Nanny Needs Job Advice

I am trying to decide if i want to change jobs. The one I have now is being a nanny for an infant. The one I am thinking about is very little nannying, it is being the House Manager. But after the second interview and meeting them at their house, I am thinking they want a house keeper. MB wants things kept clean and organized, but when I was there it was a total wreck. They are both lawyers and work long hours with 2 boys, 7 and 3 and the wife is trying to get pregnant again. So my question is - is this what house managers do? I can see me coming in on a daily basis and see all my work undone. Especially on Monday. She also wants me to drive her and the kids around. Is this a job you would want? It's only for 6 months which is fine with me.


Anonymous said...

A House manager organizes staff, runs errands, pays bills, yes does driving but not cleaning! It does sound like they want a house cleaner. My family has a great house cleaner, a male, and he likes cleaning thank goodness because yes all his work is undone by the end of the week, he never gets mad! You need to work out that issue before taking the job, ask if you will be managing a house cleaner, if not, you will be cleaning for 6 months

Anonymous said...

When I hear house manager, I hear is "cheap nanny cheap cook, cheap house maid , cheap driver, ect. I was a house manager and laid down my boundaries about the cleaning, I'm here for the children not to clean. Parents want to get a swissarmy nanny at a very low cost. Nanny rates here in California range from 15-50$ an hour, a house manager make salary so just do the math. If the mom is telling you she likes the house spotless, that's a red flag, cuz that's all you'll be doing all day, chasing kids and cleaning and running errands, all the moms duties without the moms pay scale lol.

Anne-Marie Ditta said...

The position you are describing is that of a Nanny Housekeeper. I recommend you do some research on the salary range for this position to give you leverage during the negotiation process but before you get to the salary be sure you this is a family you will enjoy working with and clarify the employer's expectations. If you decide to accept the position, get everything in writing.