CVS on Broadway in Chicago, Illinois

Received Thursday, April 26, 2007
Great Nanny Sighting at CVS in ChicagoNanny has dark brown hair with bangs, black coat, rain boots, early twenties maybe? One little girl, "Chloe", just turned one, pink coat, bundled in white blanket, blue eyes.Your nanny is wonderful with your child. She walked your daughter all around the store, explaining what things were, singing and talking to your child, repeating the sounds that your daughter was making. I was behind them in the checkout line and commented on how cute she was and asked about her. Nanny appears to adore your daughter. She was also very polite to her, using please and thank you when taking a box of something from her to be rung up and asking nicely if she'd like it back. I believe I've also seen them at BN on Diversey for story time. She holds your daughter in her lap and sings along and claps your daughter's hands. They seem to really enjoy one another. Good find.


Mika said...

Great post! It's nice to hear when someone has a nice nanny caring for their child!

Anonymous said...

Very nice post. I like the part about saying please and thank you to the child. That is so important!

Anonymous said...

A very good nanny indeed