New Years Eve

I was asked to work on New Years Eve, which I had to decline because I had already made plans, But I would like to get some opinions on that,  Do you work on holidays like Christmas Eve and New Years Eve and if so, what do you charge?

If I  had not had plans I would have done it, but I would have charged them my regular rate, and now that I have had time to think about it, I am thinking it should be more.

Opinions please...

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Anonymous said...

I charge time and a half and increase my hour minimum by 50%. I get currently 20/hour for two children, and have a 4 hour minimum. NYE I have in the past goten $26/hour for 3 kids (I was making $17/hour for the 3 at that time)-- now I wouldn't do it for less then $30 (maybe). This past NYE I Ubered after getting 3 offers for less then $15/hour-- I made $57/hour over the whole night; but between the hours of 12:25-2:25am I made $94/hour-- so when I offset taxes and expenses I did better Ubering then in years past sitting.