Bad Nanny Sighting - Frustration With Hydration - In Manhattan!

About an hour ago I saw someone's nanny on 22nd St between 5th and 6th Ave in Manhattan being less than gentle with a quiet toddler having trouble with his apparently new "sippy bottle". After harshly telling him that it was the same as his other cups and warning him not to tilt it, she forcefully pushed the long silver bottle-like container (shiny chrome bottle with straw feature) down into his hand. She frustratingly said "I keep telling you over and over". Disgusted, she slows the stroller down to do this with him. No compassion--nothing the mother of these two children would expect to see. There were 2 children: the toddler brother was forward facing on the nanny's left and the infant was rear-facing in the infant seat on the nanny's right. She was a Black woman with a Caribbean accent very short curly haircut (curls with scalp showing) wearing a quilt-stitch brown jacket that covered her backside. She had on dark blue jeans and ankle high weather boots--quite fashionable. She was between 5' 6" and 5' 10" tall with dark brown skin. If not terminated, she should be observed very closely. How do you treat someone else's child like that on city street? Makes me wonder how she treats the poor fellow behind closed doors!


Anna said...

That is really not that serious. I'm mean come on, snapping at a child is not a crime. We all do it. Now if she was yelling or berating -yeah. Yes she probably should have more patience, but I also probably should have more patience with my daughter when she's not with the nanny. What parent can't say the same thing?

Anonymous said...

There would be a major problem if I saw my nanny talking to my kid this way. He is just a child, he cannot do all perfect yet and speaking rudely or frustrated can hurt his self esteem, and teach him to react the same

Anonymous said...

We don't all snap at our children. You tell yourself that to make you feel better about your bad behavior.