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Glenn Morshower is an international inspirational speaker. activist and humanitarian. He teaches THE EXTRA MILE as a life philosophy. Many people know him for his lengthy acting accomplishments over a 40 year period such as Aaron Pierce on 24, Supergirl, Transformers,etc.
PHILOSOPHY: The Power Of One- one of Glenn's most passionate tenets is that teaching one child is as important as teaching 10 or 4 million. He makes the point that each person is supposed to be here and the proof is that at conception each one of us beat out 500 million (!) other contestants to be here. So you are here for a reason, there is something you want, a reason YOU swam so fast, something is your goal, and you must not let even ONE day go by without doing at least one thing to achieve your purpose and win your goal. No matter what it is - helping kids, acting, being a doctor or lawyer. Learn to speak something called " Fluent Them-ness" When you speak this to children and others - showing they are loved and understood and valued - you will create in them the reality of being the best they can be for themselves, you and others.
ROLE MODELS : Glenn has been married to his high school sweetheart Carolyn Morshower for going on 40 years, they have 2 children and all the family teaches others in many ways. The Morshowers produced a film named FLUTTER that teaches about children overcoming poverty and illness and much more. A personal note - in the 80's my TEAM BUILDING company hired Glenn to team build with kids in parks and in each case his wife and kids came too and helped the kids learn - when a family works together to help people there is no limit.
WEEDS- ( Dealing with negative people and situations) Glenn does not cater to the weeds - he WHACKS them. He will not tolerate someone doing wrong to kids and others, he confronts them verbally and mentally and spiritually, he makes sure the victims see it so they can learn, and the poor weed never knows what hits until it's over and Glenn and the good people march on by. Do not coddle a weed, do not run away from the weed and DO NOT apologize to the weed, WHACK the weed and move on! " WEED _ You are old, I am new - GOODBYE!"
FINDING THE HIDDEN TALENT - Glenn Morshower teaches in his classes the importance of finding the hidden talents of our charges. he scrutinizes like a laser beam to ascertain what his targets are good at and then he magnifies it and uses it. If you tell him you are a bad cook but you make a great Hungarian Goulash he will show up at your door with his wife and kids and a bag of groceries and demand the soup, you will have no choice and he'll probably eat 3 bowls.
Personal Story: In the 80's I worked with Glenn at a restaurant. He made the management unlock the COMMENT card box so he could just see what was happening.He comes up to me and says " Leigh, right? You know the comment box had 20 cards in it and 1 out of 3 are about you how your clients really enjoy your work! I am coming in with my family tomorrow to eat here, so reserve me a table for 4 in your section at 8pm!" So learning from this - when you find your charges hidden talent - use it !

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