ASK Anna Minter And Friends ! Nanny For 20 years, Owner " GRACIOUS ME ACADEMY " - HOW DO I WAKE MY NK UP??? IT'S SO HARD!!!!

Question For ANNA MINTER : My NK is dead to the world when I try to wake him up in the morning to get to school. MB works and while she could have time to do this she sticks me with it as it is such a problem. NK is so groggy and in outer space, are there any suggestions on how to make this better?

ANNA MINTER SAYS -- There are many tools and actions which can make the wake up part of the morning go smoothly.

For example - get everything done the night before so you can concentrate on waking the child - back packs ready, lunch ready in the fridge, etc. Make sure all activities possible can be made into a routine with a rhythm.

Use ALL nanny tools for positive enforcement when NK wakes up helpfully - charts and stars, rewards, lavish praise etc.

From MICHAEL BERRY, Talk Show Host and Father - He says when his son Michael T would have trouble waking up he would gently carry him out of the bed, take him to the shower, make sure the water was nice, turn it on to gently cascade on Michael T sitting on the shower floor, and the dad would talk to him, encourage him to wake up and he could see his son slowly come out of dreamland and then become an articulate energetic whirlwind.

Nanny SUSAN S.  - I don't put up with this stuff - I set the timer for their alarm really early, earlier than we have to, and if they are taking too long I give countdown warnings - 10 minutes to breakfast! 5 minutes to shower before I throw you in!

Nanny TALEIA  says - 30 minutes or so before they have to get up start playing music, there are play lists where the music can start gentle and gain tempo from there.

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Anonymous said...

Many my friends say i coddle my littles but I do this - when they will not wake up, or are very slowly wake up, i give them a very soft small piece of candy, their favorite and they love the candy and start waking up and I say - don't you want the great breakfast? I have fixed you this and this. I love them so much i cannot be strict, but that is my problem!

Taleia said...

If they are legitimately slow wakers (some are) try turning on music 30 minutes or so before they have to be up. You can find "waking" playlist thay start off gently and gradually increase tempo and volume. ;)

Leigh Raymer said...

Taleia - GREAT suggestion!! My parents would do that with me in my teens!! They would put a radio show on called MOBY IN THE MORNING and MOBY would yell in between songs " GET YOUR LAZY TOOSH OUT OF BED!!" But he would use a worse word than toosh lol

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