Nanny Share Question

Received Wednesday, April 18, 2007
I want to get the opinion of nannies and parents: At what point does a nanny-share become a daycare? I am a full-time nanny for one family and part-time for their neighbor. There is the potential that another one of the family's friends will be seeking a nanny soon. I am willing to take on this third child full-time (giving me two full-time and one part-time). Does this cross the line from being a nanny share situation into being a daycare?


Anonymous said...

I would expect a sizable raise if that is the case.
I now have my own home daycare, but I used to be a nanny and when I was interviewing with different families I was introduced to this "nanny share" concept. I have to say I didn't like it. When you are a nanny to more than one family, you have two or more sets of expectations to meet as well as two different employers. That sucks, especially if you are not getting compensated. At my home daycare I refer to the famies as "clients," not my bosses, and it works out much better.
I would not be afraid, if I were you, to make my expectations very clear and also to state my salary requirements.
Good luck!

Stephanie said...

I once juggled 5 families on a regular basis, two of the families full time and three part time. I considered it a nanny share because I would go to different houses on different days and the parents would drop their kids off at which ever house was decided on for that day. I guess if I watched all the children in my home I would consider it a in home daycare.

Nanny B said...

I would make sure that the family you are with full time is okay that you are willing to accept having another child during the time you are to be caring for their child. some parents are okay, some parents do not want their nanny to give their attention to another child and potentially neglect their child. you also need to make sure the children get along well and that you are able to handle the additional responsability. then it would be a matter of the location where the care would be given, the hours, and the pay, ect. what about transportation and outside activities, how can you manage that if one parent wants their child in an activity and the other does not. these are serious things to think about. but that is not a day care either. a day care would be that you do not transport the children anywhere, that you provide the materials and location, and that the parents are paying you on the books for everything.

Anonymous said...

It isn't a daycare if it is in the children's homes, and not yours.
I would be very cautious about involving a third family, for the reasons 4:45 mentioned. At any rate, you should be getting more $ than you would for three children in a single family.

Anonymous said...

Definitely make sure you get more money for more children, and give yourself an opening to back out if it turns out to be too much for you

Anonymous said...

Well my understanding of a nanny share is that it is supposed to benefit chintzy parents who tru and pass it off as something other than bargain childcare. The new children on the horizon do make it sound very much like in home daycare. But what do I know? I would never allow my child to settle for either!

OP said...

Thank you for your feedback, and please, keep it coming!

I do want to clarify a few things:
- in the current situation, I go to the full-time house and their neighbor brings her child over there (but I am free to go between both houses if I wish). I have car seats for both and they bought me a double stroller
- the parents I am with full-time approached me about the nanny share with their neighbor and we did agree on more money when I have the second child (the neighbors pay the money to my full-time family and they pay me and take care of the taxes)
- both the child I have now are infants
- the potential third family is a co-worker of full-time family who is trying to get pregnant and is something we have "casually" talked about; they would bring their baby to me at the first family's house
- the parents are all VERY laid back and believe in the same parenting/discipline styles

I would definitely request more money if this situation works out. I have a large SUV and have plenty of room for all the car seats.

I guess my biggest concern is from the legal standpoint of whether this would be considered an unlicensed daycare. I don't want this to come back and bite me in the ass.

Thank you again for all you advice!

M said...

From a legal standpoint I do not think that it would be a daycare....but I would check your states DCFS websites to make sure. I believe in Illinois it is 5 or 6 children but again I am not 100%. At any rate, good luck sounds like you have discussed this through with the family and are on a good track :)

Estella said...

Well, here in California, you'll definitely need a license to take care for more than 2 children.Good luck!

A nanny somewhere in California.

jmt said...

Don't daycares usually have more than one employee to watch multiple kids? I'm just concerned about you being able to handle a few children, get bathroom breaks, not have enough hands to hold them all, etc. And what happens if can't work one day? Do they have a backup who will take all the children? It sounds like there is no safety net for you, you know? If it were me I wouldn't do it alone. Make sure you are well compensated though if you do.
Let us know what happens.
Good Luck!

Erin said...

In a nanny share situation, make sure you (the nanny) are being compensated for the extra stress of dealing with multiple sets of parents' expectations. For two families, each family should be paying at least 5/8 what they would pay if you were caring for thier child(ren) only. Also be sure to get *written* contracts stating what each parent expects and things like how often you will be evaluated (and given raises as appropriate), whether you can have a trial period then decide not to take on the third family. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

But how would this be advantageous to the two sets of parents that are already paying the nanny? Especially if they are already paying her 5/8 of what they would normally? To me, this sounds advantageous only to the nanny to make more $$. As a parent, I would never participate in a nanny share because I want my children to have ALL of the attention!

Anonymous said...

The children's age range is a concern for me. Watching two toddlers at once can be quite demanding, especially when coupled with the needs of an infant. I am a parent, as well as a childcare provider, and don't know that I would be very comfortable with that combination of ages. If the first two were closer to preschool age, however, it could potentially be a great arrangement.

Since the third family's child has not yet been conceived, you don't have to make a decision right away. In your shoes, I'd tell the families involved that I would consider a share once the third family's baby was born, provided that I was comfortable with my ability to manage the other two children at that point in time. A lot can change over a period of months or years - a current family might have another child, or their childcare needs might change. The third family might pursue another childcare option. You might choose to take a different job. But there's no harm in agreeing that a nanny share is something you'd consider.

I am in NY, and I believe the regulation here is that caring for three unrelated children does constitute a daycare. Definitely check your state's regulations.

Anonymous said...

It's really up to you but I would consider the other children's level of one on one and your sanity before even thinking about the money. We are nannies because we offer that very special bond with children. It would be a shame for that to be tampered with.

Mommy Linz said...

Depending on what state you're in and what your definition of "nanny share" is, nanny share may or may not be illegal. I know there was someone in CA that was advertising for nanny share on Craigslist and was basically asking for another family to share a nanny with her AT THE SAMETIME. In CA, you're allowed to watch your children and a child(ren) from one additional family. However, since both families were not going to be the nanny's family members, legally speaking, she would only be allowed to care for one family, not two. I'm a child care provider and I contacted my social worker to clarify to me if it was illegal or not and she said that it was.

OP said...

Thank you for your advice! I am definitely going to have to check on local laws here. I am also going to have to determine when I am going to have a child of my own.

Mommy San Diego said...

In California you need a lisence if caring for any number of children that come from more than two families. (Or is it two or more families?)

So if family A has 10 children you can watch all of them without a liscense. But if you watch 1 child from each of family B, C, and D you need a liscense. The trick is the number of PARENTS from different families involved NOT the number of children.

And, to the comments about not being able to handle it. One person can EASILY handle 6 children with full supervision, if they know what they are doing!

Look at the rules in your state, and check for license EXEMPT categories. It looks like "Nanny shares" are exempt in california IF the home location rotates and is not the same home as the provider.