Should I say something to the parents?

Hi, I recently left a 16 year interaction with a narcissistic personality disordered woman. I've had her arrested for domestic violence twice and I left her for good a couple years ago.

If you look up narcissistic cycle of abuse you will learn these people are capable of causing great mental anguish.

By the time I walked out I was almost to the point of suicide.

Ex is a nanny and I am concerned about the way she treats her charges when she is out of camera range.

I'm a fully grown adult and she messed with my mind big time.

My blood runs cold thinking how she might be mentally abusing the children she nannies.

Should I say something to the parents?



Anonymous said...

And you have not seen her for two years?? Why are you doing this now?
How do you know how she acts out of camera range? This smacks of revenge, not concern for children.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon. Why two years later would this matter to you other than for revenge purposes? If you were truly concerned for the children she cares for, why would you wait for two years???

Andi H said...

Just being the devils advocate here... what if the "ex" just got this job? That could be the reason for the post...(Then certainly speak to the parents) . if that is not the case. then I agree with the above..... it sure sounds like revenge. why now??

Anonymous said...

Missi Lehmann- Do not hire as your nanny. She is a evil woman who abused my little boy. I let her go after realizing she was slapping my child. My child sat in a diaper all day and showed signs of mental abuse by this woman. My child was totally ignored all day as she stayed on the computer all day. Do not hire her she is mentally unstable and is not capable of caring for any child.