The Good Nanny Sighting............

Received Thursday, September 26, 2006
Midtown Manhattan, on West 57th Street (@ corner of 6th Ave), front of apt building, bus stop next to Rue 57 restaurant. I quite often walk past a nanny with her charge on my way to work, and they truly brighten up my day. She is African American, middle age, her charge is a male Caucasian toddler of around 3-4 yrs old. Usually they are both just standing around or probably waiting for someone, but there is absolutely no denying or second guessing just how happy or well adjusted this little boy is, and how comfortable he is to be with her. Her caring and patience shines through each and every time I happen to see them out there. Seeing these 2 together always bring a smile to my face, it's a very comforting emotion. Given all the horror stories and mishaps some babies and toddlers experience, this Nanny and this little boy, both are truly blessed. I hope the parents of this little boy recognize and appreciate what a gift they have in her. --Kelly, NYC

Reminder, we had hoped to add a Nanny of The Week feauture and encourage those of you who have benefit of employing one of the many wonderful nannies out there, please send you story to us at .

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The Scuba Skipper said...

I'm glad there is a good nanny portion as well. If all this did was bash, I just think it would create nervous wrecks out of situations that are harmlous.

good luck with this blog. congrats on being in the New York Times today!

When you going to begin focusing on California? The Ocean there is beautiful!
~The Scuba Skipper