DB From Hell Part THREE - He Is Back At It, Never Seen One This Looney On This Blog!

UPDATE -  from the nanny whose DB will not let her take a break and gave her a list of 14 house cleaning activities to do which are not related to the children. This not good news, he came up with MORE house cleaning requirements





Seriously, the nanny has expressed how this situation really is making her sick physically and emotionally but jobs are hard to find in her area. At ISYN we are sending good thoughts that this nanny's dream job will happen ASAP - she is committed to getting out of this toxic DBs world

UPDATE - Feb 1 --After YET ANOTHER To-Do  list, the nanny calmly said " I'm sorry but that is not in my contract"  the dad let her go immediately for " not bonding with the 3 year old". But the nanny was smart and had 8 weeks of severance coming and the dad paid it. She feeld like a boulder is off her back, all the knots are out of her tummy and she can breathe.


Anonymous said...

I have been in a situation where a parent got mad at me all the time it hurts you inside.The nanny needs to do what ever it takes to leave for her health

Corina said...

Get a note from your doctor. If it’s physically and mentally making you sick you may be able to get disability. Even temporarily til you find another job. I just hope you are on the books.

Leigh Raymer said...

That was really good advice from Corina - the nanny did update us, she has offers coming in and feels a world better now not working for this dad, all is well that ends well

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