Life in the day of a young toddler's nanny

5:00 am Wake up and feel like crap and can barely breathe out of your nose

6:00am Take Dayquail, get dress and head out into 20° weather

7:00 arrive at NF home. MB is at the gym

7:15-7:30 DB gives basically no detail about toddler's night(sleep training has begun but C has been teething since 5 months and its impossible)

7:30-8 change diaper...give C milk while she does every animal sound you give(proud nanny! She's 14 months and knows 10 animal sounds)

8-8:30 MB is home and gives all of C's information from last night( no sleep of course, only a three hour stretch)

8:30-9 bounce C to sleep since this is the only way to get her to sleep

9-9:15 cough your brains out and wake up C :(

9:45-10:15 you finally lay C down and head downstairs to wash sippy cups

10:15-10:35 bounce C back to sleep

12:30-1 lunch time! C doesn't want to eat anything but hummus and cheese(yum!) MB works from home so she suggests yogurt

1-3 play, read and watch the itsy bitsy spider about a million times

3-3:30 bounce C to sleep while she cries her brains out and you sneeze yours out(still can't breathe)

3:30-4:30 clean and sanitize playroom since toddler L from yesterday but her mouth on everything

4:30-MB says you can go home early since you aren't feeling well :)


Anonymous said...

Totally feel you on the colds :`(

Also a nanny to a young toddler and have never gotten sick as often before. And it's worse too since most nannies don't get sick days.

Anybody have tips to stay well especially in the winter around sick children?

Leigh Raymer said...

anon- you've just given me a cool idea, one of the admins wants us to start give-aways/contests with books and other prizes. A very proven supplement is called EMERGEN - C, it's a frothy powder you can put in water or juice tastes good and has too many minerals/vitamins to say here. It helps with electrolyes ( you get sweaty in the sun and lose minerals) and also immune system help.

If anyone wants some - email ISYN ( let's say the 1st 30 people)

also - ELECTROLYTE ENHANCED WATER - such as "Smartwater" and many other brands - as opposed to sugary mineral drinks, tap water does not replenish minerals like magnesium etc.

Many of you guys are young and as you get older you will definitely need supplements in re:hydration

OTNanny said...

Supplements are not "needed" for anyone, unless doctor-prescribed. Emergen-C can't hurt you, but I wouldn't say it's "proven" to do anything. If you are drinking lots of water, eating a well-balanced diet that contains the majority of the nutrients you need (i.e. lots of produce), and getting enough rest, your immune system can generally take care of itself. Plus, for new nannies, after awhile, you build up immunity to all of the germs the little buggers traipse in from wherever they've been. I rarely get sick and I spend all day with children (no longer a nanny, but a pediatric healthcare professional and I teach classes for children on the weekends).

Karen Nomore said...

get your flu shot! I do every year. it def help when the kids bring all those germs home.

Karen Nomore said...

get your flu shot! I do every year. it def help when the kids bring all those germs home.

Anonymous said...

Emergen-c is certainly NOT proven. Studies show that it doesn't do anything to prevent colds or shorten the length. The best way to stay healthy is to wash your hands, eat healthy foods, and stay hydrated. Just be careful before you start telling people about proven anything.

Taleia said...

Emergen-C never worked for me (tho I have friends who SWEAR by it) but Zicam has saved me from so, so many colds. I take it as soon as j start feeling "off" and usually within 12 hours I'm back to being 100% again!

But I agree with the poster who said you really have to just build up an immunity... sadly I think that's very true. Whenever I've started with a new family (or position where I'm interacting with a new set of kids) it always takes like 6 months before I stop catching everything lol. Good for your MB for letting you get some rest! :)

Leigh Raymer said...
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Leigh Raymer said...

It's really great to get advice from a pediatrician. I was not giving out doctor's advice and this entire blog is not meant to be a medical blog. ;)Any advice given here should be double checked with any readers' personal physician, and is just meant to be friendly advice based upon the posters own experience.