Advice from Nannies please

Hello, I would like some advice. I am 19 and graduated high school last year and I am wondering what advice you could give me on becoming a nanny. I have cared for (babysat) children since I was about 12 and I really enjoy it, however after researching I thought it might be wise to ask other nannies on what to do to get started, and any advice you can give me would be appreciated!!


A Nanny want to be


mandynanny said...

Hi Nanny wanna be! I had to,sorry too funny...Anyway I do have a few tips as I've been a nanny for many years! Since you are very young yourself you probably want to start out getting experience with school aged kids if you haven't already. If you do have experience with infants then stick with that for a few years because most families with newborns won't hire you unless you have 3-5yrs experience caring for newborns.I also find it pays more,just because it's more intense and physical then caring for a 7 year old.
I'd also take some classes in early child development and get cpr certified. Make sure you are up to date on all your vaccines as well. Lately parents are more concerned with that I've noticed in the last few years.
When you're hired get a contract. .This is a big one! State salary or hours and OT! Definitely ask for vacation or PTO you will need it trust me!

Nannette Lem said...

Good advice can be taken adavantage of. If you don't get it in writi g live in is hard but doable woth boundaries