Don't Shoot! And Hypocrisy Much?

This is a rant but also I would like to know if anyone  has something like this happen, parents who act like this. My NG is almost 5 years, she is a tomboy and her dad treats her like a son, which is no prob. The family is big on gun owning and my charge is crazy obsessed with guns. Her parents have bought her many kinds of toy guns that have various projectiles. She shoots every one and everything, terrorizes the dog and cat, and some of the hard sponge balls actually hurt. I put all the weapons away and work hard to distract her but she winds up throwing a tantrum and going to work at home dad to get the weapons back. They say, oh it's ok, they are just toys. She starts to make everything in to a gun- cheese and cookies, she "shoots" people at the store. I have at numerous times tried to talk to the parents and they pooh-pooh me. So - here is how the problem started to be solved - NG started doing this in kindergarten . The teachers and principal and other parents called a meeting laying down the law and - BOOM! All gun toys put away and the start of making her stop the behavior. I just feel disrepected that my professional opinion was not enough to be listened to!


Anonymous said...

I would not worry about it. Parents sometimes are pretty stubborn and need second opinions. Its not your fault. Try to forget about it. At least things are going forward with this situation.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it and please do not take this in the wrong way. I also was a nanny for many years. Parents only view us as babysitters, nannies doing this until we get a “real job”. So don’t expect respect on your opinions. It usually never happens.

Erlinda Kaes said...

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