Angels In The Outfield!

We have gotten several stories in the last week where nannies and childcare providers think a small miracle kept their charges from great danger - here are two of them.Any one else have something seemingly supernatural help out on the job?

From SLF

I was nannying 3 kids in the West University area of Houston and one of my charges was a tom boy. I will call her Sherry, 8 years, not her real name. I loved this kid but she would make me crazy doing dangerous things like trying to climb to the top of the big oak tree in her back yard, which is dangerous. Her mom and I would make deals with her - like you can climb this high and no further and she would promise. But her brother,3 and sister, 4 were also handfuls and once when I was chasing after them, Sherry saw it as a golden opportunity to climb really high in that $%^& tree!When I saw I started running to her, calling out for her mom - and then my worst fear happened - she SLIPPED off of a very high branch and was falling, my heart dying, and then- she kind of...flipped..a certain way where her right leg caught in a "V" of the tree's branches. She was flailing and I was under her and her mom and dad ran for a ladder etc - happy ending! We were all so relieved, we could not even think of a punishment, but she did much better about staying low in the tree after that.

From SC

I was nannying 2 kids on a beautiful pecan farm in Georgia, the house was about 100 years old. The windows were the original windows of the house, made with very heavy wood frames with the original warped glass. The windows had very basic "locks" that held the windows up. My charge, a beautiful little blonde toddler walked up to one of these windows that was open for fresh air as there was no air conditioning in this old house. So my little charge leaned her head outside the window with her head leaning on the screen and then very suddenly the huge heavy window started sliding down to her neck like a guillotine ! I could not get to her in time, I am not religious but I yelled out a prayer in my head, pretty simple like " Oh God NO!!" The window stopped right at her neck, she could not move her head it was wedged in so tight in the space, but she was not harmed.


Anonymous said...

One just happened the other day. Toddler was waking up and as I walked into his room. Gravity took over and he was falling out of crib. I couldn't catch him and he hit the floor. Yeah I know every toddler will do this sooner or later. But watching him fall- just the way he landed- could had been so bad. Time for a big kid bed!!

Anonymous said...

Supernatural help? You've got to be kidding me.

Karen Nomore said...

For me personaly, i know Jesus watches over my charges and myself. there are many things that would have happened without "super natural help"

Leigh Raymer said...

Please note: no religious denomination is put forth - they seem to represent all denominations - we just got several of them at the same time and we publish virtually everything from our readers. It's just nanny and childcare stories - why not?

And - it's ok if anyone has an opinion about their feelings for or against "religion" so to speak, all views are important