Who Is REALLY The A%^-hole? Acquaintance Wants To Know How To Handle DANGEROUS NANNY in Virginia beach and Mount Trashmore Area

I am wondering what I should do, I know of a bad nanny/sitter who recently abandoned the children under her care. I feel I should report this person as she is still actively watching after other children while she is severely unable to provide safe and and adequate care as well as being reliable. I am  an acquaintance of one of the families, I own a childcare facility and have heard of and wirnessed some of this.

She was hired by a family tp pick up their 2 elementary school age kids from the bus stop and then take them home and be with them until the parents got home,2 hours total M-F as long as school was open. One day she simply never picked them up, no call no show. The kids were new to the area, military family,the kids did not know how to get home safely so they wandered around. The school bus driver saw them and brought them back to the school where the father had to come in from work and pick them up.She had no excuse except the kids were " a%^-holes" and they treated her poorly.

Now she is working with a 1 and 1/2 year old named brayden. Her disregard for his safety is concerning and also she will not engage him him for development but worse is unhealthy aspects - leaving him in a dirty diaper, sleeping with him napping in the same bed which is dangerous, I have not included everything.  Should I make the parents aware? If this child dies I will never forgive myself.


Anonymous said...

Why would the school let them leave if no one came to pick them up? That makes absolutely no sense.

Anonymous said...

Right?! I’m much more concerned about the school supposedly letting children leave without an adult than the “dangerous” caregiver who didn’t pick them up.

Leigh Raymer said...

I think it was from the bus stop after the bus delivered them to their area of town from the school

Anonymous said...

Of course you should tell the parents about this situation, it's not tattling, your associate should not be working with children as she is not mature enough. There are many other jobs she could have, she could work supervised at a daycare, she could work at a child oriented restaurant, but right now she does not have good judgement and boundaries and a tragedy could happen. The safety of the children should always come 1st in any decision by anyone- parent or nanny