Bad Nanny sighting!! Montclair/Bloomfield, New Jersey - Brookdale Park Playground, Monday, July 11, 2016 before 1:30 PM.

A little boy no older than 2 got hurt on the playground. He was crying and no one came to console him. A group of parents/caregivers went around the playground trying to find who was responsible for him and could not so the police were called. Eventually a woman came back inside the playground and she identified herself as his sitter (she was outside the playground talking to a man). She was upset the police were called. The concerned parents/caregivers called the police back and told them the sitter had been found. At least 10 minutes passed before the sitter was located.


Taleia said...

Why would you call the police back and tell them not to come after an incident like this? This is clearly neglect. If the police had come they could have gotten the child's parents contact info and potentially kept an incident like this from happening again. :(

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Its insane to be that a caregiver would even consider leaving a child alone like that, and then do it!! It is equally insane that someone would call the police and them back to not come. Were the police called back because the caregiver was upset they were called. Unbelievable!!! So dangerous.