Heckscher Playground in NYC

Received Saturday, November 11, 2006
A beautiful day in the park was marred by the emotional abuse of a very uneducated, ignorant nanny. The nanny was supervising two children and let it be known that she was not in the least bit happy about her job. The children did not appear to be siblings but rather friends.
Child #1 5 yrs old. slim build. denim jeans. hiking boots. long sleeve light blue t-shirt. Male. Brown hair. Busy. Freckles across the nose. Possibly multi racial child.
Child #2 5 yrs +.. Medium build. Black jeans. White Nike tennis shoes with black swoosh. Red t-shirt layered over white long sleeve shirt. Dark hair. Past haircut time. Fair skin. Light eyes. Caucasian.
Nanny- yelled with a Caribbean accent, very shrill, angry face. wore a kerchief over her head, a blue knit sweater, Blue fake Crocs with a yellow strap, a floral print shirt and blue slacks. Her handbag that she had was a blue suede looking Hobo bag.
The nanny called child #2 whom I think was her responsibility- a spoiled brat, "ungrateful", "spoilt", "bratty" and "rotten to the core". The nanny said these things to the child in response to requests for beverages. In response to request that the nanny get the ball when it went to where a group of late teens was hanging. When the child accidentally stepped on the handle of her handbag.


Anonymous said...

Scary stuff what I've read here. The movie that should be made I'd call " the Nanny Terrorists" or maybe "the Nannies who ate Manhattan" starring these monstererous, cruel beings depicted on this site. It really is so imperative that we all watch out for one another and especially so for those who are unable to defend themselves. Good work here, JaneD

Anonymous said...

mind ur dam buisiness

Anonymous said...

oh please tell me that no one has entrusted their children to you! "mind your dam business". you are so ignorant and vile. Guess what, your business just became my business. Out on the streets, that's where we meet. I'll be watching for you because you sound like you have lots to hide.

Bethany said...

Is it not the intention of this site to report abusive behavior and good behavior of nannies? So why say mind your business if thats what this site is for. If you don't like it, don't look at the site. Some people are not happy with a positive or negative post. And I think the person who wrote the negative comment above must either be the nanny or a friend of the nanny, hince the negative remark

Anonymous said...

"Hello" Mr/Ms 812 watching everyone again I see? Why do you have to get your point across by threatening us that you are "watching us" and always making the same comments.."we all have something to hide" Come up with some new material would's getting old. ..what abuse are you reporting? None as usual!