No Nanny Sightings 1/25/07

The main focus of this blog is to publish nanny sightings. However, there are days, such as today when we have none such to publish. On these days, we attempt to publish links to nannies in news and commentary in an effort to provide you something to read. More recently, we have began publishing questions people have sent in hoping for your advice! Please help spread the word about the I Saw Your Nanny Blog by emailing our url to three of your friends!


Deena said...

I am professional nanny and a mother. I think you should let them know you'd like your job back. I bet they would be thrilled to have you home. Especially, since you were with them for a year and a half! The temporary nanny is not going to be able to compare to you. Just make sure to let them know that you learned the big life lesson"money isn't everything" or at least not as important as you had thought. Take care,

Anonymous said...

okay you posted this to the worng entrie but here is what i say. you cant keep spying on nannys and it isnt youre business.