Best way to give notice?

Hi! Just wanted to hear suggestions on how to give notice. I've been with current family for two years. I have been through really rough time. I've recently burned out. I got sick about 5 times in the last four months. I have zero energy. I think I'm completely zapped out. I live near NYC and they only paid $14.50 for two kids. No TV. Not type of entertainment and drop off and pick ups'when oldest is in school.

Now, starting next month the youngest is going to school. They offered part time and only $15.50. I have to commute by either driving or public transportation. They're only offerinf about 20 hrs a week too. So I decided to look somewhere else. I did get offered a position at a preschool. I'm going to take it because I just felt like these people took advantage of me and want to be cheap. I always went above and beyond. The kids are ok, but hit and abused me for a while. The mom wanted me to always have them outside and take them to various things A DAY. She couldn't stand see me home sitting down. She purposely took nap time away because they would fall asleep too "late". A MESS. Most of the days the job was OK. I just feel like I need change and be appreciated it more. Especially since I am college educated and it shows on how much the kiddos know.

I'm thinking of giving three weeks notice at the end of the week. Thanks !


Anonymous said...

You do not owe these people anything, you have been putting up with an abusive situation. The mother's behavior about the naps could result in harm to the kids and you may be blamed. Do not expect the mother to be professional when you give notice, get your new job asap.

Anonymous said...

Abusive? Where did you get that? And it's a mother's prerogative when her children are old enough to stop napping. Are you there with her children at bedtime to know if they're going to sleep late because of the "late" naps? No, didn't think so. And a mother who wants her children to be busy and not have a nanny sitting around is fine too. Sure, the pay sucks, but everything else sounds fine.
OP, give two weeks' notice.

Jacquie B said...

A two week notice is fair. Try not to burn any bridges. Even though there is a lack of appreciation from your perspective they may actually think highly of you and give you an excellent reference. I agree the pay is low for someone with experience and college educated . Move on and be happy! and know that you are not alone. For future references never be afraid to speak up and set boundaries. Never accept a job with a family that is wrong for you. Parents may interview us but you can interview them as well to make sure you are ok with their expectations if not move on. Hope things work out for you.

the teaching diva said...

When I was a nanny, I had a preschooler (3.5 years) fall asleep around 1130-12. I worked T and R, and asked MB about putting him down for naps. She was fine with this. So T and R I worked, and he napped. T I worked and he napped. R was the next time I worked, and she tells me not to have him nap, because he falls asleep at " 'midnight' ".

He's falling asleep standing up and I couldn't nap him per MB's request. I figured out why he was falling asleep at midnight and it had nothing to do with his napping.

He was so tired he'd crash at 430, and she would let him sleep until 7p.

She was too argumentative, so I quit.

Unknown said...

To the second Annon comment. Are you blind and see nothing wrong with the post? Would you really put up with a child hitting you?

Anonymous said...

Listen to the cuntbags on this blog!