Nineras! Provedores de cuidado infantil! Atencion
Se siente usted que esta hacienco maltratado como ninera o como provedor de cuidado o como criada?
Conoce a algien que este en una situacion como esta que le preocupe?
Podemos ayudarle con informacion de sus derechos y de las autoridades que tienen que contectar y mas
Imprima en el icono de correo electronico de ISYN y escribanos ahorita!


Rebeca Johnson said...

I wish someone could translate this! :)

Leigh Raymer said...

Nannies! Child care providers! attention
Do you feel you are being mistreated as a nanny or a child care provider or babysitter/maid?
Do you know someone in such a situation you are worried about?
We can help you with information about your rights and the authorities and more.
Click on the ISYN email icon and write us NOW!

Rebeca Johnson said...

Thanks Leigh! Fortunately, I cannot relate to this post!

Leigh Raymer said...

It's just a shot in the dark - literally, many of us are really lucky to be happy nannies or to have had that experience. I am starting to learn there is a dark world out there of nanny slaves who are lured here from other countries and trapped. They may not have leisure to read a blog, but if a family or friend sees this - we may save someone ;) I consider that a very good thing you cannot relate !!! Most of us can't, I cannot either but we can keep our eyes open!

Anonymous said...

The word "criada" very obsolete and it could be interpreted as offensive..people don't hire "criadas", or slaves anymore.let's call them housecleaners, housekeeper..I am a native Spanish speaker ..Thank you:)