Nanny Needs Work; Agencies Don't Respond

I'm a career nanny looking for work. In September, my most recent family moved (hours away) and I've been without a job ever since. The two families I did nanny for were both referrals. I decided to change things up so I took a chance at working with placement agencies. After months of applying to different agencies (all the best in LA) I am still without a job. I've come to understand how nanny placement agencies work for the most part. Most of them are the "don't call us, we'll call you" type. I check in with the eight agencies I'm registered with from time to time, just to let them know I'm still looking for work, but I get the same answers "we'll let you know if a family is interested in your profile".

My profile is very strong. I have eight plus years of experience and glowing references. I've never met a person who had a problem with my personality. I try to stay empathetic, diplomatic, and humble in dealing with people. I know I'm qualified for positions I apply to but I get no responses. I'm frustrated and confused at this point. I've been without work for months and stress is getting to me. I've been patient and understanding with the agencies, but I want to know if I'll ever get work.

Am I going about it the right way?  Is this is a valid way to get work as a nanny or am I just wasting my time? I know every agency is different and it all depends on the families, but I'm curious as to whether or not my resume is even being sent to the families I apply to.

If you've ever worked at nanny agencies, I would very much like your opinion on the matter. Thank you for reading my rather long rant. I just don't know if this is the right way to obtain a position in the field I love. I don't have any other referrals to turn to. Thanks again.



Leigh Raymer said...

Your problem does sound frustrating, especially since you have applied to many agencies - so let me make some just out there ideas--assuming by LA you mean Los Angeles. I have worked for and owned and had friends who have owned child care agencies and there can absolutely be politics. The agency heads may be saving the jobs for their friends and family.You say you have been doing this many years - could ageism be a factor? There are people these days who literally want a young ditsy pretty employee over an experienced one, it's usually their loss. Frequently all the agencies know each other - could you have inadvertently offended one of them by getting a job they wanted etc? Could it be ethnic? Could they be racist and hiding it? One thing for sure - agencies do not have the clout and influence they used to have,they have a rep for letting bad nannies slip thru the cracks. You would have a good advantage if you get someone on a closed facebook mom site to tell about your availability. Ex. - Moms and ladies of Brentwood, Moms and ladies of Encino. I am a member of several in Texas and they are always talking about available nannies. You say you have no referrals but really? The children you were with for so many years had no friend's mothers? I know from personal experience how you feel - why not just submit your info to an agency rather than beating feet and elbow grease - but it's the way it is these days. You have also used the term the "best" agencies - maybe they are actually not the best for you, they may be too inclusive, snobby who knows? You need to actually get out there and let people see you. Maybe the agencies you profile with do free charity work for kids - let them know you are up to help with that. Find a way to get to know the heads of the agencies - maybe there is something you can do to your profile to help draw attention. It may be the agency heads just do not know you, they may not know if you would be dishonest with them as you have been individual for so many years. Another thing - do not let one day go by without doing something to get the position you love - making a call, handing your card out at a park, anything. Good wishes - keep us posted

Anonymous said...

I must say, these postings are a BIG IMPROVEMENT OVER WHAT YOU HAD BEEN POSTING!!! They are clear and concise. Unlike in the past, we can read them and not have to guess as to what was being said. Not sure if you hired someone else or improved on your own skills, but keep up the good (readable) work! Everyone should like this change.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we can not give you a compliment because then it seems that you slack off. Where are the new articles??? I'm sure you get a lot of articles, but you need to post them! This site was updated on a regular basis, a long time ago. Since that time, I mean, inconsistent writing, just plain bad writing, and now lapses in posting have made for a very lukewarm blog. Can someone give me the name of another nanny blog? This one has an "L" forming on it's head.

redridinghood said...

Dear anonymous - Nanny News on Reddit is worth a look!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Hon-- I work in LA as well. You sound very articulate and marketable, so I'm confused as to why you're getting work. I am with several agencies, but I always peruse their online job postings and am very specific about the job(s) I want. I email them with my interest. They never just call me with work. Are you on I've found wonderful families on there as well. A beautiful resume works wonders too. I wish I knew more about your situation, because it doesn't make sense that you're not getting snatched up.

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