Bad Nanny Sighting - July 1st - Tribeca

on friday evening, july 1, i was in the whole foods tribeca location around 4:45 pm, in the upstairs cafe.

there was a young girl, around 8, with physical handicaps, seated with her nurse/nanny along with a younger girl, possibly her sister, around 5 years old and her own nanny. the nanny/nurse was mean to the older girl, offering a flood of criticism, and then what seemed to be in the spirit of avoiding the continued abuse in public, the nanny / nurse then took her to the bathroom, where after 10 minutes i followed, and this is what i saw. the nanny / nurse had the girl on the toilet, the door open, staring at her charge, seething, saying, "Go. Get your fingers out of your mouth, NOW. how many times do i have to tell you - stop your crying. GO. Under the guise of supporting her, the nurse/nanny helped her charge back to the table but it wasn't a kind touch. if you weren't observing carefully, you might think all is well, she took a moment to braid the child's hair in the bathroom.

i implore these parents who obviously do have their hands full to recognize that to be a parent / nanny is not to be perfect, but it is to relate to another (small) human in a certain way, and this woman was cruel. the younger nanny less so, but def was following the older's lead. the older girl clearly suffers, and my sense is she's unable to articulate her negative experiences and her nurse / nanny is deceitful.


Leigh Raymer said...

well stated OP - thank you for caring about kids of all kinds !

Unknown said...

You should put a physical description of the nanny to help indentify a little better!