Transitioning and needs advice.

Hi everyone!

This is my first time posting on here. I'm about to go through a transition phase from my two year part/full time nanny position into a full time live-in nanny/housekeeper position. Are there any other women on here who have done or are currently holding a similar position? I'm 22 and have never held a live-in position. I'm very excited to start, but I am also nervous because of my lack of really knowing what to do or expect, seeing as I'll be living with my employers during the week. What are some tips for live-in nannies? How can I be the best live-in possible? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!


Taleia said...

Are you transitioning to a new role with the same family, or an entirely different family altogether?

Olivia L said...

Taleia - I'm transitioning into an entirely different family. They seem very laid back which makes this easier, but I've never been a live-in.

NYCNANNY said...

How old are the kids?
Be very firm on your hours and private time. Right off the bat makensure the kids know your room is off limits and that the parents know they can't dump the kids on you at 5am just because they are up.

To be the best? Be a team player while you are on the clock. Anticipate what's needed and do it before it gets put on your to do list.find out their schedule and plan accordingly.

Ex. Say you're off at 6pm but you know the family is going out to dinner at 7. Pack a bag for the restaurant, pack sippy cups, snacks , ect...make sure baths and everyone is dressed before 6pm. Leave out PJs. Then you will feel good about being off at 6 and won't feel the guilt of helping after your hours and hopefully your family appreciates it enough they won't even think of bothering you.

That's my best advice. If you try to be super easy going about always being available or always letting the kids in your space you'll never be able to change it

Taleia said...

I'm not a live-in now but I have done stints with families in the past. My biggest advice would be to be gracious and to communicate. If something appears strange, you wonder if you're being slighted, if your MB or DB "meant something" by their actions, don't stew on it - ask about it. Nobody can read minds and this will help any transitory bumps immensely! And if they do make suggestions, etc, accept them graciously.

Realize that if you're starting with a brand new family, you're basically reestablishing a relationship on top of ironing out a living arrangement, and have a sense of humor. I think the reason my current MB and DB and I have such a great (really awesome!) relationship is because we lived on top of each other in an extremely high-stress situation for the first 8-10 weeks of my employment (crazy circumstances, short-term but memorable). So, difficult circumstances don't make terrible relationships; people's responses to those circumstances do.

Good luck! :) I hope everything works out fabulously for you!

Miss Dani The Nanny said...


Very sound advice. Establishing hours up front and privacy rules is essential for a live-in, just like hours and overtime for live out positions. I have an interview question asking nannies if their contract states they are done at a certain time each day, but MB and DB arrive home late constantly and give no notice or regard for her personal life, etc. how would the nanny handle it. I created that question because I want to gage each persons level of communication and ability to communicate. I also love your team player comment. Very well said.


Communication is key. Excellent advice.

Olivia L said...

NYCNanny - Thank you very much for the advice, especially regarding establishing boundaries; I will definitely make sure I discuss boundaries up front. Also taking the initiative is good!

Taleia: Thank you for your advice as well! Communication is number one with MB and DB, I've learned that over the years and has made for great parent/nanny relationships, and a sense of humor helps tremendously.