Bat Chit Chat Craze ! Need Advice For Peace and Quiet!

I work nights for a great family. I have little complaints besides the fact that when the mom gets home from work she wants to chat for at least a half hour before she pays me. Even if I walk toward the door she does not seem to get the hint. She is a very friendly lady that I get along great with but I am usually very tired after work and the last thing I want to do is chit chat after work. I know it's probably my fault for being a pushover and keeping the conversations going but I don't want to be rude. Any advice?


Anonymous said...

You are by no means a pushover, there is just a miscommunication. I had 2 MBs over the years, one with the DB who felt a 30 min to an hour conversation about the state of the Universe was a cool idea before they paid me. When I was in my early 20's I liked it, but as I got older and had my own family, less energy, less time, I had to set boundaries. And I liked talking to my NFs very much!

So - you have options - passive aggressive and forthright. You have already tried passive - walk to the door - good one, did not work, how about ---
1. When time to leave, have family member call you on the phone saying " We need you home NOW!"

2. Say in advance giving ideas every week " Oh, I will need to leave promptly as there is blah, blah, reason"

3. Have her pay you a different way other than the day you work in a check ie. paypal, direct pay etc so you are not stuck with the talk waiting for your money

4. If all else fails, just be honest albeit VERY tactful. " You know i LOVE our talks, I feel so lucky blah blah but I need for this and this reason that i get home promptly, I value you so much blah blah

5. Is the situation that the MB is USING you for therapy? Talking about her life and problems? Then you are in a quandary because you are putting money in her pocket by being her therapist - I have been thru that ;(

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