International Inspirational Speaker/Child Activist and Talk Show Host MICHAEL BERRY ( Next Up - Curtis Sliwa)

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Michael Berry is an international inspirational speaker, child activist, very popular radio talk show host,lawyer,politician,1/4 of a Power Family - Wife Nandy Berry and two sons Michael T and Crockett. He is a humanitarian and his major passion is helping U.S. veterans.

Michael Berry has a specific PHILOSOPHY regarding the inspiration of children and others. He wrote about this exclusively for the nannies and moms of the I Saw Your Nanny Blog.

" Words are the beautiful representation of their underlying foundation - actions. Things that inspire me are beauty,love,kindness,compassion,sacrifice,selflessness,and forgiveness. I find that we inspire others when we least intend to. It is by our demeanor. Life is what happens to you when you are making other plans -  John Lennon wrote that.

Inspiration is what you give when you are busy going through the routines of your day. "

Michael Berry exclusive to I Saw Your Nanny Blog  July 3 2018

SPECIAL NOTE : One of the tenets of the Inspirational Speakers in this series is the value of the INDIVIDUAL child/person as much as the 10,000 or 4 million. Mr. Berry emailed that quote to the blog 1 minute after being asked- while he was still ON the air speaking to millions of people all over the country and beyond. The man can multi-task, that's how it's done!

ROLE MODEL FUN - Michael Berry is a firm believer in family power, he has been married to his college sweetheart Nandita Berry for many years. He always makes himself available to his fans, and he donates time and money to many causes. he is fanatical about the value of community - which in his case grows larger by the day.

PERSONAL STORY: Our child consulting firm worked with Mr. and Mrs. Berry and his kids years ago at his house and we were all looking for his oldest son Michael for a project in the back yard. The staff shouts " MICHAEL!!"  The mother asks, " Michael?!!!" The father yells, " MICHAEL!!!"  No Michael.

The youngest son, Crockett his little brother whispers in a tiny voice "michael"   BOOM!! Here comes Michael running at a sprint to see what his brother needs. FAMILIES are the most important weapon for fighting for right and inspiring children and all others.This truth must be carefully taught.

WEED WHACKING ( weeds are negative people and situations) Michael Berry does not tolerate weeds. If he sees that someone is hurting others,acting wrong, no matter their gender or power level - he takes them on with ruthless articulate verbal mental responses no matter the consequences. This worries his fans but he does not care. I am not sure if Mr. Berry has utilized fisticuffs to protect the vulnerable, but if  were a bad guy I would not want to find out, because he is pretty tough . He will passionately defend people and situations - I have seen this regarding children- that the rest of the media is scared of, which gets him into trouble but - he does not care.

HIDDEN TALENTS: Michael Berry is an expert at this, just about every day on his radio show and elsewhere,he cannot stop asking his callers, kids at heart, about their TALENTS - what do they do for a living,their professional opinion, what are their hobbies.He did this with my child consultant firm and also one of my friends. I called him on his show to vent about politics and he let me briefly and then asked " What do you do?'" I told him about my work with kids and he booked me for his kids event right there on the air. Mr. Berry does this all the time no matter the callers profession, When you are working with kids and others - if you can find their hidden talent - and use it- the world will be better!

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