Anything else I can do??

A woman in my family is working as a nanny in Louisiana. She gets her positions through a nanny service she works for. What the parents she nannies for don't know is that in Texas, the state she is from, she has had 2 CPS cases against her for neglect of her children (the worst incident being when she was passed out in her room and the kids got out of the house naked at ages 1 and 2). Both cases were dismissed but, I can tell you from witnessing her "parenting", they shouldn't have been. She was also charged with assault against her ex-husband shortly after their divorce. Since then she has lost custody of both children to her ex-husband. I have informed the very well known nanny company she works for of these issues. I told them this about 2 years ago and she continues to work for them. Is there anything else I can do?

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