First time Nanny has a gifting question

Hiii! I love your website! I find it so helpful as this is my first tine being a nanny! I had a question, I want to gift my MB a gift from the kiddos (9 months & 4) on Mothers Day, any suggestions? I had planned to do their handprints in clay but she recently did that herself, if you have any ideas it would be greatly appreciated! TIA!


Anonymous said...

Here's some ideas:
Handprint Flower Scroll -
Flowerpot Handprint Craft -
Hand and Footprint Card -
Firefly “You Light up my Life” Mother’s Day Card (Free Printable) -

Some of them say they're for valentines day but I think they'd be cute for mothers day as well. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

We did an I love you (outside pics taken with the letters- love in one photo or with my almost 2 year old charge we use a heart). We put them all together in a pic frame with 3 different sessions. Mom loved it so much.

Unknown said...

I would also like ideas for a Mother's Day gift to do with an 8 month old! Thought about the picture one mentioned above, but might also save that for Father's Day.

Unknown said...

Leigh, I love this blog but the inventory of posts is getting to be very, extremelylow. We even have to wait days for a new submission. I wish we had multiple posts dail;, I remember a time when that was the normality. Maybe try some new creative marketing moves. Sorry, just saying it like it is! We want to keep the blog alive so just tell us what we can do to help!!!

Unknown said...

Give us a link we can put on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc to our nanny friends so we can help you keep this blog going. I was practically addicted to this blog at one point and it's not fulfilling my cravings anymore! ;) LOL

Anonymous said...

I was also looking for Mother's Day ideas. We did flowers + homemade card for birthday.

Last year I made a card with a photo from Shutterfly that the baby colored in. It was also perfect timing to make a bouquet with flowers from the yard.

I think it went over well. Wasn't too much or too little, so I think we will do the same this year :)

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