Lost my temper today

Oh boy! I completely lost my temper at the park today. 3.5f told me she had to go potty, great no bathroom at the park! This is why I told both 3.5f and 3.5f (twins) to try and go potty before we left. I did not get upset because she needed to go potty, I got upset because when I asked her if she went potty before we came to the pirate ship park like I asked, and she said no, however at home she told me she went potty. Then I decided to have her try and go potty behind some bushes because we were the only people at park and I didn't want her to have an accident, but she couldn't so I said okay then we have to go home. If course she gets upset about that because we just got there (I'm sad too!) So twin 2 comes over and I tell her we have to go home because twin1 needs to go potty. So I put twin 2 in her carseat, and shut the door. Got twin 1 in her carseat and asked one more time if she wanted to try and go potty so we didn't have to go home, and she said yes. So we tried rifht outside twin 2s door. It's pretty warm today and I had the windows open in car but I decided to open twin 2s door so she wouldn't get too hot. Oh, it's locked! (She's been locking her foot the past couple of weeks and I've been trying to get her to stop doing that because I don't want something to happen and she gets stuck in the car!) So I knock on window and tell her to open her door. Which she can t unlock it, I had the keys so it was fine, she wasn't trapped or anything but it made me angry because I keep telling her to quit locking the door. So then I lost my temper and yelled at the girls because they weren't listening to directions. And I felt terrible during the drive home and tried talking to them about it. So I told them we weren't watching a movie today like we always do, and that we were having some quiet time when we get home. When we got home, twin 1 sat on the potty for like 10 minutes and guess what? She didn't have to go :/ all that for nothing.

I just needed to write down all my feeling from the last hour and a half. I feel terrible! The girls are happy and giving me hugs now so I know they are okay but still.


Taleia said...

Meanwhile, from the other side of the park, someone else is submitting this as a nanny sighting.

Leigh said...

From LEIGH; It's ok to feel terrible but you need to realize that your behavior is not ok, actually. Peeing or pooping in public is illegal, dangerous and more. Also getting mad at a toddler for normal things toddlers do is a bad sign. I do not completely get it about the lock but any problem that could result in a child being locked in a vehicle is not acceptable. You need to take whatever action is necessary make sure all this stops - do not leave the house until you KNOW they have gone potty, do not go anywhere that does not have a bathroom, fix the the lock issue, talk to a counselor about your temper if this keeps happening. Also - really think twice about your judgement level because you could really get yourself and the kids in trouble by this kind of decision making

Anonymous said...

Well, as a NORMAL human being, I think your response was what a lot of other's responses would have been. I get frustrated st my own babes when they're having a day of not listening well. I find that sometimes it helps me if I take a step back and count to 10 or breathe deeply (or both sometimes ;)).
And to LEIGH, I've had my own child pee outside if they have to. I'm pretty sure a cop isn't going to send me to jail if my 3 year old has to go and there's no potty available.