Nanny To The Rescue !! Jenna Lee Baker, The Only Thing Missing Is Her Cape!

Virtually all the nannies who read and contribute here are loving and professional with their charges, but how often do we actually get to save our little one's life? Actually hopefully never, but one nanny just recently did so in Super Hero fashion. The nanny worked with the Jonathan Lai family with her 3 year old male charge and they were coming back to the house in Irvine Ca from running errands. The second she and her Little skipped into the house, she knew something was wrong, she told her Little to come back to her, she picked him up and then heard feet on the staircase. She ran out of the house with her charge, saving his life and hers. The burgler had crashed a window, vandalized part of the house all in broad day light. He is at large. Mr Lai makes the point that during the evil theft a cell phone never left the bad guy's hand, so there are probably co-conspirators. Even though no one on this blog is likely to know this scum bag, I am putting his pic anyway as he is still at large.

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Anonymous said...

Hope they catch that horrible guy, he probably would have tried to hurt the nanny and the boy!