Salary Advice Please

Hello, everyone. I am hoping for salary advice. I am a professional nanny with 9+ years of experience and a Bachelor's degree geared toward working with special needs children, many certifications, references, etc. I'm wondering what a fair, yearly full-time salary would like like for two 6.5 year old autistic children. This includes before and after care, light housekeeping, laundry, meal prep driving to and from school, activities etc. It will be in the Bergen county area and includes vacation and sick pay. Roughly 7:30-6:30Monday through Friday. I have only worked for hourly rates and the family will be arriving from out of the country and asked what a fair salary might look like. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!

Nanny in North Jersey


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'd go hourly on this one if I were you. A salary is so tough. You deserve good money for this job, and in my experience salaried jobs often short you what you deserve.

Karen Nomore said...

just a quick question? do you know for sure who these people are? I get a text message 2× a week or so from families from out of the country saying they are moving here and need a nanny. it's from and Im sure its a scam.I'm not saying what u have going on is a scam, but that was happening to me a lot and still is.I don't really know what they are trying to scam from me though? they asked me my rates and I made up crazy numbers and hours and they agreed with anything I said. Just be careful that's all.

Karen Nomore said...

oh and I also live in northern nj.

Jaxx said...

I also get these from drives me nuts.
As far as pay goes call some Nanny Agencies near you to find out pay for you experience and special need / high needs children. I'm from Wisconsin so I do not know what pay is in your area... But make sure you are paid fair with Bennie's.

Corina Yildiz said...

Never trust those out of the country ads. All scams.

Corina Yildiz said...

I live in Bergen County, too.
I think salary is best. Should get at least $40k.