Stupid Mom sighting - hopefully no tragedies in future

Been reading the blog a long time, I am a nanny, and never thought I would post, but I saw something really bad an hour ago that worries me if not infuriates me

At a Whole Foods in Texas I was waiting to use the restroom and in the waiting area was a little blond boy in a red shirt hopping on his feet and kicking the door to the bathroom. I thought ok, that's weird for a mom to leave their kid out of the stall in a closed small waiting room next to a janitor's closet. I said - is your mom in there?  he mumbled seemingly  "no", hopping obviously needing to use the restroom. I started thinking - this is totally uncool, we are in a very small closet for a unisex bathroom, someone is in that bathroom, this kid is by himself, and there is also a small closet here also. What if I was a bad criminal? I am female but females steal kids ! I was JUST about to open the closet door - WHICH IS RIGHT NEXT TO A BAR ! - and start making a scene when the mom, with 2 blond young girls opened the door, saying his name - what are you doing in here? I said - This is not a good place for him to be by himself! It's a unisex bathroom next to a closet with a small enclosed little room! I was about to take him to store security! The mother in a very sweet little voice said " Thank you!" and at that moment - A BIG BURLY SECURITY GUARD  came out of the bathroom, the kid ran into it - the mother said -hurry up - and did not go in with him! I stood with the door to the bar OPEN so anyone could see into the area outside the bathroom and when he came out I said - do you see your mom? He said yes, I said - Don't run where your mom can't see you! I am really not happy, that was so dangerous !


Anonymous said...

There’s a bar at Whole Foods? And it’s right next to the bathroom and a janitor’s closet??? Honestly, that’s all I got from this.

Corina Yildiz said...

Same. I was more confused after reading this.

Anonymous said...

I’m glad to know it wasn’t just me. I reread this several times and it never made ANY sense.

Anonymous said...

And apparently there are big, burly security guards there too.

Anonymous said...

ISYN does it again! They’ve saved the world from... oh wait. No they didn’t. They posted another classic. Apparently there’s a bar named Whole Foods and a mother took her kids there and made them go to the bathroom (closet???) located right next to a janitor’s closet. And then a HUGE MEAN SECURITY GUARD came out of the bathroom too. Were they all in there together? It was mentioned that it was a unisex bathroom. So was the mom WITH the security guard and her little girls in the small bathroom???
Seriously, I get it. You guys think you’re improving the world with this blog. You. Are. Not.
This post is ridiculous. It’s riddled with spelling errors and weird inconsistencies. And I’m not even sure what it’s about. Well, other than closets and bars and Whole Foods.
For the sake of anything, stop posting crap. If you want anyone to take this site seriously (I promise the vast majority of us don’t), please be a little more picky as to what you put on here. No one comes here to actually find anything useful, most of us come to see the train wreck it’s become. Case in point.

Leigh Raymer said...

I spoke with a dad and an uncle and showed them the post - they both agreed it was at first confusing, not the best writing ( we only rarely edit and usually only for an inappropriate word) but the idea of a youngster being left alone in a closed closet leading to a unisex bathroom horrified them both.

As for " cr-p" I will let that one slide. Most of our commentators are very professional and classy, at least when one isn't they are amusing !

Anonymous said...

Wow, this was a shit post. Did you kidnap the kid or secretly contact him and coerce him to write this? Damn, spelling, grammar, and other bad keyboard strokes... Tell me a kid wrote this shit! Get someone to write for you! You don't have the gift, sorry, not sorry. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkk!!!!

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