Had Enough Of Summer Camp (from Diana H )

I don't know if this is a rant or what but here goes -

My nanny family does not need me in the summer so I got a job as a counselor for a summer day camp. The head counselors decided I was very patient and assigned me the youngest group 4-6 years with a few 3 years old. Wow it was hard on these kids - the camp time wise catered to the older kids which would result in for instance the 3 year old having to STRIVE  to keep up physically for example running to lunch after swimming.

This one little girl I felt bad for - I will call her Annie ( not her name). The experience of the camp was overwhelming for her in many ways. She was not social, could not make friends, was overweight to a degree that caused her delays, - and sad. I would get her to sit in my lap and try to guide her and hold her hand specially, but as an example of what I went thru--

After swimming the locker room would be a mad house with kids running everywhere and the 3-5 year olds would be struggling to get their shoes on etc. Annie, for 3 days would go in to a state - just sitting cross-legged staring as kids whizzed by her, in front, back.This resulted in us getting in trouble being late to lunch.  So- I made an executive decision - I got Annie out of the pool 5 minutes early so she could get dressed without other kids crowding her - it worked ! I felt like Dr Phil or something. Then after 3 days of that Annie looked at me very seriously and said " If you let me stay in the pool I will get dressed quick" That was fine by me and it worked!

So - meeting the parents - Annie's mom comes up to me, " Are you the one preventing my daughter from swimming?"

I painstakingly explained the above to not very gracious attitude and then her mom says " She hates it here, I have to make her go each day and her face is sad"  I said " Well, summer camp is a challenge for all kids - it's very hot, they are away from their parents, they have to be independent and follow a schedule. It would be easier to be in their own room with AC and their toys but then they would not learn and grow blah blah "  Devil Eyes to me.

The entire day was filled with similar things like that with that one standing out. Nanny Family i love you and will gratefully see you in a couple days !!! Any comments would be welcome - was I remiss?


Anonymous said...

Not at all- you helped feel safe and secure. Mom just sounds like she is full of guilt. You did nothing wrong. Don't let it get to you.

Unknown said...

I swear I've read this before on here.
If not, good job op! I think you did a great job with her :)

Anonymous said...

Exactly what I would have done! This is the kind of modification kids need. I see it in special ed. all the time (for example).

It's very sad that the mom didn't get it, but I think another commenter is probably right. Mom just feels really guilty for sending her kid to a camp the child hated. One that was not inclusive of young kids in the first place :(

If there was any safe person (a manager??) to talk to (maybe didn't even work directly at the camp??), to share what happened and how this camp needs to allow more time for the younger kids, I would definitely recommend it. And if that doesn't work, leave an anonymous review on Google or something. So that parents of young kids can avoid this camp until they get their act together.