What to do when you observe someone mistreating a child in public

Received Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Many thanks to Janice from the Boston Area Nanny Support Group who sent this interesting information regarding how to take action when you observe a child being mistreated in public.
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Anonymous said...

I think most often the reason I would not intercede is because I am not certain. That is probably why this site is getting so popular. People are bothered by what they see but are often afraid to make things worse for the child (by making the caregiver angry) or by insulting the mother (who then could take it out on the child later).

Kathryn E said...

I always feel like crap after the fact when I have witnessed something. Most often it is a mother or the person I assume is the mother- usually being verbally abusive. Regret is the worse thing. I am going to make a concerted effort to say something.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the information? Where can it be found?

If I'm with my child and we see another adult and child having a hard time-
I say to my child-so they can hear- Wow, I know how that person feels, because that happens to us too.

Usually they look at us- and take a deep breath- and calm down.

I want to share that one time I was having a bit of a hard time while in a rest. The food was taking a VERY long time- my child was getting very impatient-and I was at my wits end- telling her to please sit still, the food will be out soon. A lady in the next booth could see I was having a hard time, So she walked over and asked my child- "Would you like some stickers?"
I was so greatful! and now make it a point to keep stickers on me to play it forward.

Jane Doe said...

By clicking on the highlighted text (the link) contained within this post.

Anonymous said...

Who is that nutty nut that posted two up? Are people really that inept that they cannot grasp in 2006 the concept of a link? Sad. That is the kind of person who should not be left alone with a child. Too stupid. Really, too stupid for words.

Anonymous said...

Aw, come on. Don't be nasty. The link doesn't show up unless you run the mouse over it. I was wondering how to get the information myself until I read the comments. Sometimes, the only way to find things out is to ask.
Wendy, a (really good, I hope) nanny