boy kept saying 'bubba'. This was at a St. Patrick's Day Parade I took my daughter to. All 3 ladies were very alert and aware of the children, they had them decked out in green, necklaces, hats, and other novelty things, when they first arrived they set up camp, with blankets (it was chilly) and the youngest of the nannies passed out bubbles to keep the occupied, she had let the children pick out the colors earlier (as she had the lids of each marked in initials) and none of the children fought over anything, they all watched the parade happily, the youngest nanny was in charge of the older children, and the two old ones each took care of a baby, even feeding the babies at one point. When the parade ended one baby was still eating and the younger nanny played Simon Says with the older kids until they were ready to leave, at that point they all helped pack up, put the prizes they had received during the parade into a large green novelty hat to be divided up later and left, The curly haired nanny took four and the other two nannies took the other three children and they went to two different cars. I later ran into the same group again at MCallister's Deli, they got a corner booth, set the sleeping babies in their car seats on one table, and the two older nannies sat at the joining table, the younger nanny sat with the older kids, they all had a great time all ate their food, and all got cookies at the end, when they were done they all stood up and the young nanny took the kids to the cars, and the other two brought up the end with the car seats. These women were so GREAT!! I would definitely hire them, and wow! at the woman who needs that many nannies for her 7 kids. They were obviously well off, all the kids were dressed nicely. Two of the nannies (The sunglasses and the young one) seemed very well acquainted and if i had to guess i would have to say that these two were the daily nannies and the other one was a friend they asked to help out that day as the children didn't act like they were around her as much as they were the other two. But so refreshing to see GOOD childcare, they're ability to smoothly handle 7 children under 9 made me ashamed of being frazzled with just the one. They were obviously used to keeping everything in order.


heidi said...

How could you possibly remember those details from a month ago? I can't even remember whether I took my paxil or not.

You are the "one was a friend they asked to help out that day as the children didn't act like they were around her as much as they were the other two."
and you want that well off family to hire you permanently?

ro said...

I appreciated Annie's story that she sent in yesterday. She signed her name. I don't know how much longer you can keep taking good nanny sightings from people that are anonymous. If they have something good to say, why can't they use their name? Seems sketchy to me! Even the nurse in a doctor's office. My pediatrician was absolutely crazy about my nanny and the way she treated my children and he told me every chance he got.

I have to say, I'm glad you use the "smile face" to mark the "good posts". So I know what to SKIP.
(Excepting Annie's)

Anonymous said...

Souds like these nanies were I the only one that noticed that sleepy babies on car seats were positioned on top of tables, or did I misread it?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, how could you possibly remember all of those details if you were frazzled and chasing after your own one child. And why are you posting it MORE THAN A MONTH LATER? Why bother?

Anonymous said...

red flags abound here, starting with the date of the sighting!

Shelly Lyons said...

Hey, I'm the one that posted this and I left it because I just found this sight and wanted to post a good sighting that I've seen, and as someone with a small child of my own I go places where there's usually at least one nanny there, and there hasn't been any postings about Huntsville, also I took pictures of my child at the parade and the kids and the youngest nanny are in the background of one, and I guess(tried to remember) the details of the others, plus I told my husband and sisters about it so I've repeated it a few times since then which also help me recall some stuff. I don't appareciate everyone being so negative.

WOndering in Pasadena said...

Wait I have a question.. if the chick wanted the people to hire her wouldn't she have left some form of contact, that hypothesis doesn't make sense I mean there's nothing in there that praises the 'friend' or whatever. But I'm a little curious about this post as well, it's may, and that was seen in MARCH, wow. My guess would be that the mother of the children posted this just to brag in a anonymous way... or one of the three women did. Or hell in today's world it could've been the 8-9 yr olds lol. I don't know why everyone's so judgemental of the 'good posts' though, why are you insisting that the ones worth reading are the negative onesbashing caretakers, I'm a nanny and it's HARD, and sometimes you slip I think that maybe we should just accept this as a good post.

Anonymous said...

shelly lyons,
okay. calm down.
that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Shelly -- I believe you. Looking back on your photos can certainly help you remember the small details. :)
To everyone else -- Why do you automatically assume every good post is fake. Doesn't anyone get the benefit of the doubt around here? I love this site, and I think all of you are doing a wonderful service for these kids .... but all of the negative comments are starting to leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

I don't care about the post i'm just shocked that people actually can read and write in Alabama!

Anonymous said...

Shelly, my dear,

Who was watching your kids while you were so enchanted by these wonderful women?