Ancient Playground on E. 85th. Street in NYC

Received Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Light Blue shirt that said Disney on it with a picture of Minnie Mouse, dark blue socks with some character on them, fuchsia sweatshirt tied around her waist and blue jeans that were somewhat short on her. (Crop?). White tennis shoes with shiny stones on them. She had blonde hair cut very short with bangs (pageboy?) and had light skin, Caucasian. I think she had blue eyes. Little boy had khaki and tan striped long sleeve shirt and khaki colored pants. The boy had a shaved hairstyle, light brown, medium skin color,Caucasian. The nanny was attractive, late twenties to early 30's. She had a very pleasant smile and voice when talking to her friends. She had short, curly hair that was trained back in a way that almost appeared like it was held by a headband. She had small gold earrings that looked like coins, African American, dark complexion, wide set eyes with professionally manicured eyebrows.
Here is what happened, I was with my child at the park this afternoon around 2:30-3:00 PM when I noticed a group of nannies talking off to the side. No big deal. I saw a girl of about 4ish run up to one of the nannies (described above) and ask her something. The nanny didn't verbalize a response but shooed her away like a fly. The little girl ran back off to the playground. The nanny continued talking to her friends paying the children no mind. Then it started to sprinkle. Nanny decided to part way with her friend and caught the attention of the girl and waved her in. The nanny asked "where is your brother". At this point I had not seen the brother at all. I assumed he was an older child. The nanny told the girl to get him and tell him they were leaving. Mind you, I am packing up my things at this time so I am not watching their every move. I then hear a boy say "I want to go down one more time". I am not watching him or her. I hear the nanny yell, "when I say it's time to go, that means NOW". Her voice is much different than the voice I heard fraternizing with her nanny pals. As I was heading off the boy ran off to the side and the nanny screamed, "If you got your pants wet, your mother is going to KILL YOU". Now the little boy stops in his tracks and burst in to tears. His little sister jogs over to him and says "Not really, mommy isn't really going to kill you". The little boy says, "she's not?". Then the little girl (such a sweetheart) says, "course not". The nanny is about twenty feet ahead of them and screeches out, "let's go, let's go, let's go". The kicker? The little boy was likely 2 years old. Maybe 3! The nanny wasn't watching him on the playground and she sure didn't hold back her mean mouth from attacking them.
Sometimes I see these mean nannies with their stern, angry faces and I wonder how any parent could employ such bullies. This nanny has a very pleasant appearance. Never judge a book by it's cover!


Anonymous said...

I think this nanny practices Voodoo.

Anonymous said...

beware of smiling faces.

Anonymous said...

yeah, well
this isn't the case of a smiling face. This is a nanny beast, the nightmare children dream of at night. Like a monster who lives inside the walls, a monster dwells in these demon nannies, springing forth at whim to intimidate a child.